Priya Joyce tagged me for this movie post. Thanks to this little sweetheart ,I am doing a movie post yet again. Yeah ! Am a crazy movie buff.

Here I go ahead with my tag.

1. Name five of your all time favorite movies.....
That is a very long list. I have added my favorite ten in this LIST

2. Name one movie which you recommend as a "must see"
Giuseppe Tornatore, My favorite director's yet another cinematic brilliance,"La Sconosciuta" -An Italian Movie

3. The one and only one movie that you've seen the most number of times in a movie hall [watching on TV won't count]
Anjaadhey(Tamil movie). A Brilliant masterpiece from the director, Myskin..

4. which movie comes to your mind first, when you think about the funniest movie?...
Any Jim carrey movie.. It is a tussle between Dumb and the Dumber and Ace ventura-When Nature calls

5. which movie made you really emotional?...
Cinema Paradiso (My all time favorite movie). Definitely the best

6. Which movie series, do you think, was as interesting as the first part in the series?...

7. Which movie, according to you, didn't live up to your expectations, after all the hype you've heard?
BABA-The Rajini Movie

8. which movie, really surprised you?...
Taare Zameen Par. I went in thinking it would be yet another children movie. But when tears welled up in my eyes, I knew it was not.