Thursday, October 30, 2008

254. BARKa-nusha-Dutt

Date:October 3rd 1985
Venue:A kindergarden classroom

The class teacher (CT) was asking a few questions to her three year old toddler students.

CT: Hey Nisha What do you want to become in the future?
Nisha: Ma'm I want to become a Nurse
CT: That is good. Maddy! What will you become when you grow up?
Maddy: I will become a daddy
CT: Haha..Now Renu! Tell me, what would you become?
Renu: Ma'm I want to become the future prime-minister of the nation.
CT: Thats a very good answer. Students give a big round of applaue for Renu
(Everyone clapped. I clapped too. Yes I was inside that very same class. I was clapping without knowing the meaning of two words and 2. applause)
CT: Now Chriz!Tell me what will you become in the future.
Chriz: I will come in the newspapers Ma'm
CT: Haha! Dream on you silly boy. First try to recite the 26 alphabets.

Everyone in the classroom laughed at me. That day I made a pledge. Yes! I made a pledge that I would appear on a newspaper one day.In the years that followed I was disappointed to see news on Osama,K-fed,Britney, Rakhi Sawant and even Paris Hilton flooding the newspapers.I did not lose hope and that is when I decided to go to the warfront.

The only reason why Abhinav Bhindra clinched the Gold medal for India was because I did not participate in the shooting event. Yes! I was busy in the battle field fighting againts terrorism. I was a champion shooter. My commander considered me to be an asset to the team.My gun used to do the talking all the time. On one such occassion, I was fighting against a gang of terrorists and that's when I saw her. Her name was Anusha. She was a Journalist.

She crawled and approached me. Yes she came close to me. She had a microphone in one hand and a camera in the other hand. She started interviewing me. I lost my concentration and in the process, the enemies shot me in the leg. My leg was hurt big time. But being a strong girl, Anusha carried me to a safer place and we continued with our interview.

I came to know that she calls herself "The wolf" and that she also writes a Blog.We had a long conversation. Anusha apparently is from my Home-state too,"Tamilnadu".Her interview was quite different. She did all the talking and I was asking the questions. It was fun.

I woke up to read the newspaper and Yes an article about me appeared in the paper. Thank you, "Anusha-The wolf" for that awesome write-up. A future Burkha Dutt in the making.



  1. wow,, I didn't know u were so famous.. Asia's funniest.. Very good... congos too... happy blogging

  2. ***As every Tom, Beep and Harry, I fell in love, too

    Lol..the beep was funny :P
    Web2rank ranked my blog no.2 in politics..rotfl! :D

  3. @sarath
    visiting your page men. thank ya

  4. @aayushi
    you are young and you are more famous.. girlie

  5. Wooo hoooo! Three cheers for Chriz! Wow! I am honored that I am interacting with Asia's funniest blogger! And the world's second funniest! That Sachin and Rakhi bit was hilarious! Nice interview! Had fun reading it! I still can' believe it......:)

  6. woowww man..
    tht was a cool interview...hehee...ROTFL

  7. lucky guy.....hey barkha is supaa fantastic..

    and now anusha tooo....


  8. Hello.. Where is my treat?!! I gave ur link to Anusha and asked her to read it.. !! Hmph!!

    PS : By the way, you don't know how to play the guitar?! Right.. It was just a pose na!!!

  9. thats some achieveent and it calls for celebrations :)

    lets kill the number 1 guy ;)

  10. I am sorry buddy i am unable to view ur blogs. its blocked at office and i am too tried to see the blogs at home. BTW great interview and its equally proud moment to know that you have achieved one of your dreams

  11. You are a celeb...a star...Congrats...

  12. ithu thaan vilambaram....good work man..Congrats

  13. I don't know how u do this....its wonderful....I think you are soooo full of life........I am just a Dull boy!!

  14. wow Chriz..thts quite something..
    gr8 going!
    Keep up the good work!

  15. MY CELEB CHRIZZZZZZZZZZ!! I commented there also! Check it out!


  16. what s wrong in spending time in the cafeteria?????

    PS: oh and stop looking for the most funniest person... I used a nickname :D

  17. Thats a nice interview... congrats Chriz.. and nice work Anusha :-)

  18. @ chriz...

    way to go buddy...!!

    @ Anusha

    Well done... keep interviewing and keep writing...


    P.S: unga rendu perayum taraila kaanumaam... parandadu porum.. Erangi Vaanga... Innum ezhudunga...

  19. lovely chriz as usual !!:)
    will chk out on the wolf :)
    and visalam maami has finally made it to my blog :)

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  21. We are very proud of you mama. We are still waiting for the next task. May God Bless you Mama. Love you lots. Agent Jer and Agent Jo

  22. woooh!!
    now tht was some real fun!!
    u r dramatic as always, wounded leg n interviewing an journalist on the battle field!! when ur commander in chief depended on u...

    the interview thingy was juz awesome :)


  23. WOW Chriz! Congrats ! I didnt know I am reading a celebrity"s blog:),great sense of humour:)

  24. 15 secs of fame for mr i wish i were famous ...ya nebody who interviews u definitely the nxt barkha dutt no?

  25. WOW its great men.... Keep rockin.. May the Lord's Grace be with you for ever....


  26. wow famous n very cute boy ;-) good on ya!

    btw I replied to ya in ur earlier post...plz read.



  27. Congrates, Keep it up.....

  28. Thats a great news!!~! Which newspaper was it?!!~

  29. @tara
    even i cant believe it.. hehe..

    thanks bro

  30. @pj
    yea.. two supaa fantaastic girls

    murunga marathula irundhu irangi vaa.

  31. @thoorika

    haha.. sure treat...

    pose? c# minor chord...that was an insaalt

  32. @divz
    yes lets kill him

    hehe.. shy me

  33. @santosh
    thanks bro.. my first blogmate

    thanks kiran...

  34. @karthik
    vilambaram illaamaa enna maadhiri lottu losukku ellaaaam munnaala vara mudiyummaa? hehe thanks

    look who is talking? hehe.. thanks bro

  35. @swats
    yes.. sure jeremy and jolena coming up

    thanks girl...thatw as sweet

  36. @cess
    stop looking.. hehe... cafeteria? i used to spend my ime there.. thats y...

    nandri ... the big thanks goes to misty

  37. @S

    haha yes irangi vandhutoam.. seekiram adutha flightukku ready aayitoam

  38. @preeti
    maaami vandhutaaalaaa. naanum vandhutten. sathey poruthuko

  39. @dewdrops
    next week. its full of you both...
    agent jo and agent jeremy are gonna go on a rampage..

  40. @roger
    christmas season.. so christmas carols coming up

  41. @richa
    thank you very much

    haha,... your name is my book

  42. @thinktank..
    have you recharged your account

  43. @angelina
    thank you girl...

    yes i saw the comment...hehe... orkut for women.. abt smoking and stuff. yes i know thats bad and thats gonna trouble us... but the reason i gave a tip like that is for everyone's own perusal...

  44. @isha
    yes i am keeping it up

    ERGO- a publication of Hindu

  45. **As every Tom, Beep and Harry

    lol...that had me splits

    dude no wonder u r so famous ;)

    nice intv wolf!!!

    dude did u make her hear ur wolf whistle...m sure she wud b d only girl who wud not react usin her footwear

  46. Unhun !!!

    So we are in august company !!


  47. hey sam cool Interview :D and you got ur dream come true too, and hey i dint know all those things when i came to your blog earlier, now i know this is a famous guys blog :D

  48. WOW!!

    u r famous or wat!!

    Congratulations dude...and keep goin!


  49. @ chris
    m in a maram taller than murunga maram

    @ everyone else

    guys give comments on my writing sklls no :( ... ur only talkin abt him!! so unfair

  50. Great Sir...
    Very good to see your intention of writing funny about things and not turning serious.

    Be Happy and Have Fun always!!!

  51. congrats glad to know that you are asia's numero uno.


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