"The bear is on a rampage. Will the Bull charge back?"
This caption is a terminology used in economics. In laymen language,"When the economy is doing well, we call it the Bullish economy and when the economy is going from good to bad, we call it Bearish"

My knowledge on economics and finance is not really good. But the very little knowledge that I have on this subject is just because of one term "SENSEX".Let me take you back down memory lane and explain how "SENSEX" changed my life.


I have completed one year of MBA.This day was a very crucial day of my life. I had to choose my elective papers. My course pattern indicated that I could do a dual degree. I took marketing as my Major degree.
As I could take up a dual degree, I took Information Technology as my Minor degree.An MBA in Marketing and Systems sounded really great. But after selecting all the papers, I found out that I had the liberty to choose one more paper.

The only elective that was left open was Finance. I knew that I was not born for finance. But my inner mind told me that I could do well in that subject too.I finally decided that I would do a paper in Finance too. I glanced through the various papers available under the heading "Finance".
1)Income tax 2)Security and Portfolio management 3) Sensex 4) Stock Market 5) credit analysis.

To be frank I had no idea when I read these five subject names. But one subject really caught my attention. "SENSEX". I enrolled for that class and classes started.

I was so very happy because the most beautiful lecturer in college happened to take that subject. Days went by and I realised that SENSEX had nothing to do with Sensuality and Sex. I managed to clear that paper in exams but I am really surprised cos I do not know a single thing in that subject. Just when I was about to blame the examination system of the country, I chanced upon this video

When she can win Miss Teen USA title, I am not at all ashamed of clearing my SENSEX paper