One of my girlfriends read my previous post and got inspired by it. She even came to my place gave a big warm hug and punched a neat smacky french kiss.Well! I can see that all the guys are becoming jealous now. So I am not gonna go in detail about the kiss.

I am gonna talk about inspirational speeches.I have heard many inspirational speakers inspiring me in my life. My grandfather, granny, My dad and my mom too has come up with great inspiration talks that has moulded me in a bigger way.I once read the book You can win by Shiv Khera! Boy I assure you that it was an amazing book

When ever I was down and sad, these inspirational speeches pulled me up and made me to come to this position now (Yes I am sitting in front of the computer now) .But I can clearly say that none of the speeches that I have heard so far come even an mile closer to the amazing speech delivered by Uncle Sam in the Indian treaty room.

This speech has made me to change my perception on inspirational speeches. I had tears in my eyes. This is just a one minute speech. But He sure touches our hearts with his words.Check this video