Sunday, October 26, 2008

251. Shiv -Ram

You know Bill Gates?
I know him too
You know Philip Koetler?
I know about him too
Sachin Tendulkar
Every one knows.
If you do not know about him, You can know about him now

I first met him almost four and a half years back. The first impression that I had about him was, "Oh such an innocent guy". Apparently the first impression he had on me was," Oh such a loud mouthed idiot"... In due course of time my impression on him changed and I realised that he was not an innocent, calm and sullen guy but a loud mouthed beef just like me.His impression on me never changed anyways.
2004, June.

I was in college for my MBA in Rajagiri School of Management in cochin. Cochin is a city in a southern state called Kerala.Well I was new to the place and I soon found that I was the only Tamil guy in that entire college.
The whole college was flooded with Mallus, Gujjus, Marathis, Northies and even people from the north-east. But only one from Tamilnadu. Yes Thats me. After one week of college, a new guy entered college. He spoke Tamil and I realised that he was also from Tamilnadu.
I went to him extended my hand and said," Hey doood! Welcome to God's own country,and I am Chriz". He just looked into my eyes for a few seconds and slowly extended his hands," Well My name is Shivram". I knew he was feeling the pressure cos he was a new bird feeling a news breeze in a new forest.
We started having a good bond because when ever I wanted to speak in my mother tongue to someone in my college, the only person I could turn to was Shiv.Soon I realised that he was a nut cracker too.
Another common thing between us was our Masala capabilities. If a topic is given to us for presentation, we could go on talking about that subject for an hour (we wouldn't have any clue what we were talking.Our fellow students would also have no clue). I still remember a few of my class mates ,"Woody,Ghosh" who would ask doubts for our presentation too.
We had a small gang in college. We called ourselves"The sexy seven".Shiv used to hang out with us.In the picture below, the one in green is Joseph Pius Alapatt. I already blogged about him.The one on the extreme left is Anterson.I would soon come with a post on him too.The pinky boy is me. I still feel yukky for wearing pink, fluorescent shirts in my college days.
No wonder I never became committed with anyone.The guy with very less hair (next to me) is Shiv. This photo was taken exactly one after Shiv's birthday. We tonsured his head on his birthday. We almost massacred him on his birthday

Shiv also had this peculiar habit of sitting in the front seat of an autorickshaw. Even if he travels alone, he always prefers a seat next to the autodriver.We never understood the reason behind the same though.

This picture was taken in our college cafeteria. Me, Sateesh and Shiv are having our regular movie time. This was our regular place when we bunked classes.That canteen water comes goes across my memory now.We had to pay five bucks and wait in front of the coffee machine for five minutes for that coffee powder mixed water. This fellow is so concerned about his shirt. But that white shirt became a T-shirt that day.

And finally, after many backpapers,projects, love failures,lectures and hardships we are finally MBAs. The so called professional look.Anterson, Me, Abraham, Jithu and Shiv pose for our memory.

Shiva is a now a research analyst.He works in Hyderabad. He has stepped foot into the world of blogging too. Click HERE to visit his page. It would be really informative unlike mine.I am paying a visit to Shiv's place. We are gonna celebrate Diwali together.It is time for me to catch up with him with our college day talks after two and a half years.Happy Diwali



  1. diwali with old buddies is always fun...and old memories make 'em even sweeeter...

    hav a gala time u guys..

    And happy diwali..>!!!



  2. awww such a sweet post :) shiv lucky man you are :) pink? no wonder you didn get committed :) anyways, you could ve tried the aerosmith style :):) cheers buddy
    PS: you call that coffee powder with water, ours was a biege coloured liquid, somewhat hot and muddy in the dregs :)

  3. Aw! :) sweet is this,Chrissy!
    Shiv,you're really lucky to have Chriz as yr friend..
    I hope you guys have a happy happy-er and HAPPY-est Diwali! :)

  4. Wish u ur pals (Balls/Super Man/Chads and all) A VERY HAPPY, SAFE AND PEACEFUL DIWALI!

  5. one question only : In the first pic are you wearing a PINK shirt?

  6. good ol friends. Wud visit his blog

  7. hey tats cool mba swet memories..

  8. OOOOOOOOOOOOOps thats my brother...Sivaram....! Welcome home chriss waiting for u !

  9. Hey... 3/7 over so soon!
    Hmmm waitin 2kno abt d others too!

  10. Tuff guys wear pink eh, annan or is it bro?
    I'm confused.

  11. That is SUCH a sweet post!
    Cheers to your friendship

  12. Ah sweet ol'memories eh?:)
    lol...was dat ur sisters's shirt?:P
    good to read ya blog aftr such a loooong gap:D
    PS:thr r quite a few typos in th post

  13. first things first: i am dying to know the autorickshaw mystery..plz get shiv to answer this for me..ive never been so curious :P



  14. Lovely !

    Happy diwali to you too !!

  15. Happy Diwali to you too :)....Have fun....BTW what does a nutcracker mean??

  16. The sexy seven ! lol like the secret seven eh? did u get to solve any mysteries?

  17. HEY, read about you in Ergo y'day..piqued my interest so decided to take a do write interesting stuff....


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