Thursday, May 22, 2008

172. Headlines this week

I came across a few NEWS headlines and I immediately wanted to write a post on them. These are headlines that we come across almost every other day in our day-to-day life.I have added a few headlines that caught my attention and my alter Ego, "Mr.X" (Hope you guys still remember him) wanted to give his own views on each of these headlines.
So here he goes...

1)Lie detectors to catch 'sick' employees
Does all sick people tell lies?
What will happen to the emploees once they are caught?
Will they be asked to kneel down?
What if the employer falls sick?
What if the lie detector becomes sick?
2)Keyboards dirtier than toilet seats
I agree with this headline 100%. I could not find any difference between my toilet seat and my keyboard. BTW who did this survey?
3)Singapore top place to work
Now I am liking this survey very much
4)Workplace romance impacts quality of work
My team is full of men. What should I do? I am perfectly straight, though I have a doubt that I might be a lesbian
5)Coconut-plucking : New career option
Will an experience in plucking mangoes(rather stealing mangoes) help?
6)Women divers make a mark
Hope they do not make a mark on my bum
7)Britney and Mel together on a holiday
Shucks... Leave the kids alone...
8)Buffy strips for a cause
Why did she strip? What was the effect?
I guess It is high time that I tried something like this



  1. Ha Ha.. Sad to know this...

    My team is full of men.

    My team is exactly opposite... (80% Girls).But I tell u, thats no good.

  2. @cm chap

    i am glad anyways because the adjacent team is full of girls.. its always betta to have girls in the other teams...

    and you are lucky too.. out of 5 people you are the only man! kudos..


    Anywhoooooo! You think you are a lesbian? hmmm I am going to have to really think on that one.. Where is all the chicks at your job? Yeah I am asking a lot of questions for being her for the first time!!!

    You said you were innocent! Hmmm Blog proves other wise.. oh and LOL about the Peaches!!!

    Nice blog, thanks for stopping by!!

  4. You know it is sad when I had to come back and see what i said about the peaches!!! I am getting old!!!

    Anywhooooo! I read a lot of your blog and those lil kids are the cutest!!! And as far as B. Spears.. YUK!!!! that is right stay away from the freaking kids!!!!

    Okay I am really going to leave your blog now!!! HAHAHA!!!

  5. @cinder single.

    thank ya for coming here... a few questions wud have yielded many a answers.. yeah no girls.. now dont ya sympathize for me..

    kids are cute. yeah they are the cutest ones...
    and britney spears.. no comments on that immature girl..

  6. coconut plucking. now why did the career counsellor not mention that?

  7. you can be focused more on work with no girls! and yeah Britney is never a good subject! haha!! You are blogged rolled also!!!


    Oh yeah I said I was not coming back tonight!!!!lol

  8. Chrissy boy, You have not changed a bit. Your funny instincts are still there with you. Happy to see you playing with your witty words in this blog. I do miss listening to your jokes in class.. The college post with berny and Ramesh was way too good. You guys ahve never changed. Why don't you write about your suspension story? You can weave a funny post with that.

  9. @bubbles
    he must have known that you might shine big time in that field.. anyways , now you know, try it out..

  10. @cinder
    hahaha.. welkum back.. am all smiles now.. thank ya for blog rolling me....

  11. @megha
    thanks to the social networking site... hoping that day would come when all of us can sit around and crack our so called jokes. yeah truly madly miss those days.. do start a blog and start writing...

  12. Good one chriz. it sucks in my office . blogger is blocked. so had to come down and comment at home.

    BTW i am also straight but i may be lesbian

  13. Che! Now why am I wasting time on studies when I could be a coconut plucker in Kerala.
    Bleddy peepals who misguided me! Hmmfpph!

  14. Ok...I'm so outta blogs, and you have updated like there's no tomoro !

    About this survey, the girls in my office are smitten with me, and the men are all married and old. Where do I land ?

    But anyway, I did read all the posts I've missed.

    SCAN touched me totally. I always thought I wanted a girl, but then growing up from a child to a woman made me learn things, that scares me to have a girl child. I still want a girl, but I dunno how protected she'll be. For no matter how hard you try to shield there's always someone. But then the same applies to boys too. I wish we could immune our kids from such germs too...

    You have a wonderful heart mate.

    Jolena is sho cute ! loved all the pix.

    Britney Spears was damn funny. And hey, i aint from those readers of yours who just read and leave ok ? Me thinx I write the longest of !

    Your college pix were funny, specially the one where you're just about to jump off..hehe...

    And hey, your new profile pic is cute. Keep it for sometime, wouldja ?

    Ok, I guess I have blabbered enough to compensate for the absonds form your previos posts.

    *makes a sorry face*

    Take care.

  15. @santosh..
    can you take this post as a tag and do it.. would like to see your take on this..:-)

  16. @nut..
    better now than never.. i am now sitting on top of the coconut tree with my lap top

  17. @cinderella

    me outta words..
    that was a loooong comment indeed...
    i do not write evry day.. i write like crazy on a single day and schedule my posting date so that one post is published everyday..

    poor you... pray to god that you land up in your dream guy's arms soon

    SCAN made me go emotional for a change.. and yeah I want a girl child too...

    i have a wonderful heart??? its beating fast now...

    and yeah jolena is sweet and cute( after all who is her god father?) haha

    sowie again for the commenting part.. you were missing in action for a while...

    this profile pix wud be here atleast for a month.. luking for a pix in which i am smiling so that i cud replace ..

    i just loved this comment.. floored.. now i need some water

  18. hehehehehheheheheheheheeeeeeeeeee......


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