A few things that I did last week
1) I deleted my orkut account
Three years of love affair with orkut. More than 25000 scraps.40 Testimonials.500 friends.A few blog friends too. All that begins well has to end well too and I made my decision to quit Orkut.I can use the 3 hours per day on social networking sites on some other useful stuff

2) I was the MC for my cousin's wedding
I was made the Master of Ceremonies for my cousin's wedding. I had a good time.The stand up comedy stuff paid rich dividends. I thought that I would have a partner too. No mistress of ceremonies. But I didn't care much cos I had my eyes fixed on a few babes in the audience.But a closer look revealed to me that they were indeed my cousin sisters. A simple coat of paint and some make-up can really transform an ordinary looking girl into a world beauty

3) I wrote two songs
I wrote two tamil christian songs.I compposed the music for the songs too.I will upload them soon in my blog.Glory be ye to Jesus alone.

4) I took a movie
I finally filmed my first Horror movie. Four minutes of non stop mystery.The name of the movie is "History behind the Mystery". You guys wanna see it? If more than ten of my readers are interested in watching it, I will upload it in my blog soon

5)I met her
I saw her atlast in the beach.I met her too.Yet another Love story of mine soon to hit my blog

Thats all folks.