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201. Time to get sloshed -Climax

Read Part-1 to get a better understanding of the story
Time to get Sloshed -Climax
Saturday came, and we all woke up with confidence. Andrew, who was a regular bed-wetter, did not wet his bed that night and that indeed was a great example that even he was ready for the challenge. Our batch mates were looking at us in awe and amazement.

I, Stephen and Andrew were indeed ready for the challenge. Stephen indeed looked cool with his goggles. It was raining big time and even the dark clouds could not deter his confidence. We all knew that he found it difficult to walk with his goggles on, but he kept his cool.

Evening drew near and we were all waiting for the moment. Andrew indeed looked like a Greek God. So we asked him to wear some clothes to avoid the dogs doing some damage to his biological objects . He obliged and we were happy. Soon it was dinner time and we had a light dinner.

It was 9 pm and we walked towards the seniors’ DEN. Our batch mates were indeed shivering. We THREE just laughed at their timid nature. The rain came to a standstill. A mosquito hummed in my ears. We reached the senior’s room. We knocked at the door. A senior opened the room. We took a peep inside the room and I got my first attack of fear, as there were around 40 seniors sitting inside the room.

Only we three from the junior batch were ushered in. The rest of my batch mates were asked to leave the place. There was a table in the middle of the room. A bottle of whisky was placed in the table. Andrew whispered into my ears, “Hey buddy! That is just a bottle of whisky. We even gulped a whole bottle of beer that day. This is gonna be a cake walk for us”… The next minute, a senior jumped from his bed and switched off the lights in the room.

30 seconds went by. I did not move an inch. I was scared now. The lights came back. I turned to my left and Stephen was standing next to me. I was relieved. I turned to my right and I was shocked because Andrew was not there. I looked around and in one far corner of the room, I saw Andrew standing with his back to the wall. He was in his Greek God attire. We were almost shivering now. I could feel my heart beat faster.

The seniors asked Stephen to come and sit in the middle of the room. He obeyed them. One senior came forward and poured him a full glass of whisky and asked him to drink it. He gulped it at one go. He turned towards me and smiled at me. The seniors clapped and applauded his effort. Another glass of drink was poured for him. He finished it off in no time too. They cheered him again. The light went off again. I could not guess what was happening around me.

The light came back and I saw Stephen in another corner of the room. But luckily he had his clothes on. Now one senior looked at me. He asked me to finish the rest of the bottle. I asked him, if I could mix it with water and drink it. He gave me an angry stare and the next minute I had gulped the rest of the drink. I felt like drinking hot cold syrup and I could feel a burning sensation in my chest. But I did not show it outside. I badly wanted to drink some water and one good senior understood my state and gave me a bottle of water to drink.

By now Andrew was asked to wear his dress again and he was not asked to drink any alcohol content. He was sure a hit among the seniors. We later found that the seniors had a complex trouble looking at his Greek form. The next fifteen minutes went in an icebreaking session where we were asked to talk about ourselves and about our interests and aim in life.

Slowly I felt that my head was acting weird. My tongue was not speaking what it was supposed to speak. Stephen whispered “Hey Chrissy! I guess something wrong is happening to me. Everything is blurred now” I turned towards him and I could only see him as a translucent object. “Am I drunk?” I thought to myself.

The feeling was memorable too. I felt like sitting on a bean bag. My neck no longer existed. My head seemed so heavy on my shoulders. I lifted my left hand and it was stiff as a rod. Suddenly I heard a thunderous noise (similar to the farting sound of an ostrich) in the room. I could see some feathers flying around in the room. Stephen was lying down on the ground. The seniors were laughing at him. “Did he throw up?” I thought to myself. I laughed along with the seniors.

I stood up. I was floating in mid air. I looked at the seniors. I could not see them clearly. I looked all around me. I closed my eyes. I heard another thundering noise. I tried to open my eyes. I could not open my eyes. I could feel myself lying down on the ground. I heard mumbling noises around me.

I opened my eyes and I was alone in the room. Someone had bathed me. Andrew was sitting besides me. He started laughing looking at me. “Hey Chrissy! You passed out last night and you gave the seniors a heart attack cos you were lying down as if you were a dead log. They had great trouble pulling you to our room”. I turned around and saw Stephen sipping on some lemonade. I had a splitting head ache. I knew he was experiencing it too.

We became best buddies to our seniors from that day and our college life blossomed.
Those memories are evergreen and memories do not need any fabrication. Now I badly want to go and visit my hostel room.

Room number 23. I will visit you soon



  1. He he.. Interested to know how u guys ragged your juniors.. :D

  2. I don't think it's the whiskey... Must have been the water that made u float... ;)

  3. i am back.....and a good post out here....

    is this your 201th post?????i am in full awe...
    nevertheless, keep goin...and you rock as a blogger chriss;)

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  5. ah that's the what happened in reality???;)
    btw lol..nice meeshaa...:P

  6. lol awwww.
    and my god, really, whiskey is THAT strong? I don't know. I havent tasted.
    Beer. my first sip... i thought the guy conned us into drinkin piss. really!
    gin and vodka is good.

  7. Hey, sorry had no time to read this post (there are guest at home, and i soooo need a break from them...) anyway, I saw your comment on my blog and it's great that you like Cinema Paradiso. I haven't seen any of his other movies... I intend to, soon. Well, see you....

  8. WOW! I am so glad that you did not get alcohol poisoning or anything. I loved this story and the way you told it.

    So many memories I cannot wait to finish making them now that i am in College!!


  9. So that was an ice breaking session??!!!Hard Ice!!!Gr8 memories!!!

  10. :)

    interesting buddy..
    everyone got their own piece of experience related to drinks..

    urs was an interesting

  11. LOL!

    Glad to have Mr.Funny bone back to action..:D

    Was like roofl..
    And lol..definitely whiskey ain't tht strong..dude!



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