Friday, June 06, 2008

181. August Rush

The music is all around us. All you have to do is Listen
- Evan Taylor

It's been ages since I watched a movie, alone. The last movie I watched alone was "The legend of 1900". It was Musical master piece and I went on to watch that movie a zillion times.

And it happened last night.Just before hitting bed at around 11 p.m., I just checked my dvd collection. I had not watched around 80% of the movies in the collection.One DVD caught my attention. The tag line read,"An incredible journey moving at the speed of sound ". I Could even feel the cd cover talking to me," Oh Chrissy! Come See me"

To sleep or to take a peep into the movie was the question. One more look at the cd cover and I switched ON the T.V. I came back to my bed, kept all my three pillows under my head and started watching the movie.

The story was very simple.

A musician father... (Louiss Connelly)

A musician Mother (Lyla Novacek)

A Bond connected by the Medley of romantic notes

And their orphaned musical prodigy," Evans Taylor", who finds them using his amazing gift of music

Watch this Video clip from the movie

Robin Williams is the Wizard in the movie. By the time the movie ended it was 2 a.m. But I was happy. I had watched one of the best musical screenplays, right down in my bedroom.

A must see for all the music lovers in the world.



  1. I think its a beautiful movie ! Will watch it for sure !!

  2. the last second picta looks so beautiful. they look so good together. :)

  3. @cinderella
    yes.. its a cute one.. i watched it again this noon

  4. @monz
    yea... they lukd even more cuter in the movie

  5. @Cinderella
    haha.. naaa. am at home.. taking a break.. me quit the IT world.. entered the AD world...

  6. Hey, I have that movie also, but, i have never watched it!!! I belong to a movie club so i get movies all the time.. I am still watching I am Legend! I never get tired of Will Smith!!!

    I am going to have to pull this one out and watch it this weekend!! Good review!

    See ya around.

  7. oh i so wanted to see dis movie but cudnt :(

  8. @cinder
    movie club.. wowie... thats so good.. me gonna watch yet another movie tonyte

  9. @gunj
    you can still watch it gunj

  10. hey did you hear properly?wasnt the cd cover calling you " Oh Chrony ! Come see me":P
    guess am on a bugging spree again...ll try to get d mivie as well:)

  11. I am watching it now on your reco....It better be awesome ;-)

  12. @neeths
    chrony.. krony... yeah...

  13. @priti
    you would like it, cos u love music


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