Thursday, September 18, 2008

217.Desktop Tag

Thanamoi is a blogger from Singapore.She pulled me in for this wonderful TAG...

This tag is called "Desktop Story"
1. Print screen your desktop
2. Post it
3. Write the story which lies beneath the Desktop picture
This is my current desktop picture (Click picture to enlarge)

This picture was taken two decades back.The guy on the extreme left is me. I was a six year old boy then. The girl in green is my one and only sister (Now the mother of Jeremy and Jolena). My mom is in the centre.
This picture was taken by my dad. There was a huge jeckfruit tree next to me. Apparently my dad did not capture the tree in the snap.The picture was taken sometime in the morning. After this picture was taken, me and my sister had a big fight. I pulled her hair and she punched me in the nose and as a result we ended up kneeling down for an hour ( Supposed to be a punsihment for us) .
I and my sister are actually sitting on a water tank and my mom is standing behind the tank. It was a saturday and our beaming faces reveal it. I used to have a cry baby face on weekdays cos of the terror called school
As a rule, I have to tag people now.
I tag Trinaa, Cinderella, Singledan, Vinu, Neethu.


  1. LOL !! Dude, this tag is after moi from its originator itself !

    Hemanth Potluri's the name of theman in question. I'l do it though. A lil later, lots in the pipeline.

    The pic is lovely...n very nostalgic. You looked better as a child.

  2. snaps from childhood always stay close to heart; that too with family. That's an amazing snap, friend...!!

    and the tag part:
    my post on its way..!!


  3. lol!! i don't think the tagger will be too happy to hear this story tho :P

    blog rolled you!

  4. Nice tag! Interesting things coming out of it...check out somebody having Miley cyrus! or Britney's photo in the desktop!their interesting stories for that photos..hmm..

  5. @cinderella
    my dog looked cute when he was a pup too.. now i am gonna bald too..

  6. @vinz..
    that was sooper fast. you took the tag and made me to comment on it too.. coolio

  7. @divya
    girl.. thats great news.. sweet of you i would say... blog rolling you tooo!!!
    thank ya

  8. @sri
    britney? and interesting.... naaaaa... cant be.. hehe... you can take this tag.. hope you would come with an interesting story/... do you have britney in your desktop?

  9. such a cute pic :)) :)) ...n thanku..will do this tag soon!!

  10. awwwwwwwww :) sooooooo darnnnnn cuteeee :)
    n she has two kids now??? (real cute names btw)
    wowww, man, come on, ya gotta give ya sister competition with that..
    get married n get kids!

  11. @jane
    competition! yes .. i would definitely contribute to India's population..

  12. How come u lookd so cute?
    I think it was cos of that pure love that u had on Renu...
    What say Chriss?

  13. hey look darn cute in that pic....

    does not resemble u at all.. hehe...

  14. awww the BEST desktop ever!!!


  15. ah dats where the cute pic came from h?;)

  16. I am going to do this chriz.. I have to learn how first.. I am soooooooo not tech inclined! lol

    thanks for tagging me!



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