Wednesday, November 05, 2008

260. The Waltz Dance

I was just yawning to glory after watching yet another movie when my phone rang. Yes it was him again. It was Bunny. Thats how I call him. For those who are wondering who Bunny is, Please check this. Yes he is the Prime minister of the country and he happens to be a friend of mine.

I picked up the phone and this is what happened

PM: Hey Chrissy How are you

Me: Hey bunny. I am fine . How are you

PM: I am fine. I want to thank you for the big help that your niece and nephew did for saving the country.
Me: Ok! Dont drag on. Come to the point (With lot of attitude)
PM: I just want to thank them by giving them a present.
Me:Is it? Cool!!! and what would that be?
PM: It is my Royal Throne. I am gonna present to them for their valiant effort in saving the country.
Me: Thats Good. Send it to them. Now I am getting another call from Sania Mirza. So can you please keep the phone.

He kept the phone and I went into a romantic conversation with SM. I had a great night. I am not gonna post the conversation I had with SM.

The very next day, the royal throne of the prime minister was handed over to Jeremy and Jolena. On seeing the throne, the kids were very happy and they started performing a waltz dance to show their happiness.

Check this video:

1) Check the blue colour royal throne in the video
2) Check Jolena's efforts to sit in the royal throne and also see how Jeremy tackles the situation
3)Watch the climax of the video where a powerful rock-bottom is delivered to Jolena
4)and do not forget to watch their cool waltz dance moves



  1. Enna na, unga rangeku SM va? Cha cha... Atleast Sharapova na kuda adjust pannikalam? :P

  2. Jeremy should get into WWE :-)
    Cute video!

  3. wow! he really sent her down!!!!!!

    but I love every video you present with your niece and nephew in it!


  4. omg she s so cute with her pink dress and they are dancing on a popular french song for kids except that it sang by a non so french speaker (well i have a foreign accent though) :)

  5. hehe lol on tat cute video..

    Poor PM wat all kinds of ppl he has to converse

  6. wow...what a beauty,what a beauty.
    i meant the punch at the end :P

    cute one. :)

  7. you had a romantic conv with Sania Mirza...*puke* cud u ever

  8. @king
    enakku russian theriyaadhu
    sharapovakku tamil theriyaadhu..
    so SM vachu asjust panrein... dont kaari thuppufy at me

  9. @vinesh
    yes he has a great chance..

  10. @mazhalai akka
    thank you very much...

  11. @NE
    and i love every video of theirs... this whole week is dedicated for them... :)

  12. @cess
    hehe.. she dances like a drunken babe.. i so much love those two brats

  13. @priya joyce
    have some sentimental sympathy for me too

  14. @archana
    are you a sadist? hehe.. hope you are not in such sorta punching?

  15. Such cute kids! And I am burning with envy now....!! And Sania Mirza of all pople...ewww! ;P

  16. lolz Chriz..
    These kida r damn cute
    muaah to them both:D
    n do they take dance classes? i have been thinkin lately too learn Waltz..

  17. The way you build your story about the PM and sania is hilarious. Love Jolena's cute pink dress. Jeremy- I told you is so energetic...circling around her all the time and in the end...woosh....makes the delicate girl fall down....ha ha..

  18. @tara
    sania mirza dropped down in rankings because of me

  19. @richa
    wow.. waltz would be good. when every one are going for salsa and hip hop classes, waltz would have been good

  20. @kiran
    haha.. those two little ones.. their videos make me go wild... will be uploading their videos soon

  21. awwww. cuteeee..
    love their moves, n the slammer in the end was so sudden i thought she'd get up crying- but she's s strong girl!
    now dun temme ya n SM were talkin of having two cute kids.. ;)

  22. ohahahaha!
    Nice one. it seems you are going to keep a collection of it

  23. That was so cool!!! Give Bunny my regards!

  24. @jane
    yes jolena is strong.. haha.. me and SM were whispering sweet nothings

  25. @aneesh
    welkum to this page bro.. yes i definitely gonna keep a big collection for them

  26. Jeremy s a "ROCK' Star.. Lol!!

  27. lol jolena seems to be drunk this time :P :P she was going round and round and round :D merry go round!

  28. :)ur so lucky 2 hv such wonderful kids arnd u..wht a delight it must b!
    such influential ppl calling Chrissy :P
    1 lucky man!

    and sania Mirza--hmmm..well--err lol

  29. @karthik
    yea.. he sure is .. and a hip hop dancer too

  30. @divz
    haha.. yesh little one was just awake when the video was shot

  31. @swats
    who is the prime minister of the country?

  32. I have been following your blog ever since I read your interview in ergo. What is the most hilarious blog if yours is second in Asia? And who all voted? and what all are taken in to consideration? Awaiting your answer.
    And how much was the traffic towards your blog on the day of your interview? Correct me if I'm wrong anywhere.

  33. hehe..looks like Mr Press has a really comfy chair;)

  34. this is betr than yday's:D

    and sania mirza...enna kodumai?????

  35. Awwwh that is sho cute.. I WANT jolena. She reminds me of myself!!! Loved her fall at 11 seconds..
    she will be a great teacher!
    look at the way she got up

  36. @anonymous
    hehe.. nice funny questions.. if you had asked telling your name, i would have been happy in answering you.. why dont ya tell about yourself?

    you wanna know about the rating agency? or the traffic provider? or the content generator? I can clearly see that you are a blogger to bud.. Come out of your mask buddy

  37. @neethu
    its not the president.. its the prime minister.. now dont ask me, prime minister of which country!!!

  38. @praveen
    oru small aasaidhaan brother

  39. @bhaw
    you used to be like jo when you were a kid.. that must have a been a great childhood then.. the never cry never worry phase of life.. the jolena way of living

  40. maha cute ppl these kids in ur family!! but it easy ya! :P

  41. @chrony
    okok...i know...but pressidential chair sounds more classy...
    PS:have corrected it in the latest comment:P

  42. omg how did I miss this supa sweet video!!!


  43. hehehe! what was that?? Waltzzzzz?? a la Karzzzzz??


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