Tuesday, October 14, 2008

240. Are we a perfect example for our children?

When I got mad today and hit my child "For his own good, "
I reconciled,and then I realized my plight...
Today, I taught my child to fight.

When interrupted by the phone,I said, "tell them I'm not home."
And then I thought, and had to sigh...
Today I taught my child to lie.

I told the tax man what I made,forgetting cash that was paid,
And than I blushed at this sad feat...
Today I taught my child to cheat.

I smugly bought a pirated CD,
But now the bells of shame must peal...
Today I taught my child to steal.

Today I cursed another race,Oh God, protect what I debase,
for now, I fear it is too late...
Today I taught my child to hate

What are we teaching our Kids?
Are we a perfect example for our children?



  1. :)

    sadly true..we teach the kids all those bad things through our deeds only..!!

  2. We r jus hypocrites born in a hypocrite world

  3. Yeah we need to see what we teach our children.

  4. dunno,not yet married to have kids :P

  5. Its not sucha bad world ya..and not every parent is like tht!

  6. @vinz
    so very true... how am i gonna bring up my kids. i have to put a lot of thought.. i need to change myself in order to bring them up

  7. @kiran
    so true.. have to clean my thoughts first for that

  8. @archana
    you need not get married for that..

  9. @aayushi
    its a sinful life
    its a sinful world
    we have to purify ourselves...

  10. wen i was in school

    i was taught to always fight against any kind of crime

    never to lie
    and so on

    but I can't say tat I never lied coz i did and the same teachers also do
    so if the ppl who teach us do such things then were r the ideals...

  11. It is indeed so difficult to tell your kids about virtues and follow the exact thing !

    And when that doesnt happen the poor things are left confused as what is really right n what is really wrong.

    Sorry scenario.

  12. we can try...

    and that may all it take

  13. Guess we can not get rid of these things ...

  14. @priya
    fyte against crime? you studied with criminals?

  15. @cinderella
    yes.. walking on a tight rope...

  16. hmmm.... u can forget all that n teach ur child to be like 'u' ;) i'm sure another 25 years down the line your child will b writing the same things :P

  17. @anusha
    haha.. like me? he is gonna be a monster then...

  18. are u sure he wudn't turn out to b a joker than a monster? lol :P

  19. @anusha
    haha jokers are monsters in one way

  20. only if they 'think' they are funny when they are not! :P

  21. @anusha
    monsters seldom use their brain cells. but jokers do

  22. notable point... so which one are you?

  23. @anusha
    i am the former when i do not think and teh latter when i use the cells

  24. how can you know you are the former when you are not using your brain cells?

  25. @anusha
    when i become the latter, i use the brain cells and that is when i realise that i havent used it wen i was a monster

  26. how do you become the latter when you are the former without using any cells?

  27. @anusha
    i change with time.. the mental mask changes its color from time to time

  28. we r teaching the kids all the wrong things:D
    good one
    btw, we were also taught like this..hehheee

  29. Wht a thought provoking post
    Im afraid we’re not

  30. did not understand ur comment about my blog layout and adsense. Please do explain more in detail

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  32. aha..there's an Aussie ad where it shows a dad asking his 10yr old son to bring him a beer from the fridge...and it becomes a habit every other day or so. And at the end of the ad it says

    'dont tempt kids into alcohol'

    cos it can develop a liking for alcochol early in childhood...cos their dad is doing it and they may think there's no reason why they shouldn't.

    We must watch our habits when we r in front of kids.


  33. nd thats why it is said..practice what you preach..

    nice one pal!

  34. @anusha
    human being is a mentally challenged object


    yes i remember.. no one is perfect

    thank you

  35. @meaculpa
    good blog u have there


    so true.. most of us act as bad examples for our kids..

  36. @kiran.. ill explain in ur blog..


    thanks bro for coming to my page.. will visit ur page too,...

  37. @ chriz:

    hey haven't u studied tat wen u were young?

  38. hey .. I think the topic is brilliant .. and execution mind boggling...! first visit here .. but seems ill havta keep checking in ..

  39. @ V.Archana
    You need'nt be married for knowing it.. I can HELP if need be!!


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