Tuesday, September 30, 2008

227 The Gender test


  • The following picture was used in a case study for gender identification at St.Mary's Hospital.
  • Look at both dolphins jumping out of the water. Both dolphins are identical.
  • The researchers concluded that a person is confused about his/her gender if he/she finds both dolphins different in size, shape and appearance.
  • If there are many differences found between both dolphins, it means that the person is experiencing a great doubt regarding his/her gender.

I did not find any difference between the two dolphins.

Did you?


(My cousin is getting married on 1st october 2008{Tomorrow}. I am gonna be the master of ceremonies for her wedding. What is the role of a master of ceremonies? Do they interview me?)


Monday, September 29, 2008

226. Lost and Found

Some one lost this red underwear in my Blog. I do not know the reason behind the careless nature of the reader.

What ever be the case, I can't tolerate any form of carelessness in my readers. I do not like to keep someone else's object (Unless and until, the object is really attractive).

So I have taken a picture of that underwear and I am displaying it here. The owner of the underwear can write a mail to me and collect the underwear from me.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

225. RENU

Chronicwriter is gonna publish his first ever book.
My girlfriend Renu is gonna be the heroine of my book.
Ofcourse Shabir is the Villain.
Chriz is the hero of the story? Is it me? The font size says it all(I am very shy now)
Unbelievable sources reveal that Chriz is the aunty hero in the book.
So will Renu's mother fall for Chriz?
If so Who will get Renu? Shabir? or that mystery character?
Wait till the book is released.
By the by, How will Renu look like?
Like this?

Or like this?

I guess she will look like this

Renu is a Hindu, Shabir is Muslim and Chriz is a Christian.

So what is this book all about? Communal harmony? By the by, do you guys know who Renu is? Does this post sound Greek and Latin to you? Then you should read THIS to know about my girl. Will keep you all posted about the book.

- Chronicwriter

Friday, September 26, 2008

224 I met her in a train- Climax

Read the first part here

I met her in a train-Climax
It was around 8 pm. The compartment by now is crowded with people of all ages. A family of four playing cards. A young couple sitting in a corner holding their hands together and whispering sweet nothings to each other. A father trying to make his naughty kid sleep. A few bachelors like me walking up and down the train looking for some pretty faces.But why would I walk like them when I have the pretty face sitting right in front of me?
Suddenly Anu got a call.She was engrossed with her phone for half an hour. Was she talking to her boyfriend?.I was angry now.Why did she smile at me? Why did she ask me to help her? Why did I pay her train ticket?. But when she kept the phone, I was happy and I got angry with myself for all the negative thoughts that crept into my head.Accidently, she looked at me. I immediately made a sorry face. She gave a faint smile. I knew that my innocence has attracted her. I could actually read her mind. She wanted to sit on my lap. But just because of that useless hunk sitting next to me, she controlled her emotions. I liked her for that.

But is she married? I thought to myself. I checked for the presence of an engagement ring. It was not there. I was happy. But what if she has a mangal sutra ( A wedding chain that symbolises that the girl is married). But I could not see it. Is it concealed inside her t-shirt. She took her water bottle and was about to drink. I saw her neck. It was sleek and cute. But Is the water safe? I wanted to stop her. Is it boiled?A drop of water fell on the book. Immediately I took the book and cleaned it. She was smiling at me. With a sense of victory , I looked at the hunk through the corner of my eye. He did not have the courage to look in my direction.
I Started the conversation
Me: So you are into reading?
Anu: Yes. Reading is my hobby
Me: Any inclination to any style of writing?
Anu: Well I like Frederick Foresyth's style of writing.
Me: Me too. I love his style. Have you read "The Afghan"
Anu: Oh Yeah! Osaaaamaaa
Me: sshhsshhh.
Anu: Ok ok..
Me: What about Indian authors?
Anu: Well I like salman Rushdie, Vikram Seth, Robin Sharma and Chetan Bhagath
Me: You know one thing. All these men are my favorites too.
Anu: Is it? Thats Cool.
Me: Have you heard about the famous writer, Chriz?
Anu: No. What does he write
Me: He writes humor stuff
Anu: Is it?
Me: Yes. He is very famous all over India. You might have heard his pen name
Anu: What is that?
Anu: No. I have not heard about any writer by that name
Me: You are speaking to him
Anu: Oh
Suddenly doubt creeps into her head again and she took the book from me and started reading it again. Did n't she like the conversation that I started? Does n't she like to have intelligent conversations?Well I took my mobile phone and started messaging a few friends of mine. I was getting bored. I looked outside the window, then my eyes went on a picture catching spree. I looked at the light in the ceiling , the small kid who was playing on the top berth then the fan , i noticed Anu also and then the chain(the chain that is used for stopping the train). Soon it was night time. The lights were switched off.

What if Anu cannot control herself and plunges to my side? I prayed to God to give her enough wisdom to control her emotions. I slept off.I woke up and saw Anu waking up too. Even angels will look like beggars when they wake up. Her hair was all tangled. Her eyes were dirty and her mouth had a foul smell. She rushed to the rest room, freshened up and soon she was back.She looked pretty. " A simple freshening up activity changes a beast into a beauty", I wondered. She took her mobile phone and tried some number. But there was no charge left in her mobile phone. I understood her situation and soon offered my mobile phone.

She said that she wanted to call her home for two reasons
1) Someone should come to pick her up at the station
2) She wanted them to come with money, so that she could pay me for the ticket
I wanted to say that I could drop her, but being a complete gentleman, I kept quiet.The hunk was no more my competitor.I had so much control over the situation and I was oozing with confidence. The train finally reached the station We all got up to get down. She walked in front of me. I offered to take her bags for her and I was walking behind her. The hunk" Richard" was walking behind me. I looked at him with pride and he could see it in my face, cos one of my eyebrows was in a raised position.
We got down from the train. A moderate looking man came to pick her up. She hugged him and turned towards me and said," This is my husband" and she turned towards him and said," This guy gave me good company in the train just like my brother" She turned towards me and said" BTW, i forgot your name.. Err..Whats your name?"... "Chriz", a feeble sound escaped my lips.. I heard some one laughing sarcastically behind my back. Richard patted me on my back and walked into the crowd...


223.Notty needs

Cinderella... She tagged me for this... I have to type my name in Google search engine and then type NEEDS ( Prason needs/chronicwriter needs/chriz needs) and then search for the answers and I just have to type them here.. Sounds simple? . As I have many names, I resolved to a nickname of mine "Notty". So my search term was "Notty Needs" and this is what I got.

1) Notty Needs to be tightened up
But where?
2) Notty needs a minimum of 10 people
Is it a follow-up for the previous question?
3)Notty needs a cocktail
But I do not drink
4) Hip Hop Needs YOU
Oh! Yeah I need hip hop too
5)DADDY NEEDS A NAUGHTY GIRL,guys seeking girls, Gumtree Classifieds
Hold a sec! What is this?
6)Naughty Little Lynn Needs A Good Spanking thong,boxer shorts, t-shirts, and gifts....
I never knew that she needed all thse. someone please help her
7) Nice Boy needs Naughty girl
No i need a nice girl and a naughty girl
8)It's a guy thing
I know .. I know. Nods in agreement
9) naughty boy needs a spanking
Why me?
10)Looking for a Naughty Female who needs Discipline
What does that mean?

I had a great laugh looking at certain results. But I did not have the courage to post it here. Well I would like to tag
Sri,illusion,karthika,Priya Joyce,Divya
Do take the tag. I will check your blogs soon and will spank you all if you do not take this tag


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

222. I met her in a Train - part 1 of 2

Train Journey from Chennai to Nagercoil
Train name: Kanyakumari express
Date: 15-09-2008 (Monday)
Time: 16:00 hours

I got into the train. Not a soul around in my compartment. I did not expect the train to be lifeless. I was disappointed. The train started moving. I thought of dozing off. I stretched myself on my berth and closed my eyes.Suddenly i felt some movement around me. I woke up and saw her standing in front of me. She was Violet colour tops and a violet color shorts. She had the perfect figure every guy would dream of. 34-28-34. My mind measured her with pin point accuracy. I am good in statistics.

She had a mobile phone in one hand and a novel in the other. She had blue eyes and had smooth hair. She tried to push her bag under the seat, butshe could not do it. She looked at me with a pleading look and said," Can you please push this bag underneath the seat". Immediately I sprang up from my seat and tried to help her only to realise that the bag was indeed heavy. I did not want to give up.What would she think of me? Would she thing that am not strong enough to help her? Thoughts disturbed me. She came close to me, bent down and helped me in pushing the bag underneath the seat. I could smell her perfume. She had the most beautiful skin texture.
We stood up.She said Thank you and went and sat opposite to my berth. I acted as if I did not notice her at all. Hi! My name is Anu. I turned towards her and smiled at her. Well my name is Chriz ( I said that in a husky tone).Did she fall in instant love with me? I knew she was. But she controlled her emotions. Ilike girls who control their emotions.

Her lips were pink and looked like fresh cherry dipped in strawberry sauce.She opened her novel and started reading it. She stretched and planted her feet on my berth. Oh! Her feet was tender and neat.Occasionally she would look at me and I would immediately look outside the window as if I did not notice her.

The ticket collector came and asked for the tickets. She searched for her tickets in her bag and soon I saw her face lose the charm. Yes I could sense sadness hovering her face. With a scared voice, she said" I forgot to take my ticket". The ticket collector levied a heavy penalty for travelling without a ticket. She immediately searched her handbags for money and said" I dont have that much ready cash. All I have is my credit card". The ticket collector nodded and said," In that case you have to get down in the next station".

The gentleman in me did not like my lady love suffering such cruel treatment from the ticket collector (Yes Anu was my lady love. It was love at first sight). I offered to pay the penalty myself. I could see her look at me with gratitude. She was smiling at me. My attitude was overflowing. She told that she would pay me once she gets down from the train. I just nodded my head. I exhibited complete gentleman nature.

She tried to sit down, but lost her balance and before she could fall down I grasped her, only to find that She was indeed heavy. As a result I fell down with her and landed on top of her. She mistook me. She thought that I was trying to take advantage of her. She pushed me aside and gave me a dirty stare and went and sat in her seat.She did not speak anything to me.She started reading the book again. She was angry again. I knew it.

I sat in my seat and I could not face her. I closed my eyes and before I knew I started dozing. I opened my eyes to find a guy sitting next to me. He looked like john abraham. He had long hair and he was wearing a sleeveless shirt and he indeed had a muscular frame. He was oggling at her. A tinge of possessiveness crept inside me. How can he look at my girl? I gave him a mean stare.He sarcastically smirked at me and turned his attention towards her. To make matters worse for me, he infact started a conversation with her.

He introduced himself as Richard and said that he was a ramp model. She seemed interested.She was smiling at him. I was fuming with rage. They started talking about the novel she was reading.He was playing with words. I wanted to tell her that I am a writer too. But she did not even look in my direction. He asked her to give him the book. She gave the book to him and when he took the book from her, he started praising her for having the best pair of hands. He even held her hands and said that she had the most beautiful fingers. Her smiled turned into fear. I wanted to punch him in the nose, but when I saw his physique, I started respecting the art of non violence.

He was still holding her hands She did not like his attitude. She removed her hands from his clasp and forcefully pulled the book from his hands and gave a dirty look that sent the message ," All you guys are one and the same". He did not expect the sudden change in her behavior. Shame engulfed his face. He tried to smile, but he could not. He turned towards me to check if I had seen him in his hour of shame. I smiled to myself and looked outside the window.The train moved on...

... The train journey will continue


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

221. Why did I eat my baby?

I had a dream yet again. In my dream, i found myself sitting inside a big room. I found myself alone. So I got bored and as a result , I dozed off ( in my dream). When I woke up (in my dream), I saw a one month old baby staring at me in anger.

The baby did not resemble any of my girlfriends. I heaved a sigh of relief.The anger in the baby's face intensified by the minute. I looked at the baby and I was shocked because the baby resembled me. I did not know what to do. Guilt engulfed me. I grabbed the baby and ate the toddler.

The next minute, I woke up from my sleep. I did not wet my bed. But Why did I have such a dream? Why did I eat the baby?

Any dream interpretors out there to help me?

Monday, September 22, 2008

220. Are you brave enough to answer Mr.X?

Please close your nose and read this SMELLY post

Mr. X is out of action for a long time. He doesnt like being mum for so long. (Mr.X is my alter ego). He is gonna ask ten simple questions to my blog readers. All you have to do is answer any one of the ten questions, with your explanation for the same.You can even answer multiple questions.Are you guys ready? It doesnt matter if you are ready or not. Mr.X is gonna shoot his questions now.

1) If someone has their nose pierced, have a cold, and take thier nose ring out. Does snot come out of the piercing hole?
2) Does a mosquito fart?
3) Why do dogs like the smell of other dogs butts?
4) Why does the Easter bunny carry eggs? Rabbits don't lay eggs.
5) Have you ever farted in your class room and have you ever admitted when you were caught for farting in the class?
6) If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
7) At a movie theater which arm rest is yours?
8) If toast always lands butterside down, and cats always land on their feet, what would happen if you strapped toast to a cats back and dropped it?
9) If a vegetarian is infected with chicken pox would he become a non-vegetarian?
10) If a pregnant woman delivers twins, would there be two umbilical cords?
The brave person will answer all ten questions. Are you brave?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

219. Whos is a Blogger?

Today is a Sunday. All Sundays are Sundays. The Sun was discovered on a Sunday and hence Sunday got its name. The moon was however discovered during night time. Hence there was never a need to name a day after the moon.

Sunday is the first day of a week. A week is a collection of days that commences with a Sunday. Hence Sunday becomes the first day of the week. Sunday cannot be called as the second day of the week because it has already secured the first position in the week. BTW, I used to secure the first place in school (cos of my huge stature).

There are seven days in a week. Some historians say that Saturday pre-cedes Sunday in the order of days. (Saturday is another day which was named after the planet Saturn. Saturn was discovered on a Saturday. )But still Sunday becomes the first day of the week and hence Saturday becomes the zeroth day of the week.

In most countries Sunday is a Holiday. Holi is a festival that is celebrated in some parts of India. India is a country. The people of India are called as Indians. The people India live in a country called as India. Accidentally the name of the country and the place where the people of India live are one and the same. India has a capital. The capital of India is in the place where the capital of India is located. The capital of India is actually located near the places which are near the capital of India. This makes it easy for people near the capital to go to the capital and vice versa.

India has a national anthem. The national anthem is a song that can be sung by people not only from India but also by people all over the world. A song is a collection of words that can be sung in musical form. A form is a piece of paper that can be used for writing. A pen is used for writing. Most people prefer typing to writing. Typing does not require a pen and a paper. It requires a computer. Charles Babbage is the father of computers. Scientists are conducting DNA experiments to discover the mother of computers as Charles Babbage did not reveal the secret to anyone. He was very fond of cabbage.

A computer can be used for Blogging. Blogging is an art form that involves years and years of hardcore training. Specialists undergo intense training. These specialists are called as Bloggers.A blogger looks like the person in the picture on the right column of this page. Even Sunday is not an holiday for Bloggers. Today is a Sunday. All Sundays are Sundays. The Sun was discovered on a Sunday and hence Sunday got its name. The moon was however discovered during night time. Hence there was never a need to name a day after the moon. Btw, you are actually reading the first paragraph of this post.

Friday, September 19, 2008

218. Tickle bukle

Confused with the Subject line?
Do not worry! No dictionary in this world can give the exact meaning to the word " Tickle Buckle". Infact the Inventor of this word, herself doesnt know when to use it. But she indeed uses it all the time.
The inventor of "Tickle Buckle" is none other than my 15 month old niece," Jolena". She uses the word almost 100 times a day. If she needs milk she just says Tickle Buckle. If she wants to play, she says Tickle Buckle .If she is angry with her brother,"Jeremy", its tickle buckle again. First word in the morning is tickle buckle;Hungry? Tickle buckle...She is a brat of an angel. In the picture below she had just removed her hairclip and angrily shouted at her mother with swear words. Any guesses? Yeah... It was tickle buckle again...

Well, rather than me doing all the talking, I will allow my niece to take over.
ldf0-e, skwiwks ss0wo90u90k,.ddddd8ikm,lp;;.looiiuuuyytddgndmdkiil,tikllo nksososmaamj
It was Jolena typing the previous line.Well I just took control of the keyboard. She just went on a rampage. BTW did you guys notice the underlined part? She infact wanted to type tickle buckle.
Well as she is still not efficient in typing, I am gonna type what ever she has to say through this post. So here we go... Infact she says"Tickle buckle". But I am gonna decode her words for my readers.
Hi uncles, aunties, grannys,granpas, brothers, sisters, romans and Bloggers, My name is Jolena. How is this pose of mine in the above picture? Ok Ok. I know I am cute. So I am not gonna blow my own trumpet anymore. I am not as bad as my uncle. Today I am gonna talk about my brother,"Jeremy". He is the best brother in this whole big world. I love him a lot. He turned 4 on september 15th. It was a great fun filled day. My brother behaved like a baby that day.

Look at him, That is my brother. nOOOO.. He did not puke on the pillow. It was his creation with colours. Infact it is a killer whale. Isn't he creative.

Oh Yeah. That is my brother's birthdy cake. He had his favorite car on his cake. I liked all the colorful sweet buttons on the cake..

Wow! Isn't he handsome? This foto was taken by my dada ( DAD). Can you see Mickey and Minnie behind my brother? Actually Minnie is my doll. But I was a good girl on my brother's birthday and allowed dada to keep the doll behind my brother for this snap.
I was indeed a very good girl that day. See here! I just gifted my brother, my birthday present for him.See him; He is all so shy... The minnie mouse is not seen anymore right? Do not blame me for that. BTW, what did I present my brother? I really do not know. Momma gave this bag and asked me to give it to my brother for this photograph.

Well, as the picture is already taken, I wanna see what is inside the bag. So Annaaaa (Brother) give that gift to me now. I wanna see it.... Oh NOOOOOOOOO Dadaaa; Did you take a picture of me now? Everyone will think that I am a bad notty girl.
Ok. Here I am making it all up for my bad temper. Anna! Have this birthday card. My Annaaa is a learned MAN. He can read all the letters in that card.
That is my mommaaa. She wants to be in the limelite too. Is she jealous?

Oh Ok. Next we all went to my brother's school. It was a fun school. My anna's friends were from different countries.BTW what is a country? Tickle Buckle?

My anna sat in that table with his birthday cap on and he was the centre of attraction that day. Everyone sang songs for him, clapped and the two teachers even kissed my anna. Now my uncle chriz would be jealous. Hahaha.
Are they praying? Tickle Buckle...
Oh Yeah! I finally made it in the school picture. See even I can say that I have been to a school now.
That friend of my anna was very kind. He shared his sweet with me.
Now we are back at our lovely home and that is our family picture. My brother is gonna cut his cake at home too.My dada feeding my brother. He is getting too much of attention today and thats enough and enough. AAACH BOOCH KAACHI ( This is anothe word that I use apart from Tickle Buckle)
Ok... To end this post, I am gonna add three pictures of mine


-Jolena (Tickle Buckle)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

217.Desktop Tag

Thanamoi is a blogger from Singapore.She pulled me in for this wonderful TAG...

This tag is called "Desktop Story"
1. Print screen your desktop
2. Post it
3. Write the story which lies beneath the Desktop picture
This is my current desktop picture (Click picture to enlarge)

This picture was taken two decades back.The guy on the extreme left is me. I was a six year old boy then. The girl in green is my one and only sister (Now the mother of Jeremy and Jolena). My mom is in the centre.
This picture was taken by my dad. There was a huge jeckfruit tree next to me. Apparently my dad did not capture the tree in the snap.The picture was taken sometime in the morning. After this picture was taken, me and my sister had a big fight. I pulled her hair and she punched me in the nose and as a result we ended up kneeling down for an hour ( Supposed to be a punsihment for us) .
I and my sister are actually sitting on a water tank and my mom is standing behind the tank. It was a saturday and our beaming faces reveal it. I used to have a cry baby face on weekdays cos of the terror called school
As a rule, I have to tag people now.
I tag Trinaa, Cinderella, Singledan, Vinu, Neethu.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

216. Anna Maria

Most of us would have heard about the IT firm TCS. There are only two brain waves behind the success of TCS. One is the CEO of TCS, Mr. Ramadorai and the second one is Anna Maria.

If you wanna know about Mr. Ramadorai, just type his name in any search engine sites and you will get to read lots about him. But if you wanna know more about Anna Maria, you got to read further because I have personally requested the search engines not to reveal anything about her cos she doesnt Like major publicity.Yes! This is She. She is not Blind. She bumped into an old lady after this picture was taken. Blind driver.She is known all around south India for her driving skilL, it is almost like a drunken maniac puking on billclinton's wardrobe.

I call her aaannneee(In tamil, it means,nail. BTW my mother tongue is tamil).If there is a living creature that can move slower than the snail, then it has to be our very own Anne

She can go on eating chocolates and infact survive only on chocolates. She is a hardcore hairyporterfan!!!. she tortured me for more than three months to watch the movie narnia. i still have the cd and i still have not watched it.She is a dog lover and she has a dog , Waggy.Infact it looks like a wolf. But Anne still calls it a dog.Waggy is a womaniser dog. All the bitches in Anne's street are molested by waggy ( Bitches are female versions of dogs for everyones' kind information . I am just giving this explanation cos we seldom use the term for mentioning a dog these days)

Anne knows that i like calvin and in order to floor me, she has added calvin's picture as her display picture on orkut... Her sister's name is Chris too..Anne calls herself ,Captain Planet.She speaks Five languages (English (US), Tamil, Hindi, Arabic, German ). That is what her Orkut profile says.She is often found on the Madras Beaches fighting with peanut sellers.

She has a great sense of humor. She cracks a joke and she indeed has the patience to wait till we laugh before she comes up with her second joke. On most occassions, we never give her the opportunity to crack her second joke.Jokes apart, she is such a sweetheart and has got a sweet voice. ( The last line was to floor her).


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

215. I have a new phone

After exactly one year of romancing with my E61i phone, I made up my mind that it is high time that i Divorce her. The main reason being my lack of understanding of her. Even after spending one whole year with her I did not study her fully. She was a suspence for me for a long time. I always had a problem turning her ON. She was considered to be a business genius. But her lack of cooperation with me made me take this bold decision of divorcing her.

In the last one year of living, walking and sleeping with her, I used her only for three things
1) Taking photos and Videos
2)Texting and making calls
3) Listening to music

But, she being a business genius did not cooperate with me on the above three things. She would turnherself OFF while I am on a call with my girlfriends. I know that she was possessive. That was the time when I laid my eyes on the sleek Nokia 5310 cutiepie. She was a stunner. The moment I saw her I fell in love with her. That same evening I disposed my Sheela (The name I gave to my E61i) and married Nokia 5310.

Now I wanna name my new phone too. Can you please suggest a sweet romantic name for her?

Monday, September 15, 2008

214. Come backs

I just bought a bike. I bought a yellow jersey too.I just heard the news that, the next Tour-de-France would feature one of the most greatest come backs of our time. Yes Lance Armstrong is back.He has indeed got a ball of steel (For those whoe didn't get the point, please read more about him to know more)

Talking about great comebacks, I remember the greatest ever tennis player of our times, Monica Seles. I remember bunking an exam because I had a small injury in my thumb. But this girl still gives me goosebumps for her attitude even after being stabbed in the back.

How can I forget Thomas Muster? Most of us consider Nadal as the best ever claycourt tennis player of all time. In my sight Nadal is no match for this Genius of Muster, who came back from wheelchair and won the French Open in 1995. Thomas did not have a great run because of his injuries.

We are often bogged down by simple insulting words . When people snub us, we feel bad and sad and end up with a dejected heart. If only we have the never say die attitude, we can make a mark in our strong area. Now even as I type this pep-up post, I am all pumped up . But,My mom is calling me now to fold my bedsheet.I will be back.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

213. Joseph Pius Alapatt

The series of posts on my friends starts from today

June 2nd 2004... I joined my MBA program and stepped inside my hostel room. I was waiting eagerly to see who my roomie would be.After three hours a car zoomed inside the hostel and a guy with a french beard stepped out of the car.

He walked into my room and extended his hand and said," Joseph Pius Alapatt" from Trissur.Nice to meet you. We exchanged pleasantries and thus began our friendship. The first month, he spoke very few words and I indeed thought he was a professional philosophical genius. But things broke loose and soon we figured out that there is a kid inside him. If the name AMBANI is famous in India, the name ALAPATT is equally famous in Kerala.

Joseph was the heart throb among the girls in college. But the shy devil in him never allowed him to get closer with the members of the fairer gender.When it comes to decision making, he is one amazing guy. He speaks in english with beggars.His initial philosophical one liners which caught our attention and made us all look at him with respect soon drained out and inturn became the butt of jokes in college.

He talks very less. All his answers are one liners.Because he actually doesn't know to talk much( We found it very late). But it sure makes us all laugh.Some of his one liners are given below.

ASS you like it

This snap was taken during his morning walk. When asked why he always jogs alone, his answer was," You got to run your own race"

When it comes to drinking, he is a camel. Alcohol should not be restricted within the walls of the container

His caption to the above snap is,"The book shelf is empty.. Why should I have books in the shelf when the BOOK himself is sitting infront of the bookshelf?"

"Preparing for the Journey.. Miles to go before I fly"

I indeed had a great college life and this guy was one of the major reasons for it. After spending a couple of years in the banking field, he is off to Bahrain for good. Will meet him when he ties the knot. BTW, This is his latest photo

Abinav Bindra!!! Dare to compete with me?