Love is what happens to a man and a woman who don't know each other
-W.Somerset Maugham
Prelude: This is a true love story that happened 8 years back in the authors' life.The author will narrate this story in three parts.
Read Part-1 and Part-2 before proceeding any further.
Beulah Sam- Climax
The day I was waiting for finally arrived.I spent an entire hour inside the bathroom showering myself to glory and When I was ready, I was shining to glory.To make matters worse, my friend told me that I looked like Gareth Gates.The plan was very simple. I would go to church that sunday morning.The church service would be over by 10.30 am, which would be followed by the youth fellowship. I decided to bunk the youth fellowship and head directly to Satyam Cine-Complex.
The movie that we selected for the occassion was "Gladiator". I knew that it was not a romantic movie. But who cares what happens on the screen, when I would be having the romance of my life sitting next to me?After the movie, we were supposed to have a romantic late lunch ( That is where I had planned to propose her).She also told me not to talk about our date to any one

I was very nervous as it was going to be my first ever date in my life.My friend Joshua, sensed my nervousness and asked me the reason behind my nervousness. I told him about my plans and also told him not to tell it to any of my other friends in church.The service got over at 10.30 and before anyone could pull me for the youth fellowship, I calmly slid away from the scene. Joshua gave me a thumbs up sign. I felt confident now.
I was standing in the queue to book the tickets. I looked around and there she came in her moped. I took the tickets and went to meet her in the parking lot. She was amazingly beautiful. Her hair was silky smooth. Her eyelashes curved like rose petal. She had a mild parfum which instantly pulled me closer to her. She came to closer to me and whispered into my ears," Shall we go?". My ear drums sensed her breath. We headed towards teh movie hall.
Back in Church, my absence from the youth fellowship sparked a few doubts amonst my church friends
Kingsley: Chriz came to church this morning. Why didn't he come for the youth fellowship
Dave: Yes I saw him sitting next to Joshua. He dressed like a Joker today.
Kingsley: Joshua! Do you know where Chriz is?
Joshua: I know where he is! But I promised him that I won't tell it to anyone
Kingsley: Are you going to keep that promise?
Joshua: No... I have a plan...
In the movie hall, Beulah was sitting next to me. I was thinking to myself...
" Would she rest her head on my shoulders?"...
" Would she allow me to hold her hands?"...
" What would her reaction be when I propose her?"...
I turned and looked at her.She looked very comfortable sitting next to me.She was completely immersed in the movie. Suddenly a lion pounced... She got scared and held my hand tight.( She did not know that I was even more scared).I never left her hand after that.She did not mind. I knew she liked me. I even managed to finish my pack of pop-corns and gulp the aerated drink using my Right hand. (Even as I type this post, I could feel her sitting next to me. Hence I am typing this line only with my right hand.)
I went near her and said to her," Your hand is sooo soft". She just smiled and said," You are a gentleman". I started to blush. I tried to control, but I could not.She rested her head on my shoulders and that feeling was just unbelievably Immaculate. Words can't describe the wonderful sensations that my senses were experiencing because of that act of Romance. I knew that She would definitely say YES when I propose her. The movie finally ended. People slowly started leaving the hall. We did not feel like leaving the place. But we had to. So I got up and we started walking.. We were still holding our hands. I had a sense of pride and my walk just demonstrated to everyone around that I was the Romeo for my Juliet. Slowly we came out of the movie hall.
Just as we got out, a familiar face approached me and said, "Congratulations". It was Joshua.I looked around and saw my entire church gang standing in front of us. Dave came forward with two garlands and honoured me by making me don one garland. Kingsley came forward, hugged me and said," You have indeed done it chrissy".A gang of around nine guys were standing around us. I was feeling all cold and numb. She was not holding my hands anymore. She walked briskly to the parking lot , took her bike and went away.
I was the topic for all my churchmates that summer.
Beulah never answered my calls.
She never came online.
A month back, Joshua gave me a call and informed me that he was getting married. He sounded very happy. Finally before he said Good bye, he told me the name of his bride...
" Beulah"