Emaan Baby and Macadamia Tagged me to write 6 quirky habits of mine.. In the end I have to tag a few people too...

1) I always tend to smile at people. Most often I end up smiling at strangers. I get back dirty stares most of the time. Sometimes, strangers smile back at me... Nothing can beat that
2) I love waving at kids. Often I end up waving at kids while driving my car
3) I never eat fruits without applying a coat of salt on them
4) I can even sell my car for a bunch of litchis
5) When I was a kid, I used to drink almost 5 litres of water everyday.(No wonder I used to wet my bed). If you ask me my present intake-quantity, my answer would be,"I dont pee in my bed anymore"
6) I am in Love with this girl called Renu. I have never seen her. I don't even know whether she exists. Can anyone find her for me?
Oh well yeah! Now the tagging part... I am not gonna restrict it to 6.. All my blog readers can take this tag