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I met her in a train-Climax
It was around 8 pm. The compartment by now is crowded with people of all ages. A family of four playing cards. A young couple sitting in a corner holding their hands together and whispering sweet nothings to each other. A father trying to make his naughty kid sleep. A few bachelors like me walking up and down the train looking for some pretty faces.But why would I walk like them when I have the pretty face sitting right in front of me?
Suddenly Anu got a call.She was engrossed with her phone for half an hour. Was she talking to her boyfriend?.I was angry now.Why did she smile at me? Why did she ask me to help her? Why did I pay her train ticket?. But when she kept the phone, I was happy and I got angry with myself for all the negative thoughts that crept into my head.Accidently, she looked at me. I immediately made a sorry face. She gave a faint smile. I knew that my innocence has attracted her. I could actually read her mind. She wanted to sit on my lap. But just because of that useless hunk sitting next to me, she controlled her emotions. I liked her for that.

But is she married? I thought to myself. I checked for the presence of an engagement ring. It was not there. I was happy. But what if she has a mangal sutra ( A wedding chain that symbolises that the girl is married). But I could not see it. Is it concealed inside her t-shirt. She took her water bottle and was about to drink. I saw her neck. It was sleek and cute. But Is the water safe? I wanted to stop her. Is it boiled?A drop of water fell on the book. Immediately I took the book and cleaned it. She was smiling at me. With a sense of victory , I looked at the hunk through the corner of my eye. He did not have the courage to look in my direction.
I Started the conversation
Me: So you are into reading?
Anu: Yes. Reading is my hobby
Me: Any inclination to any style of writing?
Anu: Well I like Frederick Foresyth's style of writing.
Me: Me too. I love his style. Have you read "The Afghan"
Anu: Oh Yeah! Osaaaamaaa
Me: sshhsshhh.
Anu: Ok ok..
Me: What about Indian authors?
Anu: Well I like salman Rushdie, Vikram Seth, Robin Sharma and Chetan Bhagath
Me: You know one thing. All these men are my favorites too.
Anu: Is it? Thats Cool.
Me: Have you heard about the famous writer, Chriz?
Anu: No. What does he write
Me: He writes humor stuff
Anu: Is it?
Me: Yes. He is very famous all over India. You might have heard his pen name
Anu: What is that?
Anu: No. I have not heard about any writer by that name
Me: You are speaking to him
Anu: Oh
Suddenly doubt creeps into her head again and she took the book from me and started reading it again. Did n't she like the conversation that I started? Does n't she like to have intelligent conversations?Well I took my mobile phone and started messaging a few friends of mine. I was getting bored. I looked outside the window, then my eyes went on a picture catching spree. I looked at the light in the ceiling , the small kid who was playing on the top berth then the fan , i noticed Anu also and then the chain(the chain that is used for stopping the train). Soon it was night time. The lights were switched off.

What if Anu cannot control herself and plunges to my side? I prayed to God to give her enough wisdom to control her emotions. I slept off.I woke up and saw Anu waking up too. Even angels will look like beggars when they wake up. Her hair was all tangled. Her eyes were dirty and her mouth had a foul smell. She rushed to the rest room, freshened up and soon she was back.She looked pretty. " A simple freshening up activity changes a beast into a beauty", I wondered. She took her mobile phone and tried some number. But there was no charge left in her mobile phone. I understood her situation and soon offered my mobile phone.

She said that she wanted to call her home for two reasons
1) Someone should come to pick her up at the station
2) She wanted them to come with money, so that she could pay me for the ticket
I wanted to say that I could drop her, but being a complete gentleman, I kept quiet.The hunk was no more my competitor.I had so much control over the situation and I was oozing with confidence. The train finally reached the station We all got up to get down. She walked in front of me. I offered to take her bags for her and I was walking behind her. The hunk" Richard" was walking behind me. I looked at him with pride and he could see it in my face, cos one of my eyebrows was in a raised position.
We got down from the train. A moderate looking man came to pick her up. She hugged him and turned towards me and said," This is my husband" and she turned towards him and said," This guy gave me good company in the train just like my brother" She turned towards me and said" BTW, i forgot your name.. Err..Whats your name?"... "Chriz", a feeble sound escaped my lips.. I heard some one laughing sarcastically behind my back. Richard patted me on my back and walked into the crowd...