Monday, October 06, 2008

232. Last week in Chronicwriter's life

A few things that I did last week
1) I deleted my orkut account
Three years of love affair with orkut. More than 25000 scraps.40 Testimonials.500 friends.A few blog friends too. All that begins well has to end well too and I made my decision to quit Orkut.I can use the 3 hours per day on social networking sites on some other useful stuff

2) I was the MC for my cousin's wedding
I was made the Master of Ceremonies for my cousin's wedding. I had a good time.The stand up comedy stuff paid rich dividends. I thought that I would have a partner too. No mistress of ceremonies. But I didn't care much cos I had my eyes fixed on a few babes in the audience.But a closer look revealed to me that they were indeed my cousin sisters. A simple coat of paint and some make-up can really transform an ordinary looking girl into a world beauty

3) I wrote two songs
I wrote two tamil christian songs.I compposed the music for the songs too.I will upload them soon in my blog.Glory be ye to Jesus alone.

4) I took a movie
I finally filmed my first Horror movie. Four minutes of non stop mystery.The name of the movie is "History behind the Mystery". You guys wanna see it? If more than ten of my readers are interested in watching it, I will upload it in my blog soon

5)I met her
I saw her atlast in the beach.I met her too.Yet another Love story of mine soon to hit my blog

Thats all folks.



  1. HAHAH! You are so crazy Chrizzz! I cannot wait to hear about his gal in your life? Is there really a gal?? You keep me guessing.. all of your post keep me wondering about this...

    Sorry to see you leave orkut, I have left it also..been gone some days now..

    Time for a new chapter to start... What say????

  2. Hey u seem to hav dum many things in tat tym.

    And tell more abt tha gal eagerly waiting for ur updated

    and btw i listened to ur video u hav a got a lovely voice.
    Hey I too wanted to form a xtian band but couldn't ah! will sum day do tat till then lemme be trained in the church choir.

  3. oops sory tat was updates*

    rong typos

  4. i cant guess abt d movie...upload it soon dude!!

  5. @single
    i left orkut as in, i deactivated my account... new chapters.. haha... yeh true...

  6. @pj
    hehe.. join a band soon.. anytime girlie... record a song and add it in ur blog...

    will update abt my girl soon...:)

  7. @mayz
    movie.. cool... yes.. would upload it soon...

  8. i want to see the horror movie :)


  9. Nice update mate.

    :) yes a coat of makeup can make an ordinary looking chick into a BEAUTY.


  10. a movie..and that too a horror from from u...upload without wasting an iota of time..!!

    and the girl..ooh..another one..!!
    waiting for that too..

  11. another request for the movie :D

  12. ME ALSO! I had to let it go all the way! plusssss MOVIE MOVIE MOVIE!!!!!!

    Have a great day!

  13. u should upload the movie man... good horror is hard to come by these days... and well.. gud luck with ur songs.. i saw the sidebar and hread that ur a vocalist in ur chritian band... well u should add songwriter there also.. :) cheers

  14. wow finally you did it eh?del okt...
    was at home last week...gotta lootf posts pending to read;)
    and ya..want d movieee:D

  15. Out from Orkut...very sad. Sach bolo ..u r gonna concentrate on Facebook next isnt ? hee hee

  16. Hey.. i wanna watch that video.. :D

  17. @cess
    yes will upload soon...

    i believe it now kesh

  18. @vinz

    it is a sad story. will upload tmrw
    and movie.. yes definitely

  19. @richa
    yes sure dodo

    haha sure sure sure.. done done done..

  20. @army guy
    welkum to my blog mate.. good to see you here... yes will add it .. hehe

    yes will add. and it was eacy .. i dont miss orkut anyways

  21. @kaks
    i had an account in facebook.. wont socialise thru it.. will delete it too..

    haha welkum back girl

  22. Orkut has always been boring. good you left it

  23. That was one hell of a week for many things!!

    Would love to listen to the songs and eagerly waiting to hear about the new gal!

  24. Bum on earth! why did u delete your orkut acct? I wrote a testimonial n all for u! grrrrr /-(

  25. Y orkut? Its a pain but it has its own use 2!

  26. "A simple coat of paint and some make-up can really transform an ordinary looking girl into a world beauty" trueee:D..had a lot of experiences which proved this

    and do post that movie..

  27. I want to c the movie....I want to see the movie.

  28. wow! you sure seem to have a hectic week :O

    upload movie yes!

  29. A very animated pic of you there !

    Orkut is crap ! Glad you quit.

  30. N oh for the movie...I aint sure I would watch it, no horrors for me, but I will bouch for the ones who wanna see it.


  31. hey,u've got a very nice voice. And what about the movie? :)

  32. Wen is history behind the Mystery gonna hit the blog

  33. show the movie :D although i hope my hostel wifi doesnt block it :(
    how cud u say bye to orkut? dont u miss it? i can never delete orkut, FB or any account ever :((


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