My phone rang very late the night-before-last night. I checked my watch. It was 11 pm.Late night calls are always reserved for public personalities.I looked into my mobile. It read PH calling...

"Oh No! Not again", I thought to myself. It was the same girl. She was crazy about me. She even told once that she fantasizes about me. I finally decided that it is high time that I made her to change her mind. Her name is Paris Hilton. I hope my readers know that she likes to act in front of the camera.

I picked the call
PH: Hey Hunney ( Low voice)... Muaaaaah
Me: Yes tell me! What do you want? (Rough voice)
PH: I was just thinking about you
Me: Ok
PH: Can I come over to your place?
Me: No
PH: Please! I am looking at your photo now
Me: Ok.
PH: I am going for the Cannes-dress-up rehearsal tomorrow. Can I pose with your photo?
Me: You can! But do not trouble me any more.
PH: Ok. Muaaaaaah
Me: Bang (Call Disconnected)

I do not know what happened the next day. But I was stunned to see this photo in the papers this morning.Some people are really crazy about me. I can't stop them.

Can you guys give me some tips to snub people like PH?
Note: Thanks Keshi for introducing me to Photofunia