Sunday, September 14, 2008

213. Joseph Pius Alapatt

The series of posts on my friends starts from today

June 2nd 2004... I joined my MBA program and stepped inside my hostel room. I was waiting eagerly to see who my roomie would be.After three hours a car zoomed inside the hostel and a guy with a french beard stepped out of the car.

He walked into my room and extended his hand and said," Joseph Pius Alapatt" from Trissur.Nice to meet you. We exchanged pleasantries and thus began our friendship. The first month, he spoke very few words and I indeed thought he was a professional philosophical genius. But things broke loose and soon we figured out that there is a kid inside him. If the name AMBANI is famous in India, the name ALAPATT is equally famous in Kerala.

Joseph was the heart throb among the girls in college. But the shy devil in him never allowed him to get closer with the members of the fairer gender.When it comes to decision making, he is one amazing guy. He speaks in english with beggars.His initial philosophical one liners which caught our attention and made us all look at him with respect soon drained out and inturn became the butt of jokes in college.

He talks very less. All his answers are one liners.Because he actually doesn't know to talk much( We found it very late). But it sure makes us all laugh.Some of his one liners are given below.

ASS you like it

This snap was taken during his morning walk. When asked why he always jogs alone, his answer was," You got to run your own race"

When it comes to drinking, he is a camel. Alcohol should not be restricted within the walls of the container

His caption to the above snap is,"The book shelf is empty.. Why should I have books in the shelf when the BOOK himself is sitting infront of the bookshelf?"

"Preparing for the Journey.. Miles to go before I fly"

I indeed had a great college life and this guy was one of the major reasons for it. After spending a couple of years in the banking field, he is off to Bahrain for good. Will meet him when he ties the knot. BTW, This is his latest photo

Abinav Bindra!!! Dare to compete with me?



  1. nice dedication to him...
    his one liners were wacky..
    especially the alcohol stuff..


  2. bwyuahhhhh :)

    sounds like joseph piOus alapatt :)

    all the one liners where funnily funny; can see how he became the butt of all ya jokes :)

  3. wow nice pics and great tribute to him!

    lol @All his answers are one liners. I like that!


  4. 1-liners!
    ..btw noticed his receding hairline in d latest pic?

  5. That was a lovely write up on your friend.. I see he has left a life long impression on you!!

    Nice to go back down memory lane with such good things to recall!!


  6. nice post for ur friend...n awesome one-liners too!!

  7. @vinz
    haha.. alcohol.. he doesnt take it anymore..
    thank you very much
    yes self proclamation.. hehe

  8. @keshi
    got some one liners for you too
    we noticed it long time back
    yes. a very special friend indeed
    one liners never cease from his mouth

  9. cHRIS cray man amazing work and indeed i enjoyes the writeup tool me back to rajagiri keep going


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