Wednesday, January 21, 2009

281. Hairy business

Being the girls' man is a very tough job for any man. I can see every man-reader agreeing to this statement. No man knows what a girl really expects from a man.. Is it emotional stability? or is it the Greek god looks? or is it the 6 pack body? or is it the chocolate boy look? or is it the leather belt whacker? It is a very tough problem to crack. I am Mr.X (Chronicwriter's alter ego). I am here to talk about my alter ego,"Chronicwriter" and how he tried to become the Girls' man.

The chronicwriter embarked on a journey to crack this mystery and made a very great discovery. From a very famous survey done by DCRDM (Dubakoor Council of Researches on Dubakoor Matters) surprising results sprung up. Every girl likes a Man's hair
  • 97 % of women loved men with nice hair and they loved ruffling them.
  • 2% of the women loved bald men
  • 1% were undecided ( Men should be very careful about these women)

This research findings made the chronicwriter to think a lot and finally he found the trick of becoming the girls' man. He was not interested in the 2% women because in another two years time, chronicwriter doesn't have any other option other than settling down with these 2% women.

In order to become the ultimate heart-throb of every woman, he decided to grow his hair. For this, he contacted DCRDM to conduct a personalised survey for him and they provided the results in no time. The top three hairstyles of all time (according to woman) are

1. David Beckham's Horse style

2.Josh Holloway's Lion style

3. Captain Dhoni's Bird-Wing style

The Chronicwriter tried a mixture of all these styles and spent a very huge sum of money for his hair-care and conditioning. After three months, his hair looks like this

What should he do now?

NB: Somebody has stolen the author's red underwear. He doubts a couple of his blogmates.When I had a talk with him after five shots of tequila, this is what he had to say to me...

I never ever thought in my wildest dreams that one of my blogmates would actually be my underwear fetish.

If you guys have it with you, please return it to the chronicwriter.Please mail it to him at

Chronicwriter is planning to add his latest picture soon.Which picture should he add?

  1. The picture in which he is wearing the red underwear (or)
  2. The picture of his present hairstyle

-Mr. X


  1. Lol.. If you want ppl to have nightmares.. you should state the reasons why... not ask questions..:P I meant nightmares seeing the pictures.. Thanks for the warning anyways.. :P

  2. and I guess I'm one of the undecided ones..:P hope you find what you lost..:)

  3. Dai u could have posted ur new look photo lol ... nalla post ... hheheeh pudhusu kanna pudhusu

  4. thu thu thu thu thu... idhula oru post nu ni eludhi enna vera padika solli en time a waste panni.. idula kadasila choice vera kuduthu.. thangala!!

  5. m soon joinin u in dat 2% club dude...jus lemme kno which hairstylist u went i make sure i dont go to him

  6. @ Anusha

    Telling him as if you have all proper posts for which one shud take out time and read it! Ellam orey kuta la vizhunda matte dha!

    @ Chriz

    Upload ur real photo! Wolf told me that you are bald! How come all of a sudden developed such a hair style?!

  7. LOL..Chriz..u r awesome the way u r..Please do NOT change :)

    I prefer chivalrous, loyal men who dare to dream..who know wht they want..I get intimidated by bald men..

  8. Ok... Mr. X! Was Chriz so damn jobless??? :D

    Dubakoor pasanga kitte pora alavuku apidi enna thaan nadanthurchu? I have heard of *all for love*, but *hair*? :D

    Reminds me of Russell Peters... ;)


  9. @Chriz:
    You could post a pic sporting your new hairstyle AND the red underwear too :D

    Bald men can also be chivalrous, loyal and can dare to dream. Going bald doesn't mean that they lost their chivalry and ability to spin dreams :D
    Disclaimer: I am not biased towards bald men :-)

  10. u always put a smile on my face when I read u Chrizzz and for the pic I d like to see wid shaved hair in ur red undie :)

  11. OMG I heart Beckz!

    HAHAHA isnt that Malinga from the SL cricket team? I dun like his hair color n just doesnt suit him!

    Chriz u look great just the way u r! ;-)


  12. btw ur red underwear hasnt been stolen...just drop ur pants and check..u may be wearing it lol!


  13. I think the credit goes to the DCRDM (Dubakoor Council of Researches on Dubakoor Matters) for coming up with 'enlightening' stuff that churned Mr. X to write this one :P

    (Nalla yosichu patha avvalavu dubakoor illenu thonudhu :D)

  14. hahahah...:P...

    be the way ur :P...

    well abt ur underwear...i agree with kesh :P....hahah...


  15. I likeeeeee...i like seeing ur posts every 2 days:)
    and congratulations on the good hair job that u have done..
    and me wants to seee the new hair do asappppppppppppppp!!!!!

  16. dude u still haven't found your underwear ...Damn !!
    Register a case mann ....
    And hair's a sensitive issue here....would soon be in that 2 % category :D

  17. Chriz...the best way for me to tell would be to just peek at your latest snap, umm..with just the hairdo I mean ! :P

  18. @anly
    undecided? haha.. i would never trust ya...

    new look photo.. have to post affter perming my hair

  19. @wolf
    padichu sirichamaiku nandri

    welcome back bro.. its been a while indeed

  20. @mayz
    i change hairstylists pretty often.. who ever touches my hair does something interesting all the time..
    and reg the 2% club.. join in buddy

  21. @thoorika
    wolf tells you all lies. doont believe her..she is the kabab mei haddi!

  22. @swats
    i dare to dream and i am loyal too my underwear.. wow.. i am thrilled now

    russel peters .. i dunno why he uses the F word most of the time.. check out for stand up ccomedy by aaron wilburn and mark lowry.. they are super sool .. cos they are decent stand up comedians.. and teey inspire me

  23. @nikita

    oh.. now as i have lost the underwear, i dont have any other option but to ppose with the new heairstyle sans the underweaar

  24. @cess
    you guys confuse me.. everyone wanna see me in different forms...guess i have to create a portfolio

    yes thats malinga... and he bowls like a gorilla.. good pace..
    i dropped my pants and checked.. i could only see the master

  25. @muse

    yes their name myte be dubakoor.. but their researcchers are not

    romba double meaningla pesudhu saami... haha... nooooo

  26. @hemanth

    haha.. i answered for that question

    i wwill post the new hair do... after perming it..

  27. @anurag
    i am not gonna register a case dude.. the person who stole is very much attracted.. so id give some more time..a nd join the 2% club

    haha.. welcome back.. hope the new place is treating you well and good.. cheers

  28. lol lol

    man wht a survey waah

    finally a mixture of everything and u end up with lasith malinga's hairstyle....
    ahahah anusha comment padhichu romba siripu vandutu paaa

    tu tu tu :p hahah idhu oru post nu ennaku padhhika solli huh

    hahaha ...enna hairstyle paa...dhonis bird wing style ,,... ahan

    red underwear innum kidaikilaiya :p ahaha... haha search search ....eagerly waiting to see who stole ur red underwear lol

    and picture.....put that hairstyle one hahahah malinga style

  29. @ chriz

    thalai naanum inga than oru law firm la work sesthaanu...entha area la irukeenga...hope to meet u sometime...

  30. u can see the master eeewww :P...dint do in public i assume :P..


  31. hehe.. I too am on a journey finding those 2% girls... Suggest me if u know any.. :P

    And abt the mystery of the red underwear...... Unga dubakkor survey panni paarungo...
    sry i'm not tat good in tamil...;)


  32. **i dropped my pants and checked.. i could only see the master

    u mean ur MASTERcard? ewww Chriz u carry it in ur underwear? LOL!


  33. Haaahha..nice hair style!!! Hope your's is much better...

  34. Simple underwear musb wid dat frnd of urs who had the habit of takin stuff without askin annyone arnd..paavam..ennatha panna solrey avane?? :p

  35. O M G, Mr X!!
    hope he gets it returned asap..i wanna see that pic:)

  36. Chriz!!!!!

    ha ha haha.. but true girls love "nice" hair in appropriate places as far as guys go...

    keep checking sweets u ll find the undy soon...

  37. spare us the horror of seeing u in an underwear...long hairs anyday !!

  38. hey..if that bugger with the half blonde curls is u,then whose that in the header pic singing beside that gorgeous? ;)
    or is belle or Dr.Batra's or vlcc effect?

    still looking for that antic red? ;)
    ho c'mon..get a new one,multi coloured :P

  39. hehehehe.. funny :P
    its obvious what pic of yours we wud want - yes..!! The one with the red underwear!! :)

  40. Mr.X why is Chriz so attached to the red one? What's the story????

    Put your long hair photograph... we'll calculate and tell you the exact time after which you'll be in the 2% club...

  41. Haha! Hilarious! Put up that hair wala pic soon! Don't worry Mr.X, you'll find it soon! :)

  42. AM so sorry 2 b s late in visiting chriz....but u knw wat a pain exam preps. r ....rgt???


    I love short nice hair LOL!

    but am still young na

  43. @stephen

    anusha might be the one wholaaidher hands on it.. no wonder she is feeling guilty

    hhaha.. yea meeting you soon bro

  44. @hemant

    the public should bow down to the master

    thanks for the visit.. yes bro will do the survey hope i will find the culprit.. and your tamil is good.

  45. @keshi
    havent tried keeping the master card next to the master.. will try it soon

    haha.. yea bro.. am hoping that it will be better too

  46. @multi
    robert is not the culprit

    picture.. sure i am posing infront of the camera now

  47. @rat
    did you speak in double meaning.. i wont take ya out for a date then...

    yeah bro.. thats good. long hair rule..

  48. @archana
    thats malinga.. watch cricket girl

    a post on you coming up soon bro

  49. @akansha
    i will post the long hair picture after two years to confuse your calculation skills

    @ tara
    haha.. yea girl.. welkum back

    thats good.. feels good to see you back after a long hiatus.. yes you have many years ahead of you...

  50. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Btw, just so you know, I hate all those hairstyles.

  51. @mokhs

    haha.. can see it from your hairstyle.. join the 2% club

  52. lolzzz-y don't you post both if its so confusing?

  53. @mithe

    it would become a super sexy post then.. dontcha think so? or if it backfires, blogger might ban my page..

  54. rotfl...chriz super funny post.. :) kalakkuringu..

  55. these days you dont come to read the orchid ,chriz :(

  56. @orchid
    i read your posts and comment post a day!

  57. post the picture of the person who stole your

  58. Enna koduma sir idhu:P

    Engayo poiteenga Chriz:P

    Me laughings...

  59. @swats

    i have found the culprit atlast.. she was my friend.. i never knew she would do such a thing...


    i found her.. and you know her

  60. Chriz!!!!!!!!! i think u hav at least ten tequila shotys before every post

  61.!...hehehe....rofl!.......hahahhaa....still rolling on the floor... :D

  62. YOu are lucky that you never anything like sanath Jaisurya (Read baldy). Lol.

    If nudity is allowed than i wish to see you in redunderwear with bips and kareena :P

  63. That rugged look is where it is all at. I think the clean look tells me that they are not fun.

    I have to say I am proved wrong on that one also, because you are cleaned shaven and your blog is funny. hehe

    Thanks for coming to my blog, you are greatly appreciated.


  64. just watch out for paper cuts!


  65. "Double" Meaning ah apdeena enna??

    ennamo ivanga datekku wait panrom naanga... Poya..poya enjoy with the present chattar pattar

  66. You leave me with all smiles . as for the hairstyle.. i really like Arjun Rampal's looks mst times:)

  67. hahaha...

    I hate all these hair-styles...may be am the odd one out... but I prefer cropped and well-cut hair to the ruffled long hair... ;)

    I wud prefer to see you in ur new hair-style...with some good clothes on...does not matter if you wear ur fav red underwear under them :)

  68. @farah
    i would like to take ten shots.. but i dun have enuff money for that everyday

    get up from the floor girl


    bips and kareena
    wow... i am just imagining it...

  69. @chan

    any time girl. btw i dint understand what you said

    @ keshi
    thank you forr the idea.. i am following them now

    after obama became the president enakku mouse koranju pochu.. po po.. naan oru kuppamaava pudichukurein

  70. @trinaa
    na.. i just woke up and i look like a bear

    :) welcome back girl

    thanks a bunch

    no.... i wont hide the red underwear for any reason

  71. Lolz.. You are one hell of a funny guy :) !!!
    N btw don worry ..once you join the 2% gang... to be a gal's man.. you have can find many other options other then hair also :)..
    About the red underwear..if it gets lost again.. better to put a snapshot of it.. so that people do recognize it, if they happen to spot it anywhere :) !!!

  72. Lol, you can go for hair weaving like no need to go to those 2% category of women.
    And i would prefer the picture of present hairstyle of Mr.X to be posted here :) !!

  73. Kuppavama..?? suppamma kooda kedaikka maata... theru kodi easwari kooda kedaikka maata...

  74. @charmed one

    haha.. hop down to my blogroll..


    thanks a bunch.. keep coming..

    singam singleaadhaaan varum

  75. neither or the pics u have given the option for!!

    spare us.. :P

    n who wud steal ur underwear??
    i hope not the girl in question :D

  76. @richa

    hope you are not the one who did that..

  77. Lolz..
    Hairstyle one pls...!
    Red underwear...No wonder the "action" stops! ;)

  78. *Every girl likes a Man's hair97 % of women loved men with nice hair and they loved ruffling them.

    Are you sure its the hairstyle??? :P
    hold on, I meant facial hair :)


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