Wednesday, September 17, 2008

216. Anna Maria

Most of us would have heard about the IT firm TCS. There are only two brain waves behind the success of TCS. One is the CEO of TCS, Mr. Ramadorai and the second one is Anna Maria.

If you wanna know about Mr. Ramadorai, just type his name in any search engine sites and you will get to read lots about him. But if you wanna know more about Anna Maria, you got to read further because I have personally requested the search engines not to reveal anything about her cos she doesnt Like major publicity.Yes! This is She. She is not Blind. She bumped into an old lady after this picture was taken. Blind driver.She is known all around south India for her driving skilL, it is almost like a drunken maniac puking on billclinton's wardrobe.

I call her aaannneee(In tamil, it means,nail. BTW my mother tongue is tamil).If there is a living creature that can move slower than the snail, then it has to be our very own Anne

She can go on eating chocolates and infact survive only on chocolates. She is a hardcore hairyporterfan!!!. she tortured me for more than three months to watch the movie narnia. i still have the cd and i still have not watched it.She is a dog lover and she has a dog , Waggy.Infact it looks like a wolf. But Anne still calls it a dog.Waggy is a womaniser dog. All the bitches in Anne's street are molested by waggy ( Bitches are female versions of dogs for everyones' kind information . I am just giving this explanation cos we seldom use the term for mentioning a dog these days)

Anne knows that i like calvin and in order to floor me, she has added calvin's picture as her display picture on orkut... Her sister's name is Chris too..Anne calls herself ,Captain Planet.She speaks Five languages (English (US), Tamil, Hindi, Arabic, German ). That is what her Orkut profile says.She is often found on the Madras Beaches fighting with peanut sellers.

She has a great sense of humor. She cracks a joke and she indeed has the patience to wait till we laugh before she comes up with her second joke. On most occassions, we never give her the opportunity to crack her second joke.Jokes apart, she is such a sweetheart and has got a sweet voice. ( The last line was to floor her).



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. do u REALLY know that chick????


  3. @Naveen
    Aaaaneee blocked you? O m Gawd.. Ill ask waggy to bite her...

  4. @multi
    welkum to my page brother. keep coming

  5. @keshi
    yes i know that chick.
    that chick gulps chocolates like a canon

  6. LOL at aaneee!!!
    ya hit the NAIL on the head!!

    and waggy is one perverted dog--> lucky guy, he gets 'em all bitches!

  7. @jane

    he doesnt get them.. they do not come to him.. he goes after them and molests them...saalaa hei woh DOG of the waggy

  8. @trinaa
    haha.. that anne for you.. joke girl she is.. i wanted to write a serious post.. but ended up with this..


    btw cute pic;)(that line was to floor you:P)

  10. oh and that's this multimenon(2nd comment) whose chat conv i had sent you:)

  11. @neethu
    you thunee girl... you already called me a cute blogger.. so i manager to stay on my feet this time... thank ya girl

    multi boy! that boy .. the long comment chat boy.. ooooh wow..
    hey multi boy! welkum to my blog...

  12. ooh la la! chris! i cant believe u had so many nice things to say abt lil ol me ;-) very very nice... was like one huge testimonial n i just loved it... thanks for not pouring out unwanted information(read insults).. n extra smiles for incorporating waggy in ur post!

  13. That's not the Ann I knew in school!!! :) She's certainly changed!!!

  14. my god u got me stuck there huh lol it was simply hilarious cool cuteeee cuteeee post.
    indeed a nutty blog

    btw thanx for the comment at ma place

  15. lol!! funny funny funny!!
    damn! i'm not placed with TCS!! =)

  16. lol!
    had a hearty laugh

  17. haha..the blog was funnny..hahax..cute though..anyway thx fer taggin mi at my tag often aye..byebye..! (:

  18. @anne
    the negative things? would love to post them tooo... waiting for the moment

  19. @shakira
    glad that i did not know her in school.. but i have heard news abt anne in school from good old rami

  20. @priya joyce
    did you kill that cat after this photo was taken?thanks for coming here man.. keep coming..

  21. @divya
    damn damn damn.. even am not with TCS... haha... welkum to my page.. keep coming

  22. @enchanted illusions
    thanks ... :)

    yupy.. you have a cool blog men

  23. 'd like to read Anne's comments on this :-)
    Great name for a dog, Waggy!

  24. there are girls like this in tcs? the grass is always greener on the other side'


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