iT fEeLs sO GoOd tO Be bAcK To wHeRe i bElOnG.

I left the blogging scene in 2008 and now I come back to my space in 2009. I am back after a much needed break.I come back with news about
  1. my wandering escapades
  2. the experiences I had during my hiatus
  3. my love affair with the air-hostess
  4. the food that made me sit in the loo for 17 hours
  5. my new underwear collection from ellen
  6. my new life
  7. the talk show I am gonna kick-start soon
  8. the X-factor about my the big toe in my left leg
  9. the forest story

and many more... Believe it when I say this; This post-break avatar of mine would be seriously and absolutely different from the avatar I had prior to my hiding. But I will assure everyone here, that the humor part of Chronicwriter would be there always.

I was just going through some of my old posts and I had goosebumps reading my own blog.. Chronicwriter has come a long way. Do Check the following stories in your free time.

  1. My family
  2. My pet Dog-Bubbly

News about my Niece and Nephew: Jeremy and Jolena are doing fine and they convey their regards to each and everyone. Jeremy was the cow in the Christmas play in Church. I am very glad that Jolena did not take part in the Christmas play because I am dead sure that she would have kicked the shepherds and wisemen out of the manger.

As this is my return to the blogging world, I have decided to get more personal.So this time around I have decided to go an extra yard in reaching out with the Blogging community (which includes Blog writers and Blog readers). I have decided to give two awards. One for the Blog writers and one for active participants of this Blog.

The first Award will be presented to One Blogger every month.Bloggers in my blogroll stand a chance to win this award. The best post of that month will enable a blogger to win this award.

The second award is a bi-monthly award. Active particpants of this Blog (either as readers or commenters) stand a chance to win this T-shirt (worth 25 US$). Once the winner's name is announced, the winner can send his/her address to and the award will be shipped to the winner within 10 days.Bloggers who wish to get blogrolled in my blog , can also send their blog URLs to this address.

Every month there woud be a new background theme song for the Blog. The song for this month is "I can only imagine".I take this opportunity wish everyone a very Happy NewYear. God bless you all.

I am planning to run an optional contest if I get a decent number of entries. The name of the contest is "Kiss-Chriz" competition. Any takers?