Tuesday, May 20, 2008

170. Dare-Copy-Cat-Act

Warning: Not to be followed by present day kids.

Remember those college days. The most fun filled phase in our life. I stepped my right foot inside my college on a rainy day (October 3 ,1999). The memory is still fresh in my memory. I saw a whole bunch of hyper-fun-craved souls eager to take a ride on a 4 year course called Engineering.Renu was not physically present with me at that time. But she occupied the entire breadth and depth of my mind.
The next four years gave me the best experience I could have ever dreamt of. I had friends from different parts of the globe. Some big and some small like me. Some nutty ones and some bad bozos. The class room lectures, the ragging sessions, fun in the hostel, bunking for a living, exam time, combined studies, college tours, sports events, dance and musical shows are still fresh in my memory.

After nine years, I went back to my college to refresh my memories. Believe it or not, I experienced Goosebumps for the whole two hours I spent inside the college.Two of my classmates, "Bernard and Ram" accompanied me to college that day. We went and sat in our classrooms. We could picturize our lecturers scribbling on the board. We also searched in the benches for the great inscriptions that were carved by us in those days. Finally When I saw the words ," Leena" Inscribed in one of the benches, a smile curved around my lips. Leena was my "process control" professor. Then we went to the canteen and had food. The quality of the food is stil the same. We went to the hostel which was inhabited by the present day college kids. I went to my room and sat on my bed. I can't describe the feeling.

We even went to the college auditorium. The last time I went there was for my farewell speech. Each and every single word that I spoke five years back flashed across my mind.As the emotions were getting on a high, we three guys decided to enact a few acts that we did in our college days. We wanted to capture it on camera and wanted to have it for our memory's sake. We wanted to do lot of things that we did during our college days.

But finally we settled for the Dare-Copy-Cat Act. This act was the dangerous of all the hyper active stunts that we did in our nutty days.We used to do this act when ever we had examinations in college. Each examination lasts for a whole long three hours. A few of us were very quick in the answering process and hence we would be out of the examination hall within an hour. The next two hours is spent on the Dare-Copy-Cat Act. The act was a three step process

1) Writing answers for the examination questions in a small chit of paper.
2) Passing the chits to fellow students ( through the windows in the classrooms) who needed our valuable help
3) Escaping from the action scene sans getting caught by the professors.
But there was a big complication always. The examination normally happens in the first floor of the building and hence the act also involved a lot of climbing and jumping to do. We have had bruises and ligament-eruptions on such occassions.
Finally we caught the whole act on camera...

The Ambulance pictures and the crying-agony pictures are not added here for the author's own well being.Children are requested not to try this at home/school/college and even in their blogs.


  1. I love these pics!! especially the last one....Revisiting school/college always gives me goosebumps....

  2. dun commit suicide Chriz.Im here now :)


  3. love the pics. they kind of made this post!!! and i get goosebumps everytime i see my old school... but i think its more out of fear that my teachers will see me... i was the biggest pain in their ass...

  4. @akshay
    hey bro thanks for hopping here.. would visit your page... i wanna go to my school now

  5. @keshi
    naaa.. i know you are always there...

  6. @bubbles
    built this post based on the pix only.. you a pain for them? i was their apple of their eyes., the jewel in the crown and the crown for their head.. glad that engg was over in 4 years and they dint have to see me after that...

  7. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)
    yehhh we all get those goosebumps when we travel back in time..
    lurveddd teh piz man!
    yehhhh, used to do the 'bit' procedure neat durin my mba- in engineering, it was way to strict to follow :(:( sathyabama has a baddddd squad with hawk-eyes!!! :)

  8. @chrissy
    jane!? it was familiar.. i know yaaaa

  9. Dude!!! u liar!!! checked ur orkut pics.. u write..... LOL

  10. @sam
    haha.. i agree that this blog is a lie factory..
    and i have the same fotos in my orkut album too..
    but where did i contradict.. for once i spoke the truth pa.. :-)

  11. LOL!

    You dont need to commit sucide..sachi..:D..m right hre!

    (i noticed the similarities between keshi n my posts :D)

  12. Fabulous. Made me nostalgic...

    Leena was my "process control" professor - Memories of my HOD flashed..yeah he was my process control professor. That grumpy face...

  13. @aayushi
    you are gonna be a great blogger soon.. i can see the budding energy in you

  14. cm-chap
    haha.. you are also an instrumentation grad?

  15. 1 missing tendon wasnt enf h?:P

  16. @neeths
    go back to your school with two of your nuttiest friends.. you myte be doing worser stuffs than this.. lol

  17. Lovely pics and nice memories :)

    Have a kinda lost feeling when I think about my college days coming to an end (thou' Ihave 2 more years in college)

  18. Hey Chriz,
    You know..this post makes me smile :)
    When I'm still doing school..i feel sad for you guys..and being students..we never cherish tht time..we keep cursing that period..and hope to become adults n move outta school really soon!!..
    and THEN we realize how great n bright this time was..!! :)

    I knw you'll be back at my blog soon :D :)


  19. @shalini
    those were great days indeed. lucky you.. you have two more full years.. have fun...

  20. @me
    how true.. yeah thanks for dropping here at my blog.. yeah .. you are right.. i will come to ur blog

  21. yap did go to school...went up to the terrace above third floor...didnt feel like suiciding tho....

  22. That was some "nutty" act that you people did! :)


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