Monday, September 15, 2008

214. Come backs

I just bought a bike. I bought a yellow jersey too.I just heard the news that, the next Tour-de-France would feature one of the most greatest come backs of our time. Yes Lance Armstrong is back.He has indeed got a ball of steel (For those whoe didn't get the point, please read more about him to know more)

Talking about great comebacks, I remember the greatest ever tennis player of our times, Monica Seles. I remember bunking an exam because I had a small injury in my thumb. But this girl still gives me goosebumps for her attitude even after being stabbed in the back.

How can I forget Thomas Muster? Most of us consider Nadal as the best ever claycourt tennis player of all time. In my sight Nadal is no match for this Genius of Muster, who came back from wheelchair and won the French Open in 1995. Thomas did not have a great run because of his injuries.

We are often bogged down by simple insulting words . When people snub us, we feel bad and sad and end up with a dejected heart. If only we have the never say die attitude, we can make a mark in our strong area. Now even as I type this pep-up post, I am all pumped up . But,My mom is calling me now to fold my bedsheet.I will be back.



  1. but u r already back, alive n kicking!:D...hope me too ll sometime soon:(

  2. wooooww..thanks 4 this post! needed it :)

  3. Chriz! WOW In times like we are going through now around the world this piece is Inspiration is Just what G-d Orders in our troubled times!



  4. @cinderella
    cool.. Did I do a good job? thank you

  5. @neethu
    I am back, but with a purpose.. yes hoping for a post in your blog too

  6. @Trinaa
    hehe.. thank you men...

  7. @NE
    right words from you.. kudos

  8. i heart seles.
    thank you for this post

  9. A really good post Chriss
    Jus in tym 4me 2...
    Keep it comin man!

  10. I need things like this...need to make myself stronger...nice one..thanks! :)


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