Saturday, June 07, 2008

182. Quirky 6

Emaan Baby and Macadamia Tagged me to write 6 quirky habits of mine.. In the end I have to tag a few people too...

1) I always tend to smile at people. Most often I end up smiling at strangers. I get back dirty stares most of the time. Sometimes, strangers smile back at me... Nothing can beat that
2) I love waving at kids. Often I end up waving at kids while driving my car
3) I never eat fruits without applying a coat of salt on them
4) I can even sell my car for a bunch of litchis
5) When I was a kid, I used to drink almost 5 litres of water everyday.(No wonder I used to wet my bed). If you ask me my present intake-quantity, my answer would be,"I dont pee in my bed anymore"
6) I am in Love with this girl called Renu. I have never seen her. I don't even know whether she exists. Can anyone find her for me?
Oh well yeah! Now the tagging part... I am not gonna restrict it to 6.. All my blog readers can take this tag


  1. You coat every fruit with salt???

    That's sweet to wave at kids but smiling at strangers,especially girls,would surely not be a very wise thing to do always.What if some girl's Dad is in the police? ;)

    I have done this tag already so I'm exempted!Here's proof :

    P.S. Blogrolled you :)

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  3. u even eat salted watermelon??Eww!!

    yap i ve got a bunch of litchis!wat make is ur car again??

  4. Last it was the 30Q tag and now this is plaguing blogdom ! I've been tagged for it too !

    The salt coat thing on fruits was indeed quirky !!!! I dont like that though.

    And oh, I love litchis !

  5. The movie below sounds nice... should watch it sometime. I feel sorry for your car, it is supposed to be a guy's priced possession.

  6. @sameera

    non violence will save me.. wokey.. btw, u too blogrolled buddy

  7. @neeths
    salted grapes..
    and salted jackfruit..
    salted banana...
    wanna share fruits with me?

    the car that i play with ( hot wheels) and not the one that i drive

  8. @cinderella
    yeah this one this time.. but its just six and that makes this tag simple..

  9. @karen
    yes august rush is simply amazing, if you love music... car! not the one that i drive...

  10. Oh yeah! even i have this habit of smiling @ complete strangers!!!

  11. nice quirky quirks u have!u know ive tried guava with salt n apple with peppr!(heavenly!) but banana n jackfruit????no thanx!
    so i get to do the tag 2??

  12. coating fruits with salt!!??!! may be, i must try tht some time... meanwhile, im stealing ur tag:D

  13. My Dad's in the army


    Dont smile at me :D

  14. u can find another girl n call her Renu? :)


  15. are tagged all over again:)))
    i see a lot of tags going on here, so i leave it your discretion

  16. u smile at strangers!
    thats so cool, so do i!

  17. @sam
    welkum to the club.. good that you are married

  18. @veena
    yea.. salt every where.. haha.. you gotta take it up..

  19. @mahi
    welkum to my blog.. thank you for taking this tag,... would visit your blog

  20. @aayushi
    haha... i do smile at kids..

  21. @keshi..
    yea.. renu is a romantic verbo..

  22. @may
    tmrw ill take this tag. wokey..


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