First it was...
Mandira Bedi

She took the cricketing world by storm with her anchoring skills. became magnetized to cricket because of her. She was the same girl who once asked Charu Sharma," Why do eleven players play with only one ball? Why not give everyone,one ball each".From then on, Charu Sharma never spoke anything about cricket when Mandira was around.
Well I am still waiting for my chance to congratulate her for her breathtaking and awe-inspiring performance in the Tamil Movie, Manmadhan
Then it was the turn of...
Shonali Nagrani

She started anchoring in Zee Channel and I am glad for one reason. Just because of this sweet lady,Navjot Singh Sidhu stopped spinning his Siddhuisms and I love her for only this reason.

During a match,
Navjot Singh Sidhu : Facing a ball from Brett Lee is worser than a French nurse having chicken pox in her socks
Shonali: Cut the crap! Tell me one thing. I can see only eleven players on the fielding side. This is 20-20 cricket and invariable there should be 20 players on each side. What happened to the rest 9?
Sidhu stopped speaking from that day

Then the stage opened for
Mayanti Langer

I am very confident that everyone including me wouldnot be interested in watching the game. We would rather prefer watching this girl.

And Finally now

Rakhi Sawant

God ! Save Cricket