Remember those days? Those chat days!!! Internet-Chatting is indeed fun. I still remember those days. Days I used to chat hours together.Those were great ol' fun days.
I remember the chat-abbrevations used as a part of the conversation. ASL,LOL,ROTFL,ASL. These four abbrevations are gonna be the topic for this post.
It was very easy to use this abbrevation while chatting-on-line. It is not the same case when we try doing it face-to-face.

Have you ever tried asing the age/sex and location of a complete stranger on the road? If you have tried doing so, please comment about the repercussions on such occassions.
I was an over extensive user of this particular abbrevation. I pre/post-fix LOL to every sentence that I type when I chat online.

But on the contrary, Can we do it in real life situation. Imagine that we are travelling in a train. Suddenly we burst out laughing. What would be our situation after that?
This is a hyper version of the previous type. Roll-On-The-Floor-Laughing. I just tried a little demo of the same in the drawing room. My mom and Dad are giving me a very dirty look now.

I could atleast digest and understand the previous three words, but this one is a ripper. How could I Laugh-My-Ass-Out? Is it literally possible? Don't they simply call it farting?

Readers can also share some other Chat -abbrevations that are funny and creepy when actually practised.