Friday, September 26, 2008

223.Notty needs

Cinderella... She tagged me for this... I have to type my name in Google search engine and then type NEEDS ( Prason needs/chronicwriter needs/chriz needs) and then search for the answers and I just have to type them here.. Sounds simple? . As I have many names, I resolved to a nickname of mine "Notty". So my search term was "Notty Needs" and this is what I got.

1) Notty Needs to be tightened up
But where?
2) Notty needs a minimum of 10 people
Is it a follow-up for the previous question?
3)Notty needs a cocktail
But I do not drink
4) Hip Hop Needs YOU
Oh! Yeah I need hip hop too
5)DADDY NEEDS A NAUGHTY GIRL,guys seeking girls, Gumtree Classifieds
Hold a sec! What is this?
6)Naughty Little Lynn Needs A Good Spanking thong,boxer shorts, t-shirts, and gifts....
I never knew that she needed all thse. someone please help her
7) Nice Boy needs Naughty girl
No i need a nice girl and a naughty girl
8)It's a guy thing
I know .. I know. Nods in agreement
9) naughty boy needs a spanking
Why me?
10)Looking for a Naughty Female who needs Discipline
What does that mean?

I had a great laugh looking at certain results. But I did not have the courage to post it here. Well I would like to tag
Sri,illusion,karthika,Priya Joyce,Divya
Do take the tag. I will check your blogs soon and will spank you all if you do not take this tag



  1. LOL ! Gud job Notty ! But i was hoping you'd do with chronic writer cz thats your user name..

    And do you mind removing that pic of mine...looks scary there !

  2. ahhhhhh! haahahahh Your tag was awesome, but it also makes you seem to be into some really naughty things! haha

    I really enjoyed reading this!


  3. @cinderella
    suggest some good picture of yours.. this is a lovely picture of yours and not scary..
    i tried with chronicwriter.. but all the links were regarding my blog

  4. HeHe .. thanks.
    I'm done with mine...Scheduled for publishing tomorrow !!

  5. @cinderella
    check this new pix girl

    cool.. that was quick.. will check ur blog tomorrow

  6. OMG, is it Pallavi? so cute!

  7. @Anjuli
    Same girl!!
    look your foto is cute.. I got some one to second me...

    keep coming men

  8. Thnx di !

    But Chriz I said how about no picture !!!!

  9. aaaahhh.. you chose to type NOTTY needs for a reason eh?? :P ;)

  10. oh! gosh u tagged me :P
    hey will do it ASAP :D
    coz the the next post is already decided.

  11. haaaa ya sure are a notty thiungggg..

    tighten ya nuts, go on a gang bang (with 10 people), get drunk on manhattan cocktail, dance to flow rider, watch a daddy-daughter incest porn after that, give that girl you brought home from the party A Good Spanking thong,boxer shorts, t-shirts, and gifts , n call her lazy linn, tell her ya're a nice boy n that ya need a naught girl like her, tell her it's just a guy's thing to want spanking and then to spank her as well so that you teach her discipline :)

  12. will take up the tag in the comin week....Notty came up with some nice hits!!
    u shld have tried with chronicwriter too!!


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