Wednesday, January 07, 2009

274. The record breaking Gamer

My dad bought our very first personal computer in the year 1993. Owning a computer at that time was like driving a Mercedes Benz.I guess the simili doesn't hold good for today's kids cos Merc is used as a cab in many countries.

I was in class seven then.My sister used to be a major computer whiz. She used to confuse me by keying in lots of command prompts in the DOS screen. She was also a major programming expert. She used hi-technical programming languages like BASIC & PASCAL.

I used the computer for a few purposes. The paintshop (now the MS Paint), and the free set of games that came along with Windows package. The version of windows was some 3x. The 90 series came years later. One of my favorite games used to be the Minesweeper. The reason behind me getting addicted to it was due to the fact that I never succeeded in it. I always believed in the phrase," a collection of failures = success"

Soon I saw many changes in our computer. The versions in windows kept on updating every year. I came across many computer games. Prince of persia, Dave, mario, roadrash, skyroads, NFS,Brian lara cricket,Age of empires,EA sports collection and many more. But I never could complete the game minesweeper.It was always in the back of my mind.

Soon it was the internet era and I was busy socialising with the world through yahoo chat rooms, hi5, orkut, facebook, and all the social networking garbages. Then I figured out that I could indeed make a living out of my Blog and here I am...

It has been 16 long years and in this long journey, if there is one unfulfilled dream for me, it is nothing but a win in the game "Minesweeper". With determination and dedication and with just one aim, a mind to win, I played the game yet again. Finally I did it. I completed the game in a record breaking time and I was a winner. Please check this new record set by me. Click the image for a better view.

Please feel free to congratulate me on my new achievement. I hope my Record would surely inspire a lot of today's generation kids.


  1. haaha...good one bro...prince of persia took me to memory lane...finishing a level was some huge achievement and you would become instant hero among peers...those were some fun days..

    Age of Empires is my Minesweeper :D

  2. Congrats on the new achievement.:D
    Nice post took me back to good old days.:)

  3. You got me nostalgic bro'... And congratulations. ;)

    I had to wait till '98 for my first PC. And boy did I love gaming. Hell! I still do! :D

    Peace. Be well.

  4. In 1999, I was so obsessed with Road Rash and asked my parents to buy a computer for me:)

  5. technology sure does change.. same used to happen with.. all day long i'd be busy with the MS paint spray painting painting drawing.. ludicrous beaches cakes and all of that... n then moved onto a bit of small time gaming... but it never really fascinated me much...

  6. CONGRATS!!!I too tried Minesweeper, but havent reached like you...I am still trying..becoz I love that I am not familiar with playing card games(Free cell,Hearts..)

  7. woww that sure got me nostalgic..and yaayyyyy! i'd managed to complete 'prince of persia' :p
    (i loved that one and also mario and AOE)
    btw i still havent figured out how one can make a living out of blogging (so u win on that one...enlighten me too please..sigh!)


  8. @prakhar

    thats true.. and prince of persia had 13 levels.. i remember playing ot with cheat codes..

  9. Haha.. Chrizzy.. congrats buddy..

    I loved Roadrash.. the chains.. the rods.. the kicks.. the police.. the 5 racetracks.. the 5 levels.. buying the bikes.. the nitros.. aah

  10. Congrates for finishing minesweaper. hope you finish the intermediate level

  11. hilarious... that was great chriz... congrats.... crack d intermediate and d next level soon..

    was never a fan of computer games.. but shud say my mom is addicted to Prince of Persia and Mario even now.. she is 50 yrs old :D..


  12. congrats buddy !
    some brain you've got!

    i used to lovee prince of persia - the 2d version!!

  13. how long did it take u to do that on photoshop?

    and yea ore the nostalgia wit prince of persia, road rash n all.. even dave and mario.. sigh..

  14. Congratulations!!

    I am trying hard for past 4 yrs and I have not yet been able to win it or score gud there...

    Mission I

  15. woww u got ur pc on 1993

    sahi bro...romba nalla erukku

    i got in 2005 :p

    and yes congrats on ur new achievements ..
    hey i love counter strike and nfs..... :p

  16. and yes every one loves working with paintbrush ...shud say that my 4 yr old nephew loves using ms paint

  17. Ah! Congratulations.
    Man you had a computer back in 93.
    I remember in 1995, we would simply not believe that our neighbourhood grocery store could have a computer
    And were so surprised to finally see that it did!


  18. ah that sounds more like u(unlike th prev post;))...

  19. lolz..

    u made me nostalgic.. :D

    supermario, prince of persia, diner dash, n yeah the card games too :D

    n congos on ur achievement :D

  20. *clap clap*

    now teach me how to play too! :P

  21. Chance a illai.. wat a success.. wat a success... !!!

  22. Nostalgia galore! I was badly addicted to MARIO and PACMAN.


  23. aaaaaaaaiiiiii...superrr..

    otsa life lessons from that simple one.. ;) I haven even completed half a game of minesweeper.. :p

  24. The only game that i play is FIFA - starting from 98 , till date !

  25. @sneha
    yes thanks a bunch snehaa.. hoping to break my own record in the beginner level

  26. @kartz
    haha.. my 7 year old cousin is now a x-box superboy.. he beats me round and square in gaming.. hence now i stick with blogs..

  27. @anonymous

    roadrash .. hehe i always wanted to kick people when ever i rode on the road

  28. @swayam

    the fashion changes.. and we sure get attracted to newer technologies

  29. @sri

    sounds like this is evoking game memories from everyone :)

  30. Tried NFS Undercover? I am addicted to most wanted for the moment!

  31. @pri

    haha.. even i havent figured out much on making a living out of blogging.. i just survive.. hehe even i finished prince of persia and AOEmpires with cheat codes...

  32. @Urv

    nitro bikes.. yeah.. the joy of riding a nitro bike.. i remember.. :)

  33. @santosh
    intermediate level.. haha ,, am not gonna take that risk..

    and bro.. thanks for the wishes

  34. @rat

    haha mom plays prince of persia? wow.. great.. and thanks for the compliment rats

  35. @hp

    yes i am talking abt the 2d version only.. but the 2009 version is out...

  36. @wolf

    photohop? cha.. i never used any cheap tricks on this... meraaa blog-kasam

  37. @harshita

    the problem with minesweeper is if you score you are out... and hope you won!

  38. @solitary writer
    it was my dad's pc.. i was allowed to play computer games in that.. thats all..

    counter strikes.. yeah...

  39. @bhaw
    new name? new snap.. cool

    haha.. those were the days.. now even jeremy and jolena use the computer.. jolena is just one and half years and she already plays games on it.. days are changing

  40. @neeths

    i will come up with more posts like the previous one... would like to write more from my memory

  41. @richa

    i have never played dinerdash!! what is that.. lemme google it out

  42. @trinaa

    haha... its the trial and error method.. sometimes you win and sometimes u lose...

  43. @thoorika

    i dint wanna brag much aabout my success with the game.. so just maintaining a low profile.. i wanted to write a post on the strategies i used to win the game.. but trade secrets are not meant to be revealed.. hence this post

  44. @swats

    you are absolutely welcome.. keep coming girl

  45. @phenomenon

    my little cousin beats me in that.. so i never play that game..

  46. @multimenon

    half the game can be completed after a break...keep breaking!

  47. @archana

    undercover! i am an undercover agent.. havent tried that yet...

  48. 2 ur funny!! I ve had d same experience with freecell!!

  49. well i lost gold, diamonds and other jewellery here...

  50. @suyambuvel

    same experience with freecell!! thats a card game.. you meant the timer?

    thanks for coming.. keep coming

  51. @sneha

    so it was you!? i am wearing it now... haha

  52. i meant to say that like u even I struggled to finish that game...

  53. @suyambuvel

    blogrolled ya man.. join the struggling team of softcore gamers... :)

  54. Hmm... lots of gaming memories here! I was never a gamer, but yeah I've tried Minesweeper. I've played all card games and won all, but never understood Minesweeper!!!
    And I got my PC in somewhere around '99 when I was a fourth standard kid...

  55. @akansha

    99 and 4th standard.. that was the year i entered college

  56. Chriz - You have taken me back memory lane...During my 10thj exams night study was all Age of Empires and Road Rash :)

  57. @josh

    haha.. in my tenth, computer was banned for me... sad state then

  58. Muyarchi Udayaar Egallchi Adaiyaar Nu periyavanga solluvanga pa ..

  59. I never got into computer games....somehow never liked them...

    My brother is always playing Minesweeper...and i just checked his Best Times...they read:

    Beginner : 3 sec
    Intermediate: 29 sec
    Expert: 129 sec!!

    dats real good im guessin!

  60. @illusion

    beginner-3 secs?

    your bro is the devil of computer games...

    well haha.. kudos to him

  61. Congrats! So you started making money with your blog? Congrats again!

  62. hahahaha!!! congrats bro!!! this calls for a party...shud i book d raffles???

  63. reading that was like a trip down memory line for me too:D
    though I never spend much time in minesweeper..
    and I dont feel free to congratulate u on this achievement:P

  64. OMG!..Minesweeper record breaker?..I am a bigtime loser at it..:O..gimme some lessons pleease! :(..
    WOW..absolutely wow :O

  65. Ah kudos buddy... This is the only game I play in my laptop but still keep losing it

  66. Lolz...congratulations on the achievement...!!
    7-4-7 (read from any side) for a beginner is a good number and quite fast!! :P
    I used to be obsessed with Prince of Persia, Roadrash and loved minesweeper...and then finally lost interest in gaming!!

  67. I used to be addicted to computer games..not anymore! cos now there's something called BLOGS. lol!


  68. ur post brought back so many memories, that of PC mausi(TV serial) and all, my daughter started learning comp. in 90-91, and I never encouraged taking it as asubject,as i thought its useless:)
    I have nt completed miunesweeper:(, only card games.
    Congratulations to u !

  69. Hey.. Minesweeper.. Yeh its difficult though. I like age of empires. Its a fun game. Anyways nice blog. . Like your style of writing.

  70. @shivaram

    yes.. now andha dialogueaa nammalum solroam

  71. @roger

    SEOs helping me.. yea thank ya

  72. @mayz

    how abt a men's pyjama party.. we will play all the bLUE men games!!!

  73. @praveen
    so busy that u cant congratulate me on my victory? hehe.. its ok.. atleast you are feeling busy to congratulate me

  74. @aayushi

    did you see my record timing also?

  75. @cm-chap

    in those dayd this was the only game we had.. now many games have flodded and we seldom play these any more

  76. @sree

    haha me too not a gamer anymore

  77. @keshi

    yesss. now addicted to blogs.. cheers

  78. @renu
    haha.. you are talking abt much older days..

  79. @riya
    welcome to my page.. keep comingg..

  80. Woohoo! To the minesweeping victory:)
    I remembered Prince of Persia and Road Rash. sigh! the days I gamed!:)

    Now I refuse to touch our PS2 apart from playing soul caliber or the occasional marvel vs capcom when he plays.. and God of War is not a game, its psychobabble on controllers!:) see how screwed up growing up makes you!:)

  81. @sairekha

    you seem to be a much great gamer..

    welcome to my opage.. keep coming.. this page is full of nutty stuff. so spend time and have a good laugh..


  82. Minesweeper is a personal favourite.

    Haven't tried age of empires, though.

    I'm visiting for the first time... Must say, nice blog...
    Keep going :)

  83. Chriz, thanks for visiting me:)
    u seem to be quite a seasoned blogger - 1982 n all!!

    this one brought back many memories for me back in our old home when we bought our first system....Beautiful!!

    btw, Congrats on finally sweeping it in Minesweeper:)quite a tough feat..what a 2009 for u:)

    ur blog is an inspiration for me. i loved ur 'about me' the most:)

    thanks again..hope to see u visit me more often..Take care

  84. haha... congrats on your victory... ur post reminded me of the old days...

  85. Thanks for visiting, Chriz...

    Shall let you know once I start posting :)

  86. @kido

    yea thanks.. do update your blog.. would love to see your style of writing

  87. @vinnie

    thanks to pre date posting i can even post on 1882...

    thanks for comeing to my page and congartulating on my amazing effort..

    haha.. keep coming

  88. @sarath
    thanks bro.. keep coming

  89. Congos :) Brings back memories of my childhood days.....I was an avid gamer too...Not anymore :)

  90. @priti

    ellaaarumm chinna vayasulaa vilayyaaatu pullaaigaldhaan.. nandri meendum varuga

  91. lol.. it was a great feeling getting nostalgic on the computer. i too remembered the first time my uncle got a computer some 8 yrs ago.. my hands always used to itch to play games or do something that was related to the keys on the keyboard.
    i loved your blog. i am here for the first time and i am blog rolling you.
    p.s. even after being such a popular blogger, does someone blogrolling still makes you feel good? i was just curious :D

  92. even if it sounds cliched or somthing, i HAVE to say this - I AM SO HONOURED THAT YOU VISITED MY BLOG AND COMMENTED THERE.
    i am a fan and i dont know how to explain that. do stop by again, i'd be really glad.

  93. @pink orchid
    am glad that u came here .. read my post and commented...

    a fan? for my blog?

    yaarangey! enna siru pulla thanamaaa irukudhu...enakkum oru fanaaaa? oru apple juice sollunga paaaa...

    kaun hey aaaap?

  94. lol..i am a "no one" :P that is just one of the reasons for me being your fan..but i surrender .. i told you i cannot explain that but i am a fan.. without any explicable reason.
    am i making sense? :P

  95. @pink

    happy to hear.. totally banged and FANged....somebody gimme water men.. you are blogrolled...

  96. i am blogrolled by YOU, "THE CHRIZ????????????? pinch me if i at all i am dreaming.
    today is my best blogging day!!
    i am gonna celebrate this.
    thank you soooooooooo verrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy much!!!
    :D :D :D

  97. @pink
    enakku siripaaa varudhu... yaarandha aaatuthoal poathiya puli?

  98. hehheeeheehhehe... i am just a fellow blogger if at all i can say that , especially when you are blogging :D.
    p.s. my tamil is not all that great. if at all i get stuck do forgive me.. :D

  99. @pink

    happy to hear that.. great scoring and all the very best for your MBA dreams!!!!


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