62% of the people who read my previous post wanted to see me exposing myself.I was really happy. 62% of a total of 82 people who attended the poll = 52 People.The remaining 38%= 30 people

I was glad to know that many wanted me to strip for a social cause and do a Marilyn Manroe stunt. I took a closer look of the poll results. I was shocked to know that 40 out of the 52 people were Men. "Why me?", I was about to cry. But then, they say that Men don't cry! So I looked at the No column.22 out of the 30 people who did not want me to expose were women.That is when I realised that most women were possessive about me and they did not want me to expose in public.

But based on the general popular demand, I thought it was high time to shed my clothes for the great pose.I decided to buy a skirt. But as only 62% wanted me to expose, I decided to expose only 62% of my skin and hence the skirt I thought to use for my stunt was quite different from Manroe's skirt.I chose the two side slit skirt

In order to get the same effect as shown in the picture, I first waxed my feet. It was a painful experience..When I was ready, I wore my skirt and went to the soccer stadium in my town. I called a girl and asked her to take a picture of me. She started to scream when she saw me in that pose.

Police... Jeep... Arrested at Gun point... Three days in Prison... Behind Bars... That explains my absence from the Blog world for three days