My work demands me to talk and travel and lot. I am very good in the former and I am having lots of good experiences because of the latter. This post, I write to talk about the wonderful experiences I had in China.

A little bit about China before I start writing about my experiences in China. The people of China are called as Chinese. The currency in China is called as Yuan. Chinese are very friendly, Very patient. The Chinese Cuisine is the among the best in the world. "Ni Hau Ma" is the phrase that is used to greet a person in China. It means "How are You?"

I just wanted to be a little bit informative because off-late I find young kids visiting my page.I visited Beijing last October and the climate was good then. I was accompanied by my colleague during that trip and as we were of the same age group, we had a whale of a time.His name is Ebi. As we were the only two Indian souls on Chinese Soil, we used to take long walks on the streets of Beijing and by the time we returned back to our hotel, it would be well past mid night. In the picture below, Ebi is the one sitting to my left and I am the one sitting to his right.

After a couple of days in China, another one of our colleague, Anand joined us in Beijing. It was fun then.Hardcore selling in the morning hours and equally-wreck-tap partying in the evenings gave us enough balance to our daily schedule.

The food that we had in Bejing was one of its Kind. I am reserving another post for the food that we had in China.Here in the picture below, you can see Ebi, Anand and Moi posing for our Pre-food-snap

After one tiring working day, we took pictures outside our hotel and just before we entered our hotel,a gang of beautiful babes walked towards us. Ebi and Me were very happy because this was the very first time a big gang of girls were making their move on us. One girl came to me and started a conversation which sounded Cantonese and Chinese to me. I din't have my interpreter with me. So I just blinked at her. She understood my situation and came close to me and said ,"Hello". That was the most sweetest voice I ever heard in my whole life.

She kept her right hand on my cheek (The one on my face).and came very close to me. I could feel her breathing on my face. She said," Wanna massage?". I was badly needing a massage. I was about to say "Yes", when Ebi intervened and said,"Hookers". I was caught in a thin line between fame and shame now. Ebi pulled me from her grasp and we walked back inside our hotel. Our hearts were beating very fast. We went to the reception, took our keys and headed towards our respective rooms.

Me and Ebi had this habit of talking very late till we dozed off. So We both would spend the nights in the same room. That night,while we were talking about our respective college days, someone knocked at my door.It was well past 12 in the night. I looked through the eye-view-hole in the door and saw a familiar looking guy outside the door. Yes he was the same guy who was standing with the girls when they tried to corner us.I could sense a shiver running down my spine.I turned around to see that Ebi had just come back from his bath and he just had a towel around his waist. I knew very well that he was not in a position to open the door. So gathering all the courage, I slowly opened the door. I could hear giggling noises , cos Mr.Pimp had five of his girls with him. I almost froze. He smiled at me and said," Mister! This is our present to you". Just then Ebi, came to the door ( He was still with his towel around his waist).

Mr. Pimp, now was confused... He gave us a naughty smile ( I know it, kinda smile) and left the place... Even after he left, me and Ebi could not come to a conclusion why he left without torturing us with his selling tactics. Finally when we saw each other, we figured it out and we just burst out laughing...

The pimp thought that we were GAY