I was going through my photo album.Pictures taken when I was just a one year old kid to pictures taken till last month.I have this habit of collecting pictures(hard copies) and pasting them in collage form in albums.

But the last few years, with the advent of digital photographs and high-pixel storage capacity of computers, I seldom take a printed copy anymore. But the feeling of holding a hard copy printed picture in your hand is entirely different. I am sure everyone will agree with that.

Now coming back to this post, I decided to start a tag. The rules are very simple. Go back down your memory lane by adding your childhood pictures and write some lines that correlate to the picture. Finally when you are done with it, just tag the names of those you wish to add their childhood pictures too...I am tagging everyone who reads this post
So here we go... Major incidents in my life

I am just 12 months old(1983).
  • Started using the potty with great efficiency
  • I started walking without any support
I am three years old (1985)

  • I havent spoken a word yet. I lost my tongue a year back.The stitches are still there.Would I speak?
  • I still have curly hair. I never knew that I would the curls after my tonsure that year.
  • Love life with Renu begins
I am six years old (1988)
  • Where did my tooth go?
  • I broke my own record of bed-wetting continuously for 64 nights.
  • I have 8 girls in my love life now
I am eight years old (1990)
  • My first rock concert performance got over ( Will upload the audio soon. I do not have the video of the performance)
  • Renu is still my sweetheart, with our love intensifying like a urinary tract infection
I am Sixteen (1998)
  • I just entered class 12. Renu is so beautiful now
  • It has been three years and I still speak like Usha Udhupth. Will my voice ever become normal again?
I am eighteen (2000)
  • Why do I have this ugly goatie and this leach mush? I just cut my hair short
  • I am doing my second year engineering.I have a back-paper too (Laplace Theorem -Mathematics)
I am twenty one (2003)
  • I have started walking again. I had a major operation in my leg two years back. God is gracious
  • I am out of Engineering college.
  • Renu is still in my memories
I am Twenty three (2005)
  • I am doing my MBA now
  • Renu is married
I am twenty five now (2007)
  • Two years in the software Industry as a Business Analyst
  • I am diving into the Ad field now.
  • I started my own blog this year.
I sit in front of the computer and type this...
Note:I am growing my hair again