"War: that mad game the world so loves to play."
- Jonathan Swift
As a kid, I wanted to become a secret agent.I had the secret agent spirit running in my blood.When I was in Kindergarden I was in love with three girls at the same time (that included my kindergarden teacher too). I kept it as a secret and all three never came to know about the love I had for them.

Once when I was in class three, my childhood nemesis "Shabir" punched my friend Rahul on his nose.That act angered me.
I clenched my fists.
Blood boiled inside my tummy.
I wanted to punch Shabir and make him say"Oh mummy".
I frowned at him with anger. My eye's turned red with fury. Shabir was seeing a different me that day.
Shabir immediately landed another punch on Rahul's face and that made me to calm down. Thats when I realised that I had the power to control my anger.
As I look back I realise that I did not become a secret agent nor a Rogue. "Did I lose anything? ", I was thinking to myself and my phone rang.
It was Jeremy"My nephew"
Me: Hi baby. howdie?
Jer: Hello mama! I am fine. I want to tell you something
Me: What is it?
Jer:Me and Jolena have become celebrities in school after we ssaved the country by breaking the purple red or yellow code
Me: Thats really good.
Jer: But Some senior students from class one are jealous about my achievement
Me: Why are they jealous
Jer:Because they could not tolerate a junior ( A kindergarten boy) achieving this victory
Me: So What are you gonna do?
Jer: Two of my seniors have challenged me to fight with me
Me: Two guys against one? Thats unfair
Jer: No! It is two against two. Jolena will be my tag team partner
Me: But she can only bite. Can she fight?
Jer: I am teaching her some tricks and she is sure learning fast
Me: Is it? What tricks?
Jer: The monkey one eye pinch, the high pitch scream, the frog jump, The tiger attack head roll...
Me: The tiger attack head roll? Thats a pretty dangerous stunt! Are you teaching Jolena that stunt too?
Jer: Yes. I am teaching her. She is learning it too. But she has not got the secret behind the trick yet.
Me: What is the secret?
Jer: First we have to jump and land on our heads
Me: Oh. Is it?
Jer: Yes and then we have to balance on our head and raise our legs and do a somersault
Me: That sounds really thrilling. Is it Safe for Jolena to do it?
Jer: As a big brother, I know what is safe for my sister! She does all the steps perfectly. She runs, lands on the head. But instead of lifting the legs, she is lifting the hands.
Me: Thats sad
Jer: But She has the spirit in her. She would do that. Check this video mama. Let me get back to some training.