There are around 50 houses in the street where I live . In the evenings all the kids would be on the street playing cricket, football and some local games.When I was a kid, I used to play all these games in the same street. But these days all I do is just go out meet some friends in the street and talk with them. I also love watching the young kids of today's genration play the same old games that we once played.

A young boy, Jim also lives in our street. He is quite dumb and poor compared to the other kids. The other kids never play with Jim because he is very poor and cos he is dumb. Jim would also stand near us and watch the kids play. The other Kids would call him " Idiot Jim". He would just smile at them. I would feel like hitting the other kids, but I never do that because the kids are rude and arrogant indeed. What if they beat me up? So I always keep quiet.

The kids would tease Jim all the time, calling him names, and punching him on the shoulder as they passed. To mock him for being dumb, they would offer him a One Rupee coin and a Ten Rupee currency note, telling him he could have just one. They said he always took the one rupee coin because it was heavier and that it would not get torn.This continued for so long. I would pray that he picked the Ten rupee currency note at least once and teach all the kids a lesson. But It never happened

This weekend, after Jim took the One rupee coin, I pulled him to one side and said, "Hey Jim, don't you know they're making fun of you? They think you don't know that the Ten rupee currency note is worth more than the One rupee coin. Are you really grabbing the One rupee coin because it's heavy, or what?"

"No," Jim said, "but if I took the Ten Rupee currency note they'd quit doing it!"

I felt like an idiot...From now on, I would enjoy watching the kids tease Jim everyday..That clever little boy...

... JIM