Friday, September 12, 2008

212. Fare well words

This is one emotional post for a change. I was going through my inbox and I found these mails from my ex-colleagues. I worked with them for two years and the day I left the firm, they sent these words for me. Just wanted to post it in my blog and let the world know how special they made me feel with those words.
Dear Prason All the best! It was fun having ya around:-) So wats ur next destination? Mumbai, blr, hyd, sydney, or Neptune??? Where ever you are be in touch. And may all your dreams come true...
Warm Regards,
Lakshmi R.S.
Technical Writer
After you left IBS, they have blocked your site as our work efficiency is getting worse because of spending time in your blogs

Miss your blog.


Few lines for my dear friend/brother....take as u like it :) will miss u :( Enjoy the life ahead...and take the responsibilities seriously !! do keep in touch...always orkut too....becz u were the one who made me join orkut !!


Flocy Varghese

Associate Consultant - CRM LoB


Hi , All the best dude ! IBS would be definitely at a loss. But i understand , that the Ad world is much much more appealing !!

Got to know that you are leaving when i saw the countdown in ur mails and checked out what that was all about with anterson. Anyways ... The business of life is to go fwd..May God bless u with a bright n prosperous future !

and Hey , Do keep me posted with ur blog entries if possible. Have always enjoyed reading those . I read through and sit and laugh .. people around might have thought that i am insane..oops :-P Adios ! C ya sometime..wherever u r moving 2. :-)


I donno what to say exactly at this moment..but will miss all ur whacky writeups,pranks & jokes :-)...IBS has never had such a whacko 4 sure....You may toss this also back at me ; )) in some blog of urs as,"this lady ex-collegue of mine..her senti parting notes" but I mean it..every word what i say here rigth now. Thou we never got any closer than how we met at 1st,will always remember u as the nutty,crazy talented guy in ibs :-) Not making it any more worse 4 u :) ALLLLLLL THE BESTTTTT to step into the Mad Ad World :-) and Make ur mark there! c u thru orkut & who knows,may c u sumwer,sumtime




Chris, Envy you - for the kind of writing and speaking skills that you have, for the amount of fans you have :-) Respect you - for the right decision you took at the right time to move on to the world of your choice Thank you - for all the good things that you did to entertain IBS and your friends circle Happy for me - for having known you ! Keep in touch buddy. You have a great great future ahead


PS:Will come to you when I require to publish my autobiography (since I am (the only one who is) quite sure that I will grow up to a celebrity). Support me then, ok?


Hey Hi Bachelor Boy!!! All the very best for your future endeavors....


Keerthi Lavanya M

There are a few more mails that are too personal for me...

Thank you guys...

Note:Armstrong is making a come back in cycling. Chronicwriter is making a comeback too. He will write about his friends in the future posts



  1. its nice to hear lik dat from ppl around .... aana emotional aave illiye!!!!!!!! oru vela nan feel pannaliyo????

  2. Oh I was expecting that there might be at least on jok in the end about IBS

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  3. great.>!!

    something which can fuel your life ahead..!!


  4. should i be xpecting a post on what ppl have said abt u to odr ppl?{gulp}
    n btw,ibs really bloked ur blog???tch tch..poor blog readers@ibs


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