Sunday, June 08, 2008

183. My first wedding anniversary

My Godchild,"Jolena" celebrated her 1st birthday on the 8th day of last month. Today,on the 8th day of this month, "Chronicwriter" turns ONE.
It has been a wonderful ride all along. I have done my best to keep the upward curve intact on all my readers' faces. Keep Smiling.
On this day, I am gonna embark on a journey and tell you the reason behind the existance of this Blog. Join me in my journey down memory lane.
It was the Autumn of 2003.Now don't ask me whether we have Autumn in India.Let me make it simple and straight. That was the time I started shedding my hair. I was a fresh Engineering graduate,who dreamt big, but could achieve only less.I was heavily attracted to the internet because of the magnetic power of online chatting.My friends considered me to be a whiz in Internet... They never knew that I did not know anything other than
1) Yahoo messenger
2) Yahoo mail &
3)Google. (Don't ask me, What I used to check in Google)

On that Autumn day in 2003, I accidently searched for some funny read in Google and I came across Jammy's web page.I so much loved his posts, I started reading his posts regularly. He just made me laugh so much. After two months of reading his posts, I finally found out that this particular art is called as blogging. Soon I started hunting for more and more Blogs and I became an ardent Blog-reader. Never it dawned on me that I should also start a blog of my own.  I started my first personal and private blog that year which I eventually closed down too.
My Blog Idol- Jammy

One Fine morning, when I was in the Loo, Mr.X started talking with me

Mr.X: Hi Chrissy!!!
Me: Did you just call me a sissy?
Mr.X: Whateva.. Why don't you start a Blog.
The very same day, I started my very first Blog,"Punnaakumaama". I did not have any sense of direction and soon I lost all interest to post articles on my Blog page.Again Mr.X came to my rescue. He asked me to write stuffs related to Fun and Humor.Back in college,I was called the Chronicwriter of my college because of the regular articles that I wrote in my college magazines. Hence I started a blog with the same name.But I was having a domain in Livejournal and it made commenting very tough for Blogspot users. Thus Chronicwriter was born exactly on this day, a year back...
Click this Picture for my first post

In due course of time, I even had people visiting my blog and commenting on my Blog. Santosh and Arshat were my first Blog buddies.I met them in Jammy's Blog comment section.Soon we started commenting on each others' blogs. Humor was our common connection.The one with the frenchie is Santosh and the one with the cool glasses is Arshat. Click their pictures to view their blogs.

Time flew away with posts and more posts and soon I figured out that I indeed have a blog family. This post I am gonna give a toast to each and everyone in my Blog family... Here we go... Click the photos to view their blogs.
Brother Blogger
Jenin, My first cousin. He writes about Japan. He has his own delicate touche of humor.

Sensual Blogger
Keshi.Sense, Sensibility. She just rocks from the Oceanic region.

College Blogger
Usha.My College mate. I admire her Verbal collection.A giggly character. She can charm every one with her warm nature.

Taggy Blogger

Macadamia. She is poetic. She is philosophical and she makes me take her tags.

Violent Blogger
Sajeeve. I call him the violent Mahatma. Sarcasm is his middle name. His blogs are funny to read.

Psychological Blogger
Solitaire. She writes Psychothrillers. She is multifacted. She makes me answer lot of questions. She made me write my matrimonial ad.

Musical Blogger
Divya. I am in love with her Voice. She is gonna make it big in the Indian music Industry. Already she has a few albums to her credit.

Cute Blogger
Busywriter... Hyper... A sensible head and really cute. Now I know She is gonna get more page hits.

Prodigy Blogger
Aayushi. She is just 13. But believe me. She is a storm. She is the next big thing in the Blog world. Check her Blogs to know more

Bubbly Blogger
She Bubbles out with energy. She is just like your early morning cup of coffee. She can brighten up our day with her magic with words.
Baby Blogger

Emaan... Click his picture and you will go on saying cho chweeeet.. cutie pie.. Honey mellow choco rasagulla..

Hip Hop Blogger
Chrissy. The story teller. She creates great story boards and keeps her readers guessing till the very end.
NRI Blogger
Muthu. From Australia with Love. He was my first NRI commenter on my page. He misses his home. I know...

Bassy Blogger
Clement anna. The only person who I look up and give due respect in the blog world. A Big huge guy with a tender heart. You tend to respect some people for the values they have. He is one such person.
Intelligent Blogger
Cinderella. Philosophy, flows in her writings. The name says it all. She cuddles us with her words.

Movie Blogger
Karthik. Name any movie from any part of the Globe. He knows it. An amazing movie critic. His reviews are mind blowing.

Poetic Blogger
Naveen.. Poetic genius.. Plays with words. Strikes a chord with his thoughts.

School Blogger
Gitu...Junior in School... An accidental meeting in a church... She writes simple and light hearted posts

Band Blogger
Thomas. He plays Bass in our band"Dezembaradio". An amazing personality who stands as a testimony for god.

Research Blogger
Priti. Man She talks economics, statistics and ethics.She has a sweet voice too.

Informative Blogger
Shalini.Want to know whats Hot and New in the Blog Village? Then hop down to her Blog...

Classy Blogger
Sandy.. Classmate.. She used to come first in Class (Brainy) and I used to stand first in class(Thanx to my height)..

Yummy Blogger
Emi. My super senior in college. She is a great chef. Hungry? hop down to her Blog.

Buddy Blogger
"Neeths". She calls me Chrony.Oh yeah! A cousin.. Interesting person. She brings back the college memories.Here are Some of my regular Blog visitors ( I don't have their snaps)

Sam(Thats her pen name),
Mathi( You leave good and neat comments),
May flower(You are always the first to comment on my Blog),
Akshay(Man your photographs are cool),
Ferrin(Kids are allowed to my blog),
Veena(My cochin memory),
Nirmal(You are funny man),
Sameera(You are the latest edition in my blog life),
illusion( The last punch line of my posts)
and many more regular visitors. You guys have made this Blog travel this far.
Above all, I dedicate this post to my Lord and Savior "Jesus Christ" without whom, my humor nerves would not have worked well.
Hope you guys liked the toast...Enjoy the party




  2. Happy Happy 1st Anniversary!!!!

    Wishing u many more to come..U totally n completely succeed in the role of the Chief Fun Officer!



  3. happy anniversary!!!n so so sooo glad 2 rad my name 2...u can imagine a brand new blogger's excitement right??its like gett9ing ur first comment!hehe..thanx n may u have many many more anniversaries!!

  4. That was SUCH a sweet touching post!!
    :D :D

  5. Happy Anniversary Mate...

    BTW... That's an awesome list. I appreciate ur patience..... Glad I made it n ur list.

    Few things though... Im nt an NRI :-) Pacca chennai nagarthu valiban. Only thng is for wrk purpose I keep movg... Infact I'm not anymore in Aus :-). otherwise still I WRK IN Chennai

  6. Awww, this just made my day. got me smiling so wide. :D :)
    thank you!!
    and happy one to your blog, may you stay here for long and longer. :)
    tis great reading you, you're fun and real. :)

    p.s- you could have asked me for my pic on the white background no? :P :)

    hehe, cheers!!

  7. Best Wishes, Chriz.....Keep writing...:)

  8. time to say happy birthday bloggyyyy! hoping to read lotsa more here!:)

  9. You made me cryy.... Never has my name.. errrrr.. PEN name appeared anywhere before!!! my first time!! so 8t June is special to me as well... *STILL SOBBING WITH PRIDE*

  10. thansk mate !!!!

    but ur talented ! you have succesfully hit on 16 women in ur post now ! ! bravo !!!! applause !!

  11. wow!!! that was AWESOME!! first of all, a VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!
    nd second of all,i am so happy to be included in the blogofamily :D

    me all new nd inexperienced. so do guide me. :D

    may you have many many more anniversaries to celebrate,

  12. ill send u a better foto pls ! tht was taken at the hottest day of the year in nagercoil on a lonely road !

  13. Happy Anniversary dude! Job well done all the way down the lane. I wish a similar success multi-folded in the AD industry.

  14. Happy Blogaversary!!!

    many more to come!!

    I am waiting on my in Sept I think! LOL!!

    Keep on blogging Mate!!


  15. @nameeta
    yes.. your first ever comment.. start a blog soon ladeee

  16. @illusion
    haha.. thank you.. thank you very much.. Planning to appoint a few funny people in my firm..

  17. @veena
    thank you.. yes.. i had great happiness when bungi became the first person to comment on my page.. you will write a simila post soon.. keep coming

  18. @macadamia
    man .. taggy gurl.. i took your tag.. and you rock in every sense..

  19. @muthu
    is it? your comments came from ossie IP.. thats y thought u r still there.. oh cool.. ill be soon in chennai bro

  20. @busy writer
    haha.. i just wanted it to be a surprise.. so dint ask,, infact never asked for a picture from anyone except santosh and arshat... did my googling search thingie to dig fotos.. yes your white background snap was cuter

  21. @nitara
    thank you.. and you are back in action.. you will soon be crowded with readers...

  22. @mahi
    bloggy? wowieee. now i have another name.. ill add it onto my orkutty thingie of my nick names.. keep coming

  23. @sam
    aiyo i am late t reply to your comment? r u still crying?

  24. @sajeeve
    14 girls? i guess its more than that.. and mosta them have boyfriends or they are elder than me... and i cant ditch my RENU too..

    btw, i took your picture from karen's blog..yes you can send a picture to my gmail id.. i will dedicate an entire post to ya.. what say?

  25. @paul
    welkum back bro.. keep coming.. your blogs are neat.. update more..

  26. @cinder
    you throw lotsa surprises each and everyday for me..keep coming

  27. @ferrin
    guide? wowie.. now lets talk business.. ill take a week course.. its just 500 US$.. at the end of the week, ill give you a certificate.. and if you want to do your PG, you can shell another 500 US$ and ill give u another certificate..
    jokes apart, its fun having you here.. keep coming

  28. happy anniversary!! happy to see myself included!! and, snaps updated in Orkut!

  29. that was quite a treat indeed!HAPPY er.. WEDDING(?) ANNIVERSARY!

    u din add my garfy pic... boo hoo ..waaah..and din giv my link eithr:(
    but thnx for adding!honoured again!

    my cuzy too a bloggy h?never

  30. btw..liked the lines written in bold!cheers!GB:D

  31. OMG!!!!!!! I am soooooooooooooooo flattered!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations!! Many happy returns of the day!! :)

  32. @josie
    haha.. would come down to orkut and comment on the fotos.

  33. @neeths
    i added your foto. it disappeared when i edited it. already i edited it more than ten times. Poooooooor me..*boohoo*. I shouldnt have added the snaps i guess

  34. @solitaire
    haha.. me on a flattering spree i guess.. have to get back to the normal mode before someone knocks me down.. btw thank you

  35. Gr8 toast! I'm already on a high and will take some time to get down to earth.

    I'm impressed with your community service. Making ppl laugh is a tough job.

    Keep up the good work.

  36. yes im still crying...... after this post, everytime i click ur name (on my blog roll) i start!!! i feel there's some direct connection between my eyes and the Indian Ocean....

  37. This was so sweet ! Did Mr.X tell you to do this ? I guess so...

    Thankyou so much this. You know just about everyone seems to be celebrating their 1st anniversaries these days, and that makes me feel, Man! I am so old !!! I dont even rem'ber he date when I started....shucks ! But yeah, I am happy that I did.

    And about the chronicles of the Chronic Writer, he's just too good !!

    God bless you.

  38. Say my Happy Anniversary wishes to Mr.X too!!! Wonderful blog...dunno how I missed you in the blog..

  39. tat ws fantastic man........happy 4 u...

  40. OMG!! Was so glad to see myself included.. Happy 1st anniversary and wishes for many more to come :)

    I will be joining you soon to celebrate my first anniversary in a few days.

  41. @clement anna

    haha.. thank you.. hope i serve some more humor fodder for days to come

  42. @sam..
    arabian sea is closer for you...

  43. @cinderella
    Mr.X was also my partner for this post.. yes yeah.. and thank you very much for the kind words

  44. @sri
    haha.. liked it.. keep coming. will come down to your page...

  45. @shalini
    hope you had a great time in the indi blogger meet.. yes waiting for ur day too.

  46. Hitting on eighteen women in one shot. That should be some kind of record...

  47. @jude
    haha.. i guess i didnt do justice this time.. i'll try to beat this next year..

  48. I cant believe i missed out sayin a HUGE THANK U for including me in ur list!!

    :D Made my day :)

  49. @illusion
    haha.. and am having a back ache sitting in front of the computer for one whole day

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Happy Aniversary, All u told abt each and every person was really fantastic.

  52. where is the girl with the toothy grin now ! I see the girl from grudge instead

  53. congrats again!!!
    and really good post!

  54. Happy 1st anniversary da
    But u forgot two lil ones.
    Keep up the good work.

  55. @santosh
    haha.. thank you.. why in anonymous mode?

  56. @mahatma..
    i hadta edit this post more than 10 times.. requests for alterations.. haha.. myte find some more changes tmrw also..

  57. @mazhalai..
    thank you very much

  58. @dewdrops
    i dint wanna mix the two toddlers here.. they deserve a separate post..


    Really touching.
    I'll have a wiiide wiiiide smile on my face all day now :D

    And hApppyy yappyyy anniversary!! :D

  60. Happy Paper (1st) Anniversary Chriz! HUGZ!

    awww how much effort and LOVE u've put into this post. It's commendable! It just shows how much u truly care abt ur mates here. I find 2 groups of that truly connects with the mates in blogville..and that just blogs for themselves. U definitely fall into the fist category. Thats why u recognise ur mates and show them that they've really made a difference in ur life. U ROCK CHRIZ!

    And ty for mentioning me amidst the crowd. I feel honored to hv been considered as 'Sense, Sensibility' by someone like u. HUGZ! I feel so HAPPY to be here in ur pic too :)

    *MWAH* hv a good one mate! May u blog for a very long time to come!


  61. Now I had better check out all ur friends sometime. They all sound like GREAT ppl.


  62. happpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppy first anniversary chriiiiizzz!!! ::):):)

    awesummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm friends ya've got chrissy boyo!!!!!\
    n my name was included - hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!!

    lotsss of love n hugs :)
    n may god bless ya- to remain chronic n cute :)

  63. Happy first anniversary....That was the best Birthday treat I ever had from the Blog world.

    Pure Unadulterated Fun Blogger

    Chris....I would recommend this blog to anyone who wants to go ROFL :)

  64. happy anniversary Chrissy, may you have many more to come and thank you for the publicity! =P

  65. I honestly didn't see my name there yesterday....Congrats and Thank you bro!!

  66. Hey chriz. Thanks for such a lvoely post and letting me have a such a honor. Never knew i would be mentioned so high on the list.

  67. Happy Anniversary ....I Missed this post man..sorry abt that...Should nt have,,,How did u manage to draw my Picture...?

    Great going ...rock it ...

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. glad to see the post bro...

    new phone number ????

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.


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