Of what use is love, if you have no one to love?
- Immanuel of Rome
Prelude: This is a true love story that happened 8 years back in the authors' life.The author will narrate this story in three parts
Beulah Sam- Part 1
It was the summer of 2000. I had just finished my first year in engineering. That evening, While talking with my churchmates, I found out that I was the only one in that gang who never had a girl friend all along. I felt so bad. I thought to myself, "Why God Why? Why only me? Even Stanley has a girl. He is just 12.Even he is mocking at me".I did not have a proper sleep for the next five days. I was desperate to have a girl friend.

Yahoo messenger came to my rescue. I logged in with my id, Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout and tried my level best hitting methods, but the success rate was zero percentage as usual.Finally someone seemed to respond
Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout : How is Uncle?
( That was supposed to be a trick. She was a complete stranger to me)
Beulah_ Sam: Do I know you?
Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout: You are Sam Uncle's daughter? and Is he back from the hospital
Beulah_ Sam: Yes . But Dad is alright. Do I know you?Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout : Mom told me that dad had typhoid
( I knew if I could carry this conversation a little bit longer, She could be mine)
Beulah_Sam :I guess you are mistaken. My dad is completely fine
Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout: You are Dr. Sam's Daughter?
( Another lie from my side!)
Beulah_ Sam: Yes
( Now I did not know how to carry this conversation any further.Just then She gave me a glee of hope)
Beulah_ Sam: I guess you have mistaken me for some one else.
Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout:I am confused now
Beulah_ Sam: Ok leave that. Tell me about you
(I was waiting for this moment)
Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout:18/M/Pondicherry. What about you?
Beulah_ Sam:17/f/Chennai
Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout: Chennai? I am also in Chennai now for my semester holidays
(I realized that I was showing signs of desperation. I knew I had to slow down)
Beulah_Sam:Oh ok. What do you do?
Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout:I just finished my first year of engineering
Beulah_Sam:Cool. I just got my 12th results. I will also be doing my Engineering
Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout:That’s good. Which College?
Beulah_Sam: Crescent Engineering College Chennai. Ok time to go. Nice talking with you. byebye

I had a peaceful sleep that Night.
Our chat conversations continued everyday for the next three days…
What happened next???

Did I meet Beulah???

-To be continued