Airplane journeys excite me for two things.
  1. The food &
  2. The air hostesses

I am not a major foodie. So now you would have figured out that the sole reason why I like to fly. Yes! The BABES.When I fly ,I always prefer the aisle seat near the emergency exits for obvious reasons.

This post is about my journey from Singapore to Chennai in Silk Airways a couple of years back. When ever I travel, I always dream of a romantic interlude with the air hostesses. But every time there would not be any romance. But this journey was different from my previous flight experiences. Even before I took the flight I knew that something really mushy was in store for me.

I saw her standing near the entrance when I climbed the stairs. She was longingly looking at me. "Was she in love with me?". Immediately, I wanted to call my mom and tell her not to hunt for a bride for me . But I just wanted to wait a little longer and enjoy the moment. When I climbed the stairs, she looked into my eyes and smiled.

She was in a Green dress. I was in a green t-shirt too. "Did she know that I would be wearing a green shirt", Thoughts raced across my mind. She said " Welcome aboard". Immediately I wanted to give her a welcome hug. But being a gentleman, I controlled myself and went inside and took my seat.

I had just taken my seat. It was not the same old aisle seat . Just when I was about to fasten my seat belt, she came to me and started a conversation. "Sir! You are sitting near the emergency exit"."Is it? By the way you can call me Chriz. Can I know your name?"." My name is Sharon Fernando, and as you are sitting near the emergency exit.....". She went on explaining the safety measures that I should follow in case there is an emergency.

"Why did she care so much for me?"

" Why is she saying all these things to me?"

" Is she in love with me?"

"She did not like me getting hurt."

Immediately I wanted to propose. But I waited.The plane took-off. She walked to and fro and always smiled at me .There was an old lady sitting in the aisle seat. I told the old lady that I had a bad tummy and I would be rushing to the loo quite often and hence if she could kindly exchange seats with me I would be grateful to her. She readily agreed. The next minute I was sitting in my favorite location.

A few minutes later Sharon came to me and gave me a wet towel to freshen up. But she also gave the wet towel to everyone in the plane.I immediately understood that she was testing whether i would show my possessive nature.I was not ready to fall for this .I acted as if I never saw anything at all.I knew she wanted me to react and tell my love for her in front of everyone. But I wanted to make her wait. Even I could play mind games. I smiled within myself.

I took my mobile phone and started playing a game. Sharon rushed to me and said in a naughty tone," You shouldn't use your mobile phones during the flight".

"Why didn't she want me to use the phone?"

"Did she think that I was messaging my girlfriend? "

"So she was actually jealous and she wanted me all for herself."

I did not want to play with her feelings anymore. Hence I kept my mobile phone inside my pocket again.She then came to me and asked what I would like to eat. I was lost in her beauty and I did not reply. She looked at me for sometime and then she placed a tray in front of me and left. I opened the cover and found a chicken burger. How did she find my favorite junk food? She understood my silence. She was the just the right match for me.Why didn't she come in my life for the past 26 years?

She even came and collected the tray from me after I finished my meal. "I shouldn't wait any longer", I thought to myself and I stood up and walked near her.There was another air hostess standing near her. So I made my way to the Loo. I went inside the loo and practiced my pick up lines in front of the mirror. Boy! I was indeed romantic.

I came out of the rest room like an Olympic Champ. She was still standing next to the other babe. I calmly walked to my seat and sat down. After sometime she came to me and gave me a form. She told it was a service quality feedback form. "Was she trying to make me write my feelings for her in that paper?". I did not want to disappoint her.

I came up with an extempore poetry. I wrote it just for her. My love flowed like clear honey through my words. She collected the form after sometime. She didn't go through it. I knew she would read it later. I even wrote my telephone number in that form.

The plane soon landed and I got ready to leave. Sharon was still standing at the back of the plane. She did not have the strength to come to the door to see me leave. I understood her silence. She must have felt real sad.Anyways I was just a call away.I smiled at her. Our eyes spoke. I assured her that I am all hers. She understood it, cos she smiled at me.I left the airport.

It has been three years and I haven't got a call from her yet. Many girls have come and gone in my life.But I am still waiting for that one girl who will give me a ring one day....