Wednesday, June 11, 2008

185. The booky taggy by May

Rules of this Tag: Pick up the nearest book.Open to page 123.Find the fifth sentence.Post the next three sentences.Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

Well I am looking around now. I can see my favorite book. But it is not within arms reach. My bum is still planted on the chair. I am trying my level best to reach the book now. My present pose is very similar to that of a Russian Gymnast suffering from constipation.

Finally I touched the book. Wowie... I am on the floor now. The chair is also lying on the floor. Did I just fall down? I guess so. The name of the Book is " Carnival of Wit" by Leo Rosten.

I am now turning the pages... Page number 123. I found the fifth sentence. Now I gotta post the next three sentences

Mark Twain: He was the Lincoln of Literature - W.D Howells
Positive: Being mistakenat the top of one's voice- Ambrose Bierce
SuperHighway: A prison in motion- Clifton Fadiman

Now I tag five of my blogmates
Busy writer

Now for the acknowledgement part.
I was tagged by May. She is my blogmate for a long time now. She is very regular here and she is the first person to comment on most of my posts. She writes small, simple , funny posts in her Blog.Wish her many many many more blogging years.


  1. ahaan, the 2nd time that i've been tagged this!

    will do soon. :) thanks!

  2. Ah.thanks for the tag Chrissy.
    Will do it AFTER i have an ample no of comments on my first post :P

    Btw you need to visit that post again to have a look at something you missed

  3. ha me tagged for the same tag by 2 ppl on d same day eh?intersting...
    but y u comparing urself wit "Russian Gymnast?:P

  4. Carnival of wit.....hmmm never heard about it.

  5. @monz
    yes.. its freaking raining tags here

  6. @aayushi.. dint asnwer your second question.. annswerd it now...:-)

  7. @neeths
    a constipated gymnast... hidden agends.. haha

  8. @priti
    i Just took it cos i lost interest in novels. and this one is so good. open any page, and you can go on laughing

  9. hey chrisss......thanks for taking up the tag!!!

  10. the book next to me is my cooking gas connection book ! it has only 20 pages :-)

    ill try again next time when there is a good bog book near me and do apost !
    and of course I wil acknowledge you !

  11. Hey I have taken your tag, check.


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