The first ever notebook movie,"History behind the mystery" will very soon hit this very same blog. A few pointers about the movie

1) The movie runs for a little less than 5 minutes
2) The whole movie is unedited
3) For the first time in the History of cinema, the whole movie is taken in a single shot without any re-takes
4) Story, Screenplay,Music,Videography,Direction, Production-Chronicwriter
5) It is a Gory murder mystery movie.Yes, It indeed is A-rated.I request all my readers to keep their parents away from watching this movie.
6) On popular demand, One item number is also included in the movie.

Opening scene:
A couple (A young handsome man and his girlfriend) are brutally murdered...I would like to thank Ryan and Monica for shedding their clothes for this challenging scene( I am sure that a few souls would like to watch the movie now). By the way, Ryan and Monica are the Lead pair in the movie.
History behind the mystery, to hit this Blog-theater in a few hours.