Monday, June 02, 2008

179.Central Government

I am back after a week.One virus attacked another virus.Finally after one week of battling the virus, I am back; fit and fine.I thought of coming back with a bang. I could not do it unless and until I have something BANG to write about.

And yeah! I do have something,BANG to write about. It is a movie review. A Tamil movie. A Vijayaganth Starrer. The name of the movie is Arasaangam (Central Government). I saw it a week back. Let me not be the only one who suffered because of the movie. So here we Go.

The English in this post is adjusted so that the readers can understand the seriousness involved in the post. It might act as an irritational passage to read. But If you have to understand the hidden agenda in the movie, you have to bear with me..

A bunch of five guys started their journey of their lifetime to witness the 8th wonder of the world.This bunch of IT professionals had to be suitably dressed for the occassion. So they slipped themselves into professional formal attire accompanied by blazers and suitings. They did not stop with that. They even bought a pair of cooling glass each and wore it to give the proper Men in Black look. Yes they were now ready to witness the 8th wonder.

The Venue : Athulya movie Hall
Time : 9.30 P.M.
8TH wonder: Cabdun in the movie" Arasaangam"

Being die hard fans of cabdun, we took pictures standing next to his poster.. The movie starts with the best ever Introduction for Cabdun.. Cabdun sbeags Englis.. Cerdain words dhad are very spezifig only to Cabdun's dongue dwisd (toungue twist)method proved to be a soothening effect for die hard cabdun lovers like me. Click this picture to know captain's designation. Check the spelling...

Pre -Requisites for watching the movie

1) A pair of sun glasses.( we have to be a complete professional while watching cabdun movies)
2) Never watch the movie alone. Always watch the movie with atleast five of your friends.
3) If you watch the movie alone. make sure that you take along a pair of cotton wool with you.. so that you can keep them in your ears while the movie is screened. If some sound escapes into your ears, be sure that someone will help you in taking those cottong pieces and keeping it in your nose.
4) Men are not supposed to take their wife's to the movies.. The chances of the wife falling in love wit cabdun is very high
5) Babies are allowed inside the movie hall ( They should grow up as stronger citizens of the coundry)
Ok .... A few pointers from the movie...

1) The Romandic song sequence is the first of its kind in Indian Cinema History. Cabdun lies in the grassfields.. Camera zooms in and we can see cabdun's face and his magnetic eyes are blocked by a black cooling glass. The grass and the leaves move and flay according to the music and cabdun just smiles. Some where in the background( Long-shot), for a very few frames , the heroine is seen running from one end of the screen to the other.

2) A New tegnology called" OBERAZON BRAIN DEAD" is the theme behind the movie.. Usually cabdun is an exbert in fyting bakisdan derrorisds.. But in this movie , he fytes against the super power nations who try to supress our country's growth. Till the climaz, the audience never gets the answer why the operation is called " oberason brain dead".. This is one major reason for the success behind the movie. cabdun being the first reason.

3) cabdun's englis sbeaking sgills has reached an alltime high in this movie... When he says," mizen agomblized", the girls go crazy for his mastery over the language..he chairs a conference in canada and broves to everyone that he is also a very good listener. every one speaks in englis but cabdun never speaks a word. cabdun shows his simblicity in that scene. In another scene cabdun threatens a CANADIAN HARD CORE YO YO and as a result he starts speaking in tamil..

4) cabdun has two heroines in the movie.. Infact he has three heroines in the movie...the heroine is deaf and hence she falls in love with cabdun... CABDUN is a PTC ( POLICE TUTORIAL COMMISSIONER).. In short , he is a criminologist ( cabdun calls himself a GRIMINOLOGIST). But she thinks that he is a pallavan transport corporation driver and marries him.. When she comes to know that our cabdun is not a bus driver, she jumps into wet cement and commits suicide... Cabdun then picks up another girl in canada. This girl is very poor. Though she is a canadian police and speaks very god english, she doesnt have enough money to buy clothes. But cabdun realises her poor condision and emraces her in all the song sequence and covers her body from the audience view.. A true Indian..When he says to his wife," Operazon first and formalidies next", he shows that he is the next eligible man to lead the country.

5) While the audience are left confused with "OPERAZON BRAIN DEAD", our one and only cabdun introduces another operazon " OPerazon Blue thunder".. He even digs out a body from the grave.. does post mortem to the body, finds a bubble gum inside the body and takes it out and finds a IC chip inside it , which when inserted in FLOPPY drive of the computer, opened "Paint brush software" and through that our cabdun was able to decode vital statistic informasion of osama.

6) Cabdun's intellectual sbeech can even melt the villain's heart.. His punch dialogue in the movie is spoken only once. But that one punch was more than enuff to break our glasses. When the villain ties the cabdun with Iron chains and surround him with his gang of gundas ( Every one had an Ak47 in their hands) cabdun lashes out the punch dialogue " You pelieve in prawn bower".... put (BUT).... i pelieve in prain bower.... " We all whisteled to glory when this punch dialogue was spoken.

7) cabdun also changes the social security number of canadian president.... There is no comedian in this movie..As always the heroines are crazy about our cabdun
If you are not gonna watch this movie, you are missing everything in life....



  1. chriz,
    kitna fever tha?

    I hope you killed the viruses :D

    *innocent smile*

    this movie..aah hmm..ummmmm :-\

    no comments :D

  2. lives up to the expectation of the 5 bangs at the end of the first 2 paragraphs, very funny... do write more...

  3. It's the same disease, copying Hollywood movies. Doesn't this sound like "Operation Treadstone, Operation Black Brair" from Bourne series? When is the industry gonna use their own ideas?

  4. did come back with a BIG BANG!! I always have a vibe for cabdun's movies. Did you watch TR's Veeraswamy on Sun TV yest?!! you should have watched that too, and you would have had chills for another week. Talking about Capdun and TR, there is another blockbuster which was released last is called YAARUKKU YAARO!!! Ultimate movie with an ultimate hero!! I meant to blog it for quite sometime, but now I feel it would be better to come from the ChronicWriter....plz ...a request from an ardent reader. Here is the link...hehe. enjoy(me not to be blamed if you fall sick again).

    youtube more if u are not satisfied...


  5. Hahaha!!! I would LOVE to see this movie. Where can I find it?

  6. OMG....dodally banged!!!

  7. Hey Chriz!!!!! You are feeling better? I am back from Vegas! wanted to come by and holla atcha!!!

    layla Tov!!


  8. ROFL I cant stop laffing!

    **History. Cabdun lies in the grassfields.. Camera zooms in and we can see cabdun's face and his magnetic eyes are blocked by a black cooling glass


    U know sometimes I watch Tamil movies like this just to laff. Ask my mum!


  9. Im @ work and I read this post. In a floor that easily accommodates 100 odd ppl, urs truly is the only one that’s guffawing away to glory!! Superb post!! And temme something , doesn’t ARASANGAM mean Govt??? MADHHIYA ARASANGAM means Central Govt na???

  10. @aayushi
    yes.. the virus ran away.. do come again

  11. @rose rim
    first timer?
    do keep coming.. yes i would keep on writing...

  12. @paul
    welkum to my page.. wow i am having new visitors these days.. yes the bourne stuff .. i remember now..

  13. @nitara
    yes.. i watched veerasaamy.. and i clapped when he finally died... kola pannitaaan.. attagaasam thaangala... and i am a big fan of movies of TR and vijayaganth.. so dun miss any of these // hehe.. keep coming

  14. @solitaire...
    you can watch this in theatres in india.. you can even get a copy from your nearest movie store.. but beware.. dont watch it alone..

  15. @kaavya
    read between the lines. haha.. thanx for dropping by

  16. It must be the movie that killed ur virus totally....

    "mizen agomblized"... thats all i can say!!! haha

    So much so for ur 179th post...congrats!!

  17. @cinder
    i came to your blog and commented.. thanx for dropping by.. btw can you please translate those lines.. i am very poor with languages.

  18. @keshi
    more to write.. i starded sbeaging lige cabdun these days..

  19. @neeths
    now ids baybag dime for me

  20. @sam
    hahaha. geeb reading.. and by the way.. arasaangam means government.. but wen cabdun acts in arasaangam, it becomes central government

  21. @thanamoi..
    keep coming.. yeah the virus myte have committed suicide

  22. @mathi..
    you finally mused.. loong time .. time for you to update your blog

  23. I dont understand that language...

    How are ya now ?

    I was also bitten by a bug...vacation bug first, vacation euphoria bug later, I hate office bug right now..still trynna come outta that.

    But I still came to office today after bunking yesterday, thought I'd reached here sunday. See I'm trying !


  24. ROTFL .. :D That was hilarious :)
    Guess the movie made the virus run away .Hope your doing fine now..

  25. @cindrella
    i wrote that in english... but captain's own way... boo hooo.. you too get back to your full health soon

  26. @shalini
    yeah the movie mutated lotsa new organisms inside me.. hopefully ill be knowing about new reactions within, soon.

  27. ROTFL!!
    omg! Omg! NOW I know why you were unwell. Don't blame that poor innocent virus.

    I stopped watching Cabdun's movies after this one particularly.. err.. 'interesting' one where he's art of the CBI and goes "Oru 'kuloo' podhum"

    And I'm like, "kuloo? Colu? eh? Oh... Clue! :| *faints* Ok bye bye world!"

    BUT, now that you've written so much I HAVE to go watch his latest atrocity.. oops i mean action movie.

  28. @nut
    hahaha. yeah.. i cant stand this fellow.. but still i cant wait to watch his movies for the kinda laughter he provides.. he is a parasite indeed

  29. Whacky ones ! With brains like these...Films prove there's no escaping junk ideas !

  30. :D Been forwarding this link left right and centre

  31. realave movie patha madhiri oru feeling.....ore The Special effect oda oru post....:) ;)....Hope you are feeling better now....:)

  32. such movies should be watched in the theaters with a gang of friends.. recently, I had a chance to catch a few scenes from the soooooper-doooooper hit movie "Veerasamy" by "the-george-of-the-jungle of Tamil Cinema", Vijaya TR... awesome movie!!such nonchalance to the audience's feelings!! he deserves an Oscar!!

  33. @sandy
    haha.. you ought to watch similar movies on the big screen.

  34. @nut
    how can i say thanks to you?

  35. @priti
    i am alright
    .. yes cabduns movies doesnt need any special effect..

  36. @josie
    haha.. You too watched it on sun tv? I was a victim too... I watched it especially for the romantic song sequence inside the water tub...

  37. Holla atcha means I came by to check on you... I use a lot of slang!!!!!

  38. finally ur operation is success in kappalyethifying our own cabdun's puhal..


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