Disclaimer: CG (Child Guidance) reuired for reading this post
Some Kids can knock us down with their intellectual brilliance. Here are some conversations that prove this statement right
Alan- Age 12
Qns: What is the difference between Self confidence and Over confidence?
Self Confidence = I wet my bed
Over Confidence = Only I can wet my bed

Sudhan- Age 9
Radium was discovered by Madman Curry.

Nicole- Age 6
Popular authors can win Pullet Surprise

Sherine- Age 7
Beethoven had ten children; he practiced on a spinster in his attic

Shirley- 5
Teacher: one plus one =2
Shirley: One cow plus one apple = 2???

Shabir(Age 6)
Antidote: The medicine that kills dotes.

I promised May flower, that I would do her tag today.But I just came across this quote...

" Dont put off something for tomorrow, that you can do the day after"