Train Journey from Chennai to Nagercoil
Train name: Kanyakumari express
Date: 15-09-2008 (Monday)
Time: 16:00 hours

I got into the train. Not a soul around in my compartment. I did not expect the train to be lifeless. I was disappointed. The train started moving. I thought of dozing off. I stretched myself on my berth and closed my eyes.Suddenly i felt some movement around me. I woke up and saw her standing in front of me. She was Violet colour tops and a violet color shorts. She had the perfect figure every guy would dream of. 34-28-34. My mind measured her with pin point accuracy. I am good in statistics.

She had a mobile phone in one hand and a novel in the other. She had blue eyes and had smooth hair. She tried to push her bag under the seat, butshe could not do it. She looked at me with a pleading look and said," Can you please push this bag underneath the seat". Immediately I sprang up from my seat and tried to help her only to realise that the bag was indeed heavy. I did not want to give up.What would she think of me? Would she thing that am not strong enough to help her? Thoughts disturbed me. She came close to me, bent down and helped me in pushing the bag underneath the seat. I could smell her perfume. She had the most beautiful skin texture.
We stood up.She said Thank you and went and sat opposite to my berth. I acted as if I did not notice her at all. Hi! My name is Anu. I turned towards her and smiled at her. Well my name is Chriz ( I said that in a husky tone).Did she fall in instant love with me? I knew she was. But she controlled her emotions. Ilike girls who control their emotions.

Her lips were pink and looked like fresh cherry dipped in strawberry sauce.She opened her novel and started reading it. She stretched and planted her feet on my berth. Oh! Her feet was tender and neat.Occasionally she would look at me and I would immediately look outside the window as if I did not notice her.

The ticket collector came and asked for the tickets. She searched for her tickets in her bag and soon I saw her face lose the charm. Yes I could sense sadness hovering her face. With a scared voice, she said" I forgot to take my ticket". The ticket collector levied a heavy penalty for travelling without a ticket. She immediately searched her handbags for money and said" I dont have that much ready cash. All I have is my credit card". The ticket collector nodded and said," In that case you have to get down in the next station".

The gentleman in me did not like my lady love suffering such cruel treatment from the ticket collector (Yes Anu was my lady love. It was love at first sight). I offered to pay the penalty myself. I could see her look at me with gratitude. She was smiling at me. My attitude was overflowing. She told that she would pay me once she gets down from the train. I just nodded my head. I exhibited complete gentleman nature.

She tried to sit down, but lost her balance and before she could fall down I grasped her, only to find that She was indeed heavy. As a result I fell down with her and landed on top of her. She mistook me. She thought that I was trying to take advantage of her. She pushed me aside and gave me a dirty stare and went and sat in her seat.She did not speak anything to me.She started reading the book again. She was angry again. I knew it.

I sat in my seat and I could not face her. I closed my eyes and before I knew I started dozing. I opened my eyes to find a guy sitting next to me. He looked like john abraham. He had long hair and he was wearing a sleeveless shirt and he indeed had a muscular frame. He was oggling at her. A tinge of possessiveness crept inside me. How can he look at my girl? I gave him a mean stare.He sarcastically smirked at me and turned his attention towards her. To make matters worse for me, he infact started a conversation with her.

He introduced himself as Richard and said that he was a ramp model. She seemed interested.She was smiling at him. I was fuming with rage. They started talking about the novel she was reading.He was playing with words. I wanted to tell her that I am a writer too. But she did not even look in my direction. He asked her to give him the book. She gave the book to him and when he took the book from her, he started praising her for having the best pair of hands. He even held her hands and said that she had the most beautiful fingers. Her smiled turned into fear. I wanted to punch him in the nose, but when I saw his physique, I started respecting the art of non violence.

He was still holding her hands She did not like his attitude. She removed her hands from his clasp and forcefully pulled the book from his hands and gave a dirty look that sent the message ," All you guys are one and the same". He did not expect the sudden change in her behavior. Shame engulfed his face. He tried to smile, but he could not. He turned towards me to check if I had seen him in his hour of shame. I smiled to myself and looked outside the window.The train moved on...

... The train journey will continue