Tuesday, June 10, 2008

184.Kids are dangerous

Disclaimer: CG (Child Guidance) reuired for reading this post
Some Kids can knock us down with their intellectual brilliance. Here are some conversations that prove this statement right
Alan- Age 12
Qns: What is the difference between Self confidence and Over confidence?
Self Confidence = I wet my bed
Over Confidence = Only I can wet my bed

Sudhan- Age 9
Radium was discovered by Madman Curry.

Nicole- Age 6
Popular authors can win Pullet Surprise

Sherine- Age 7
Beethoven had ten children; he practiced on a spinster in his attic

Shirley- 5
Teacher: one plus one =2
Shirley: One cow plus one apple = 2???

Shabir(Age 6)
Antidote: The medicine that kills dotes.

I promised May flower, that I would do her tag today.But I just came across this quote...

" Dont put off something for tomorrow, that you can do the day after"



  1. **Confidence = I wet my bedOver Confidence = Only I can wet my bed

    lol cute!


  2. LOL!!!!

    I fell in love with the simplicity and cute-ness of these kids.

    Kids are JUST TOO CUTE! (even i'm a kid but stilL!)

  3. Im waiting for Jo to start speaking!! Am damn sure, I'll get to read funnier posts!

  4. @keshi
    haha.. kids they do all these nutty stuff

  5. @aayushi
    haha you kid? oh yeah ryte

  6. @sam
    jeremy does tak a lot and have ta write soon

  7. I see you have blog-rld me thanks ..Also I am blog-rln u....can you pls use the url for my main blog http://dailydilli.blogspot.com/... under ur channels...

  8. hhehehe.. good one..
    And congrats on your Anniversary..
    Keep spreading the smiles :)

  9. Ha Ha... one cow plus one apple...thats fabulous...

  10. Kids will always surprise us...one of my friend's son 5yrs old has gone with his dad to collect the rent from his tenant,the 5yrs old kid said to his dad.."From next month I will collect the rent.."

  11. Kids say the darnest things.

    I love carrying on conversations with them.. I have a lot of child like qualities!! LOL!!!

    I will not give up my childhood!!!


  12. hahahahahahahahhahaha :)\awesum man..
    madman curry--> madam curie's gonna get u frm her grave n whack this kid!!;)
    1 cow plus 1 apple- geeeeeeee kids these days!!;);)
    he played on a spinister in the attic! positively fnnnny man!!! n 10 children- buahahahahahahah..

    pultzier prize n pullet surprise--- mannn this is how i'v emixed up names in ma school exam paperz!! ;)\\loved it chrissy!!

    keep us rollin over!

  13. @may
    no.. i took it
    haha ok.. i will add that link to my blogroll

  14. @d sinner
    boss. finally a comment from my first blog mate. keep coming

  15. @cm chap
    hopping down to your page today. yes kids are dangerous. :)

  16. @cindersingle
    haha .. be a child.. thats always good
    welkum back.. yuppy.. i'd like to be with the kids too

  17. man, kids these days! it's amazing, how they just keep surprising us! i loved the first one! lol, hilarious post, chriz!

  18. haha i knowww
    kids r soo cuteeeeee i cud die for themmmm :D

    and thank you, chronic writer, for the awesome quote, "Dont put off something for tomorrow, that you can do the day after"

    i'll faithfully use it in my life. :D

  19. Great post chriz.. Laughed my guts out. you are as always great..


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