Saturday, October 11, 2008

237.History Behind the mystery

Finally The movie is here for you.The audio might not be very clear cos it is a live recording.

Opening scene:
A couple (A young handsome man and his girlfriend) are brutally murdered...I would like to thank Ryan and Monica for shedding their clothes for this challenging scene( I am sure that a few souls would like to watch the movie now). By the way, Ryan and Monica are the Lead pair in the movie.

History behind the Mystery

- Chronicwriter


  1. LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!

    Chriz...I just started my day and you made me laugh so hard!!!

    Some of the highlights are:

    *'Sorry spelling mistake....Censir ....CensOr Board'

    *Sponsored by "Dirrrrttyy toothbrush"

    *Socks stolen while travelling in taking the movie...??!!' - travelling where????!!

    *One aatu pulakai ran away from the crime zone...hahaha. [that was spontaneous]

    *AAtu pulakai zone ...hahah.

    Your accent was deadly....and seriously that was the funniest video ever. Paavam, you killed 2 aaants and 2 aaattu pulukais for this...haha, but seriously it was worth it.

    keep writing and god bless!


  2. OMGus u made me laugh, it was hilarious, i guess all the things that made me laugh were already highlighted by random ramblings, the censir/censor part, sponsor, the accent ...excellent!
    Thanks so much for making me laugh today :P


  3. I am going to put case on you... under Sec 140 (a) of Misty's Constitution you will be charged for attempting movie without item number... WHERE IS THE ITEM NUMBER I SAY!?!?

  4. Great work Chriz! ROTFL! Everything was just fine, the accent, the sponsors (dirty toothbrush..he he), the "aatu pulakai", the runaway "aatu pulukai"...great job!! Keep it up! Wow! Looking forward to more such innovative work from you! :) Thanks for dropping by, sure you can take that tag!

  5. hey... my name is not WOLF MEDIA *musters angry face*

  6. You promised item no in the movie!!! I came to your blog for tat sole reason!! where is it?!?!

    By the way nice handwriting and sexy phone.. Did i miss something?!! Yeah, A very creative movie. Why don't you enroll it for short film category for the national awards next year?! :P

  7. Hahahahahahaha
    laughed my guts out..actually even my parents saw this one man.
    en parents kudo enjoy pannagoo!! :P

  8. Please dont make any more movies. This was Ram Goapal Verma Ki Aag. ha ha ha

  9. did u wash ur hands after touching the goat dung. btw it was hilarious. reminded me of all the mystery stories i used to tell u. hahahahahahahahaha.

  10. tht was hilarious man!
    awesome work:D

    the voiceover accent was gr8...
    and then the certification thing, the sponsored items, the aattupulukkai...ahahhaha...gr8!

  11. CHRIZ! You make me laugh so hard!
    You are really a NUT! hahahah

    Loved this so much!
    Damn I am still laughing....

  12. Okay I am back I have watched this several times... I think I am hooked! to your directing and production skills!

    I am sure I will be back to see this yet again!..


  13. watchin ur movies is bad for my bones man...i fell off d chair laffn n hurt my ass real bad....

    dat was bloody hillarious dude...n d madeup accent was jus outta dis world

    ***One aatu pulakai ran away from the crime zone.

    hats off to d spontaneity!!!

  14. hahahahaha.....I couldn help laughing so hard.....It was tooooooo hilarious......=))

  15. my God this was sumthing hilarious can't stop laughing Oh!

    the couple...ants watt?
    ha ha and my God goat Dung lol lol lol

  16. bhai ..if u havn't heard of my sin of gluttony yet ..i can't open videos bcoz of limited downloads wat do i do? and how is sprain? dard mein kuchh baat hai ya nahi?

  17. hoooooh..........

    btw, you are tagged chriss!

  18. Who are the Ryan and Monica who shedded their clothings? :P

    Ant 1 and Ant 2? :D

  19. i mean wat the heck??
    i cant stop giggling :and u d scotland yard wasnt actually succesful in solving the mystry, it was the 'chronic writer' who brutally murdered the ants, not the Aatu Pulakai ;)
    sponsorers r damn tickling and the accent is literally zany..

    Loved it!!

  20. Am I missing something?
    My sound system is screwed up
    I am tempted to go to a cyber café after reading comments
    Awwwwww no nooooo nahiii

  21. @nitara
    the socks travel part, was for some outdoor shooting..

    the aatu pulukai part happened because of lack of hand -attu pulukai coordination.. but glad i managed it with that line.

    thank you very much that lovely comment..
    god bless u too

  22. @cess
    i am very much happy for you.. glad that you laughed out loud

  23. @wolf
    item number? haha i will dance for u.. wanna see?

  24. @tara
    working on your tag.. will be up and running soon.. thanks for dropping by. keep coming and have a good time..

  25. @thoorika

    national awards? haha.. i am working on my second movie.. thats gonna have music included too(live music)... i am working on the story board now..

  26. @archana
    haha.. keep the parents away from movies like this.. they myte stop you from using the computer... anyways happy to know that everyone enjoyed.. keep coming

  27. @kiran
    me and ram gopal verma pitted together?

  28. @akka..
    no i did not wask\h my hands.. infact i washed the attupulukkai and even ate them

  29. @praveen
    thanks bro for having the patience.. keep coming

  30. @NE
    wow.. you made me really happy.. that comment was so sweet.. have fun

  31. @mayz
    when that attupulukkai ran off from the scene, i was like, omg what line should i come up with? what would happen to my script that is running in my head.. but managed somehow...

  32. @priti
    girl... wanna sing a song for my next movie?

  33. @pj
    hehe.. that was a good thing .. glad and happy that u had a good time

  34. @farah
    sprain is ok... i saw another picture and in teh process my neck got better

  35. @mflower
    thank you for tagging me girl.. will take it up

  36. @aayushi
    yes yes.. hope menaka gandhi doesnt file a case against me

  37. @richa..
    am very very happy that u had the patience to sit thru the whole nutty spree

  38. @swats..
    haha.. take ur ow time..

  39. funny moveeee(intended mis spelling) and too short.

  40. @poshin
    fang you (unintended correct spelling)

  41. If ants dance i will see.. even if the aatupulukai dances i will see.. but not if its you.... :P

  42. yabsholutely louuuuuu your accshent!!!

  43. Chris !! Heights of crazyness !!! Good work and funny da

  44. that was a great video chriz. simply awesome. and the improvisation was great when one of the goat dung fell away. BTW blogger is blocked in office i was off to chennai for week so could comment

  45. sure why not....we have a deal here :D :P

  46. ANIMAL BRUTALITY!!!! You should be ashamed of yourself killing 2 innocent, i say INNOCENT, insects so that you can make a movie?!!!! those were 2 living creature that you just killed!!!

    Inhumane!!! dont call yourself a human being.

  47. One good One ;-P
    Ps. i was joking previously but on a tab serious note you didnt really to kill them did you? ;-)


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