Saturday, May 24, 2008

174. Chronicwriter's daily routine

What do I do on a every day basis?
Every one have their own daily routine and it is very hard to change the routine. My routine has been dynamic ever since I stepped foot on Mother earth ( I was three months, When I first fell out of my cradle and set my foot on the ground). I have never had a solid time table that I followed on a day-to-day basis. But every country dog has its day. Mine came when I embraced the IT world. Things were never dynamic. For the last two years, I am going through the same routine each and every single day.

My Daily Routine

My day starts exactly at 6 a.m.when Shakin' Stevens starts singing "You drive me crazy" through my Mobile phone. Oh Yea!!! That is my alarm tone. My hand automatically moves from under the blanket, finds the alarm snooze button and presses it accurately.Over the past two years, I have become an expert in switching off the alarm with my eyes closed(even in my sleep). This process of snoozing goes on till 7.15 a.m; because that is the exact time when my bum willbe spanked by my roomie.

7.30 a.m is the exact time my official conveyance reaches my place and hence I have very little time to brush my teeth,complete the metabolic activity,Iron my clothes, take bath, Apply soap on my body, Apply shampoo on my balding head, dab my underarm with some kick-Axe effect and change into my formal attire that includes knotting tie.Still I haven't figured the right way of knotting the tie. I tie it around my neck in a fashion that is very similar to Paris Hilton's Tube tops. ( I feel sorry for the guys who come here for some Hot paris hilton stuff)

I somehow manage to catch the conveyance and the one hour long drive to office starts off. As soon as I get into the vehicle I doze off. The driver wakes me up at 8.30 a.m and I find myself in my office. Work place is one place where the real devil in me reveals his shades in true eastman colour.

8.30 a.m : I log into my system (The boot time makes me impatient. I walk around and disturb my colleagues in the mean while)

8.35 a.m : I come back to my seat and Check my blogger comment section and reply to all the comments. I hop around my blog-mate circle and comment like a beggar vomiting on George Bush's mouth.

9.00 a.m : I raise my arms and spread the Axe-effect around

9.01 a.m : After getting dirty stares from the babes at work, I move to the pantry to munch on some chocolates and biscuits.

9.30 a.m : Long tea break is over and hence it is time to commence work.I open my Task list and in the process of reading through it, I get confused

9.35 a.m : Log into Orkut. Didja believe that? A guy getting Fraaansheep requests. Thanks to the Blog. Reply to scraps.

10.30 a.m: Quite tired after one hour of orkutting. So Time for a break. I send a invitation to all the nutty co workers and everyone head towards the pantry. Laughter follows. This is the long tea break

11.30 a.m: Boss calls for team meeting. Team meeting is a place where everyone talks like the proceedings in the parliament.

12.noon: Come back to seat and check my Blog again.

12.30 p.m: Lunch time

1:30 p.m: Lunch should be followed by dessert.

2:00 p.m: Dessert should be followed by a long walk. The nutty gang joins in for the fifteen minute walk around office

2: 15 p.m: Back to office. Time for a small nap

3.30 p.m: What a sweet dream.** Yawn**. I am awake now. I look into my computer screen. Some mails ( Loads of forwarded mails and a couple of work related mails). Forwarded mails get the first priority.

4.30 p.m: Time to check my work related mails. (Only one hour more for the day to get over. Yeah my work timing is from 8:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m). Slog.. Slog.. Slog till 5.30 p.m

5.30 p.m: Get back into the conveyance vehicle and get back into slumberland

6.30 p.m: Time to give some work to my mobile phone. Make prank calls to my friends

8 p.m: Dinner time

8:30 p.m: Back to bed ( Thoughts running wild.. What should I post tomorrow?)

I really do not know when exactly I doze off. I am trying to figure that out soon



  1. I must say. I am ecstatic and relieved that the IT world (and the 'real' world) is relying on hard working people like you to make a difference. I believe that a tear (inadvertently) escaped my right eye seeing your busy and packed schedule. Oh Hail Thee! :D

  2. @absconding
    thank ya fer coming here.. hehe. yeah.. even i sometimes feel that I am giving more than I could, to the IT world.. why did not the tear come from your left eye? you closed that?

    do come here often..

  3. wow!!! and i thought i had a hectic day when i was in pune...

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  5. @bubbles
    these days everyone haveto work hard.. India shining

  6. @neeths
    yeah.. i know... am changing jobs this week...

  7. man u wake up at 6am? thats the time I start to dream. LOL!


  8. @keshi
    i dont get up at 6 a.m.
    read it bud

  9. Im so glad atleast someone gets to slog slog n slog from 8.30 to 5.30.... thinking of posting my schedule in my blog.... what say???

  10. @sam
    yes.. would love to go thru the list.. i can make this as a tag post itself i guess.

  11. u work so hard and u get only *.*??you need change of office!:P...
    (happy now?)

  12. Wow! now that’s quite a theory!


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