Sunday, May 25, 2008

176. Day and Night

I have often asked the question to myself... Why do we have day and night? What made God to create such a sequence? Why does it get dark in the night and Why is it so bright in the day time?

I have thought about this question right from my childhood days; sitting in the classroom, while playing, while hogging and even while taking bath... Finally some day -last year I got the answer to this question when I was in the Loo.

Day and Night
When God created the earth, He saw it empty and hence He created the Oceans and Land. Still He was not really happy with What he created and so he created some trees.Still God wanted a twist in his creation and so he pondered for a while and finally said in a Loud Voice,"Let there be Light"... Immediately The SUN appeared from no-where and smiled with great confidence. Immediately God said,"Let there be Animals".. Immediately Britney Spears, George Bush, Mike Tyson,Osama Bin Laden, Michael Jackson,Pamela Anderson emerged from the Bushes and started running around the land...
God had a great shock and he immediately said," Let there be darkness".At once, the sky became dark, stars appeared in the sky and moon slowly peeped-in from behind the clouds.God was happy cos he did not have to see the animals with his eyes now.God also gave some finishing touches to the moon and as a result, the moon started to shrink every 24 hours. Nights went by and one night, the moon completely disappeared (New Moon)... God waited and waited; but moon was not to be seen. So he fine tuned some stars and they started to twinkle.God could see what was happening in Land now. He was again shocked because certain animals took advantage of complete darkness and started their own activities. The culprits, this time were Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton. God made a report of their activity...As the moon went into a hiding that night, and God caught Monica and Bill using the STARS, the report later came to be called as the STARR report...A few other culprits were also noticed by God... Paris Hilton was one among them..
God wanted to put a full stop to all these. So he made Day and night to follow each other.I guess I have found the answer to the never-to-be-solved question...


  1. I never knew there could be such a scientific explanation for the occurrence of Days n Nights!!

    Immediately God said,"Let there be Animals".. Immediately Britney Spears, George Bush, Mike Tyson,Osama Bin Laden, Michael Jackson,Pamela Anderson emerged from the Bushes and started running around the land...


  2. Great one buddy. a true original !! will try to pass it on to my friends :)

  3. oh my god!!!!
    tat was friggyn hilarious man!!

    the amimals n their activities in teh dark - ya sure have a whackkkkkkkkky way of thinking thru things..

    soooo wat the hell were ya doin in the dark- assistin god in spottin monica n bill? i'm sure ya fill teh bill to a t there :):):)

    lurvin it man!!!!!!!

  4. Ha Ha.. What a philosphy!!! But now god is keeping an eye on you.. Beware

  5. @illusion

    brain waves are stronger especially when they emanate in the loo

  6. @santosh

    haha.. thank you boss..

  7. @jane chrissy

    i wasnt assisting god.. i was just sitting in the loo thinking what myte have happened..

  8. @cm-chap.
    i am a good boy.. yes we both are good boys..

  9. loved it... have you considered writing a book kinda like the "Tell Me Why" series? [:P]

  10. i think keshi's blog rating should be 45+

    cannot corrupt young kids who like to blog and now we cannot use keshi as blog role model na!

  11. @bubbles..
    i havent considered that.. will start a tell me why series soonn. thank you

  12. @anonymous
    45+ ?
    are you gonna read the blog after you go thru your menopause?
    i like keshi's blog and it doesn't corrupt an innocent brain like mine.. i love that blog...

  13. oops sorry i posted this ones comment in ur daily routine post...

  14. hahahahaha ur fantastic Chriz! we hv a genius in the house oyeah!


  15. :D :D :D

    Such nice tales!

  16. @MAY
    thank you for saying that

  17. @neeths
    yea saw that bud. thank you very much

  18. @keshi

    genie ass? hehe.. thank you bud.. come back to blog village soon

  19. @equilibrium
    haha.. keep coming

  20. The culprits, this time were Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton

    Give them a break now!! :P

  21. It was the worst read of ur blog page.. grrrrrr

  22. gud one...
    Repy to my comments otherwise i ll comment anymore ha ha ha :)


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