Solitaire is an exceptionally talented girl with a mind that travels across space and time, She made us all to write a matrimonial Ad in her Wonderful blog . She also gave a structured template that I had to use to frame my matrimonial ad.

Here is my matrimonial ad: (Mr.X played a major part in devising this ad)

WANTED a Hawt chick ( Temperatures always soaring above 100 F) with a sweet voice, female for a handsome (yes he has two hands),funny (not a joker though) and a writer ( Mind you he writes on any surface) male.He always stood first in his school (Thanks to his height) and stands a total of 165 cms. (Sachin Tendulkar’s height). He also has a six pack (Already consumed four packs and the remaining 2 packs of family ice-cream would be consumed this weekend)

Comes from an Indian family born to an Indian Father and an Indian mother.Father is a Scientist (He designs rockets) and mother is a Home maker (She doesn’t build any homes though) and has a sister.

His hobbies include blogging, singing, tuning the guitar and cleaning the guitar, dancing (he calls himself a good salsa dancer. His partner doesn’t agree with him though). He earns his living by talking and talking.

Would prefer a Blogger, singer (who can dance when asked to).Preferably a woman.Must be sweet (He wont lick and test), should come from a funny family (jokers are not entertained though).Preferred Vital stats = 40-30-40.Should serve coffee in bed and should massage his back when ever asked to. If her name is Renu, her chances of getting selected is more.
Remember, the applicant was born on the thirteenth of Friday. (It was a good Friday too)Applications without photos will not be entertained.

Attached is a recent pic of the man mentioned in this Ad.

He will soon add two more pictures of himself after he gives the finishing touches to the fotos in photoshop.
Do you wanna be his girl?