My dad bought our very first personal computer in the year 1993. Owning a computer at that time was like driving a Mercedes Benz.I guess the simili doesn't hold good for today's kids cos Merc is used as a cab in many countries.

I was in class seven then.My sister used to be a major computer whiz. She used to confuse me by keying in lots of command prompts in the DOS screen. She was also a major programming expert. She used hi-technical programming languages like BASIC & PASCAL.

I used the computer for a few purposes. The paintshop (now the MS Paint), and the free set of games that came along with Windows package. The version of windows was some 3x. The 90 series came years later. One of my favorite games used to be the Minesweeper. The reason behind me getting addicted to it was due to the fact that I never succeeded in it. I always believed in the phrase," a collection of failures = success"

Soon I saw many changes in our computer. The versions in windows kept on updating every year. I came across many computer games. Prince of persia, Dave, mario, roadrash, skyroads, NFS,Brian lara cricket,Age of empires,EA sports collection and many more. But I never could complete the game minesweeper.It was always in the back of my mind.

Soon it was the internet era and I was busy socialising with the world through yahoo chat rooms, hi5, orkut, facebook, and all the social networking garbages. Then I figured out that I could indeed make a living out of my Blog and here I am...

It has been 16 long years and in this long journey, if there is one unfulfilled dream for me, it is nothing but a win in the game "Minesweeper". With determination and dedication and with just one aim, a mind to win, I played the game yet again. Finally I did it. I completed the game in a record breaking time and I was a winner. Please check this new record set by me. Click the image for a better view.

Please feel free to congratulate me on my new achievement. I hope my Record would surely inspire a lot of today's generation kids.