Monday, September 08, 2008

211. Digging the old shelf

I just got this picture while I was scanning through my album.
Memories started running across my eyes.
I had tear drops in my eyes.
Why did I cry?
I have already told this story one year back, but it makes more sense once you read the story along with the picture... Click the picture to read the full story



  1. tht was a great read..(the old post..!!)


  2. I LOVED READING IT!! I laughed so hard!!

    Sweet memories of that pic eh? LOL!!

    See ya around!


  3. Ha Ha... ROFL

    Infact first I thought the one in the pic was not you.... you knw well what I would have thought off..

  4. Wow...What a historic flash back...

  5. friends really make ur lyf no ..i lost ur blogllink ..ab mil gaya ..yippee

  6. hey tht was jus a 2 metre high young cocnout tree right?dats y u dint take d ful pic...:P


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