Tuesday, January 27, 2009

284. Jim - The idiot

There are around 50 houses in the street where I live . In the evenings all the kids would be on the street playing cricket, football and some local games.When I was a kid, I used to play all these games in the same street. But these days all I do is just go out meet some friends in the street and talk with them. I also love watching the young kids of today's genration play the same old games that we once played.

A young boy, Jim also lives in our street. He is quite dumb and poor compared to the other kids. The other kids never play with Jim because he is very poor and cos he is dumb. Jim would also stand near us and watch the kids play. The other Kids would call him " Idiot Jim". He would just smile at them. I would feel like hitting the other kids, but I never do that because the kids are rude and arrogant indeed. What if they beat me up? So I always keep quiet.

The kids would tease Jim all the time, calling him names, and punching him on the shoulder as they passed. To mock him for being dumb, they would offer him a One Rupee coin and a Ten Rupee currency note, telling him he could have just one. They said he always took the one rupee coin because it was heavier and that it would not get torn.This continued for so long. I would pray that he picked the Ten rupee currency note at least once and teach all the kids a lesson. But It never happened

This weekend, after Jim took the One rupee coin, I pulled him to one side and said, "Hey Jim, don't you know they're making fun of you? They think you don't know that the Ten rupee currency note is worth more than the One rupee coin. Are you really grabbing the One rupee coin because it's heavy, or what?"

"No," Jim said, "but if I took the Ten Rupee currency note they'd quit doing it!"

I felt like an idiot...From now on, I would enjoy watching the kids tease Jim everyday..That clever little boy...

... JIM



  1. Jim rocks :)

    Would you have punched those other kids if you have had some inspiration? like some oceanic bikini babes?


  2. yeah.. Jim rocks!... street smart kid

  3. Wow, are we the idiots or what?lolzzz
    nice one, Jim-I confess, it didn't strike me either!
    Great Chriz-I liked this anecdote a lot:)

  4. The "idiots" are more often than not clever li'l chaps dude...Street smart u see....

    Wish we were like them :)

  5. "I would feel like hitting the other kids, but I never do that because the kids are rude and arrogant indeed. What if they beat me up? So I always keep quiet"

    haha nice lines...Buildinggum strong illa Basement um stong illa pola!!

  6. hey nice bro.....

    but u have written well......lol guess u were an idiot to ask him.....hez clever :p

  7. Smart one Chris .... I liked it

  8. he he! he's a clever boy for sure! :)

  9. JIM is the hero.. :D

  10. i see a George Bush in Jim!!

    ...the so-called 'idiot' who ruled the world and got away with everything...

    How long has Jim being playing at this?? i bet he has made more money picking that one rupee coin everyday, than i have in a year of slogging...

    "who's the dunce now, eh?"


  11. Nicely presented bro! ;)

    Most creative (business minded) ideas are inspired outta slums! :)

  12. Talk about out-smarting those smart-asses... ;)

    Good on ya, mate!

  13. Chriz!!!

    u sure r a storyteller:):)

    as street smart as Jim or probably more, eh ?

  14. that s a clever boy indeed! MAn, u have some many stories to tell, where do they come from?????? from ur unstoppable imagination??

  15. that boy surely has some brins. and 1 rupees each day makes 10 in 10 days. so patients gets the money and more than the boys of offering him :P

  16. @ Chriz

    trust me Jim will be a lawyer tomorrow- reasons

    1) He is smart & clever;
    2) He lied;
    3) BEcause of his lies he earned money :P

  17. Jim really is intelligent..!!!

    i would have never taken the one rupee coin when i knew 10 rupees is of more value than the coin....!!!;)

    nice post Chriz...!!!

    keep writing..!!!

  18. But sounds like a good editing from the forwarded mails..!

  19. "I would feel like hitting the other kids, but I never do that because the kids are rude and arrogant indeed. What if they beat me up? So I always keep quiet"

    Honestly, did you feel that way?:P

  20. jim the rocker :P....was it fiction..


  21. That's so sad. I felt really bad for the poor child :( , can't u do anythin for him?

  22. i'm touched really... poor child... :(

    im in the office and been reading blogs... have to say, every blog offered a quality read!

    Thanks for sharing this Chriz... and i see i've missed so much on ur blog... i'll catch up pretty soon :)

  23. feel sad for the first part .. but the rest i have read as a forward already :)

  24. I think I have read it before but this is an excellent narration by you.:)

  25. @arv
    yes such a character.. if only he truly lives...

    kids like that guy do exist

    yes.. had to end with that line

    yes wish i was him too

  26. @shimmer
    all posts in my blog are figment of imagination of blown up twists of famous inspirational posts... this one is not real.. but wrote in such a way that it sure passes the message.. it was inspired from a similar story from a korean movie

    yes.. thats y i wander

    its a virtual street with me and jim on it :)

  27. @shiva
    most of my present posts are inspired from movies or some talks we had shared men.. ellam karpanaiyae.. with masalas added as usual

    dont ya think so?

    he will get his lady love one day

    i saw this scene in a korean movie a couple of years back... dunno how long he was playing the trick though?

    thats true sree.. i agree with ya.. i have seen the best stand-up comedians in slums around my place.. if only they had the right stage to project their ideas, they would surely make it big

  28. @kartz
    you should see this movie man.. it was really touching indeed..

    more.. obama would have been like this

    creativity is absorbing things from different places and reproducing the same with your own touch...

  29. aww..sweet.. kids are just phenomenal these days.. the bad ones are brats and the good ones are gems..:)

  30. @santosh
    i am planning to play this game now

    what is the case you are dealing with right now? i have ta see you performing lies too

    thanks a bunch sista...

    thanks bro

  31. @mahatma
    me ?

    mail chain too?
    i have heard this story in management meets and have seen this scene in a korean movie too.. you ought to see this for sure.. really touching..

    haha... that was a line i added for the sake of adding.. this is unreal

  32. @hemant
    yes it is .. a movie screen... if only it had happened in my life ,..

    did you read the story fully?

    @warm sunshine
    haha .. yes keep reading and do come by often

  33. @prettyme

    and i have watched this in a movie too.. you should watch it men

    tried doing justice to what i visualised ... thanks men

    me too likes

    i am a gem>?

  34. @ Chriz thalai

    cant tell it in public- will take u to court when there is a case i am argiong :P

  35. @ chriz..
    Wishful thinking is really great too..:P.
    oh..to answer your question..You are not a kid..you are older..:)

  36. Like they say,don't judge a book by its cover

  37. @arun
    karuppu coattu
    vandumurugan dialogues..
    it should be awesome..would love to see man

    a grown up with a kid of a heart!

    @clement anna
    yes true.. you spoke the words.. that would have been an apt title for this post

  38. Jim is a rockstar saar.. :)

    Little life lessons from a kid.. :)

    good for you and thanks for sharing it.. :)

    take care...


  39. a gud one!!
    Jim is clever than u chriz ... :P
    but yeah, u r clever in writing that.. :)

  40. huh.. nowdays evryone's gettin inspired by korean movies :O

    bt nice story though :D, it shouldnt be Jim - the idiot


    Jim (and) the idiot .. hehe JK :D

  41. aaaaaaaaaaahhh! good 4 jim dat d other guys r so dumb!

  42. my pop used to say " Mental retards are not idiots and Kids are actually not Dumb.. u get to learn more from them"

    JIM proved this... learn from him, Chriz...

  43. This is the post inspired by your comment :


    Thanks for the prompt !! I had long wanted to write this to a friend :)

  44. wow.. Jim is the idiot, but we are all idioters :P

  45. Onnum solradhuku illai..

    "I would feel like hitting the other kids, but I never do that because the kids are rude and arrogant indeed. What if they beat me up? So I always keep quiet"

    unake kevlama illiya?!

  46. hi,
    nice one chriz. its wise to act dumb and shut up in certain situations.
    sorry for not being frequent. have a lot going on....keep writing.


  47. @multi
    jim is indeed a rockstaa

    you should watch the movie.. its very good

    yes jim and the idiot. :)

    yes... there is a jim in everyplace

  48. @rat

    pops learn from their kids

    cool one.. will come down and read your lines


    and idioterest too

    unakku? enna mariyaadhai illama pesikittu.. i dont like it i say!!!

    to answer your question... yes vetkam illai..

    yes welcome back and do update your posts.. the tag post is the last one u did... if i remember.. thanks for coming.. do come again..


  49. it is indeed ur best post chirz.

    i loved it so so so much.

    this single post reflects so many things.

  50. super! lol jim is smarter than u.. i like that!

  51. @preetilata

    :) if only it was my original.. it was from a korean movie.. i drew the storyboard for it in script form...


    yes jim is wiser than us

  52. Awwww! Lovely... just so smart and in your face!

  53. Hmm...jim is a smart boy, so creative and so intelligent. How I wish I could apply this during negotiation of salary :) but I can't do that.

  54. awww its been so long i read ur post. today also i havent read and m commenting :| i think i forgot to put u on folow up and dnt even find u online.. boy u r always invisible..

    m leaving blore this thursday.
    had been to mumbai to see a doc.

  55. Ithu taan padichavanukkum padikkadavanukkum vithyasam...!!!!

    Nice post.. well narrated...


  56. @azoed
    that was a different name bro.. thanks for coming..

    negotiation of salary.. we prepare a lot on this ground.. but the interviewers/bosses are always tricky


    so you are here finally.. i got pisd and went offline.. take care men

    yea thanks mayte

    Padikaadhavan padam paartha effectaa?

  57. I am having doubts, were you the jim??? Lol, jokes apart, nice fiction and jim is not dumb after all!!

  58. Wow! Jim is a rock star!
    I wanna hug him :)

    SUPERB POST, Chriz

  59. lols!!

    Jim is surely smart!!

    First time here...and I kinda like it!!

    Take Care

  60. @josie
    yea! :)



    keep coming bro.. thanks fopr visiting..

  61. I love you JIM :) nice post buddy :) sorry for stayin silent for sometime now. I wont say am busy but I don have proper net access. HUGS buddie :)

  62. Awww! Smart and clever Jim, really could not think of that response! Give him a hug on my behalf. :)

  63. hello Chriz!
    Lemme begin by thanking you for making your presence felt in my blog spot. Now about your blog. It's very interesting. By the way did you sing 'only you'? Nice! happen to be one of my favs. :)

  64. Goodness :)...
    Jim is a real smart one....

  65. on boy!!
    This is so good!!

  66. :))) yeah u better let them mock everyday & dnt risk urself in the hands of the "angry youth" ;P
    ((btw gt here bloghopping..))

  67. Another smart one from you :)

    Jim is one kick-ass guy :P

  68. whoa!..
    some time back i was solving riddles on the net for my GDs and stuff..
    i m getting pumped up now..to show such cleverness in front of my interviewers!!!

  69. Jim the idiot.... Nice post... really inspiring.. very clever jim is...


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