Monday, June 16, 2008

190.Social Networking Threats

I am so much addicted to Orkut.
It has been more than three years and still I log in every single day.
I have deleted more than 50k scraps.
I have visited almost 50k profiles.
Orkut still rocks.
The other day, I got an Invite from a friend of mine to join facebook. Experimenting is fun and hence I wanted to experiment with facebook.
The moment I joined facebook, a friend of mine threw a turkey at me.
I am back in orkut.



  1. heeh...i was nother orkut freak..used 2 log on soo mnay times a day....but den got bored of it...i dun tink i evn rem mi passwrd....;)

  2. Hey there! Finally got some time to visit. :D

    I've got Facebook,Friendster, Shelfari and Linked In. Too many social networks so little time! :D

  3. btw, why do u delete scraps?!? ;-)yeah, even I am addicted!

  4. @rachel
    yea.. you logged in almost a month back.. i remember..i came to your page


    you are here after a long gap .. welkum back

  5. @josie

    privacy's sake.. locked my albums, when i found my pictures in other profile.. and deleting scraps has become a habit too.. only my sisters scraps stay

  6. looks like and excerpt from our intellectual conversation yday

  7. Ditto!

    Addicted to Orkut, log in every single day, delete scraps religiously , locked my album n disabled profile visitors :) dont wana give away the liberty of visiting anyone's profile :D

    tried every other social networkin site but Orkut has still kept me hooked!

  8. All my friends are on Orkut....I ain't... I think I am addicted to blogging now.... we all should have a few addictions.....

  9. i completely agree...orkut rocks.....i made profiles on various other social net working sites myself but didn't like them i m a faithful orkut user myself :)

  10. orkut? you gotta be kidding me

  11. yeah???reely??thot twas sch a looong time ago....hehe....btw i ges uve visited d rong profile in not rachelin in orkut...;)

  12. ha ditto..although i m really fed up of orktu...i log in almmost evryday for some reason or the other ;) i an addict to? :O

  13. I'm on orkut, facebook, hi5, tagged. Havnt chked the last two in months, the forst 2 every day.

  14. haha
    ya, facebook can do that to you :D

  15. No one thrown a rotten tomato at you on Orkut yet?


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