Gay, Asafa and Bolt...
Three wind machines of this decade are battling it out for the 100 metre sprint crown at this olympics. All these three men have clocked less that 9.8 seconds to cover the 100 metre mark. It is gonna be the fastest 100 metre sprint ever in the history of Olympics.

O &M have done amazing ads for this years Olympics. Check them out... By the way, Will India win a medal? This is one everlasting doubt that we have before every olympics... The hockey team has let us down.. Will the Leander- Mahesh pair corner Gold for us? Why are games like Kabbadi, Carrom board, Chess,Kho-Kho not recognised by the olympic committee?

It is again comical to see an individual grasping the Gold medal in just 9 seconds, in the case of 100 metre sprint, where as in some team events like soccer and hockey, the whole team has to battle for one week to get the coveted gold medal. There should be some balance in the recognition showered to each sportsperson for the effort they put into each sport... Olympics point system is shaping up the secular way as always.. Why did I call it O-LIMP-ICS then?