Confused with the Subject line?
Do not worry! No dictionary in this world can give the exact meaning to the word " Tickle Buckle". Infact the Inventor of this word, herself doesnt know when to use it. But she indeed uses it all the time.
The inventor of "Tickle Buckle" is none other than my 15 month old niece," Jolena". She uses the word almost 100 times a day. If she needs milk she just says Tickle Buckle. If she wants to play, she says Tickle Buckle .If she is angry with her brother,"Jeremy", its tickle buckle again. First word in the morning is tickle buckle;Hungry? Tickle buckle...She is a brat of an angel. In the picture below she had just removed her hairclip and angrily shouted at her mother with swear words. Any guesses? Yeah... It was tickle buckle again...

Well, rather than me doing all the talking, I will allow my niece to take over.
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It was Jolena typing the previous line.Well I just took control of the keyboard. She just went on a rampage. BTW did you guys notice the underlined part? She infact wanted to type tickle buckle.
Well as she is still not efficient in typing, I am gonna type what ever she has to say through this post. So here we go... Infact she says"Tickle buckle". But I am gonna decode her words for my readers.
Hi uncles, aunties, grannys,granpas, brothers, sisters, romans and Bloggers, My name is Jolena. How is this pose of mine in the above picture? Ok Ok. I know I am cute. So I am not gonna blow my own trumpet anymore. I am not as bad as my uncle. Today I am gonna talk about my brother,"Jeremy". He is the best brother in this whole big world. I love him a lot. He turned 4 on september 15th. It was a great fun filled day. My brother behaved like a baby that day.

Look at him, That is my brother. nOOOO.. He did not puke on the pillow. It was his creation with colours. Infact it is a killer whale. Isn't he creative.

Oh Yeah. That is my brother's birthdy cake. He had his favorite car on his cake. I liked all the colorful sweet buttons on the cake..

Wow! Isn't he handsome? This foto was taken by my dada ( DAD). Can you see Mickey and Minnie behind my brother? Actually Minnie is my doll. But I was a good girl on my brother's birthday and allowed dada to keep the doll behind my brother for this snap.
I was indeed a very good girl that day. See here! I just gifted my brother, my birthday present for him.See him; He is all so shy... The minnie mouse is not seen anymore right? Do not blame me for that. BTW, what did I present my brother? I really do not know. Momma gave this bag and asked me to give it to my brother for this photograph.

Well, as the picture is already taken, I wanna see what is inside the bag. So Annaaaa (Brother) give that gift to me now. I wanna see it.... Oh NOOOOOOOOO Dadaaa; Did you take a picture of me now? Everyone will think that I am a bad notty girl.
Ok. Here I am making it all up for my bad temper. Anna! Have this birthday card. My Annaaa is a learned MAN. He can read all the letters in that card.
That is my mommaaa. She wants to be in the limelite too. Is she jealous?

Oh Ok. Next we all went to my brother's school. It was a fun school. My anna's friends were from different countries.BTW what is a country? Tickle Buckle?

My anna sat in that table with his birthday cap on and he was the centre of attraction that day. Everyone sang songs for him, clapped and the two teachers even kissed my anna. Now my uncle chriz would be jealous. Hahaha.
Are they praying? Tickle Buckle...
Oh Yeah! I finally made it in the school picture. See even I can say that I have been to a school now.
That friend of my anna was very kind. He shared his sweet with me.
Now we are back at our lovely home and that is our family picture. My brother is gonna cut his cake at home too.My dada feeding my brother. He is getting too much of attention today and thats enough and enough. AAACH BOOCH KAACHI ( This is anothe word that I use apart from Tickle Buckle)
Ok... To end this post, I am gonna add three pictures of mine


-Jolena (Tickle Buckle)